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  • The existence of natural ice-caves at depths varying from 50 to 200 feet below the surface of the earth, unconnected with glaciers or snow mountains, and in latitudes and at altitudes where ice could not under ordinary circumstances be supposed to exist, has attracted some attention on the Continent; but little or nothing seems to be practically known in England on the subject. These caves are so singular, and many of them so well repay inspection, that a description of the twelve which I have visited can scarcely, as it seems to me, be considered an uncalled-for addition to...

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  • You can discover beautiful landscapes almost anywhere—in your vacation photographs, at local parks, and even in your own backyard! Throughout the following lessons, you'll learn how to draw any outdoor scene, from rushing rapids to lush foliage and majestic mountains. You'll learn how to choose suitable subjects, create a sense of depth through perspective, and utilize varying points of view. You'll also discover simple techniques for developing common landscape elements—such as trees, clouds, rocks, and water—and how to apply a variety of shading methods to convey a sense of realism.

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  • The United Kingdom’s constitution, while of ancient origins, remains both dynamic and vibrant. As every public lawyer is only too aware, nowadays, the proper boundaries of constitutional and administrative law are both increasingly wide and subject to debate. In compiling any textbook on this subject, one of the principal preliminary tasks lies in defining the scope of material to be included and the approach to be adopted in relation to that material.

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  • Flexible Wedge The flexible wedge gate valve illustrated in Figure 6 is a one-piece disk with a cut around the perimeter to improve the ability to match error or change in the angle between the seats. The cut varies in size, shape, and depth. A shallow, narrow cut gives little flexibility but retains strength. A deeper and wider cut, or cast-in recess, leaves little material at the center, which allows more flexibility but compromises strength.

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  • Static images and dynamic image sequences are the projection of time-varying three-dimensional real world scenes onto a two-dimensional plane. As a result of this planar projection, depth information of objects in the scene is generally lost. Only by cues such as shadow, relative size and sharpness, interposition, perspective factors, and object motion, can we form an impression of the depth organization of the real world scene. In a wide variety of image processing

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  • The ambi tious and mul ti dis ci plin ary topic of this paper hints at the extent to which the authors had to rely on help from col leagues with a wide vari ety of dis ci pli nary and geo graphic exper- tise. They are too numer ous to men tion indi vidu ally, but sev eral col leagues stand out because of the degree of their sup port for this col labo ra tive proj ect and the depth of their insights on pre vi ous drafts. Per Pinstrup- Andersen and Rajul Pandya- Lorch, direc tor gen eral and head of the...

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  • Penetrating the lesion: Fixing the lesion with one hand, grasp the syringe with the needle attached (with or without syringe holder) by the dominant hand and introduce through the skin into the lesion, carefully and swiftly. The angle and depth of entry varies with the type of lesion. For small lesions, aspiration of central portion is indicated. For larger lesions that may have necrosis, cystic change or hemorrhage in the center, aspiration may be done from the periphery. If pus or necrotic material alone is aspirated from larger lesions, FNA can be repeated immediately from the periphery.

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  • The tactile examination of the breast is best performed with the patient re- cumbent with her arm raised above her head. A small pillow under her upper back can further distribute the breast tissue over the chest wall. Palpation is performed using the base of the fingertips in small circular motions with vari- able depth. Recall that breast tissue extends beyond the region usually defined by a bra cup.

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  • The NW of Vietnam is currently affected by a stress field characterizing by approximatc1y NS and EW sub-horizontal maximum and minimum principal stress axis respective1y. The results obtained from field investigations and numeric modelisation reveal that the present stress field varies not only in relative magnitude but also in orientation of principal stress axes from point to point and in depth. The tectonic stress variation strong1y depends on the geometry and active kinematics of faults as well as on their earthquake history. ...

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  • Mixed layers grew to depths of 2,500 to 4,000 meters, with a rapid period of growth beginning shortly before noon and lasting for several hours. Significant differences between the mixed-layer temperatures in the basin and outside the basin were observed. Data analyses and models provide evidence that the circulations are highly complex and that relatively weak upper-level synoptic systems had an impact on the local and regional thermally driven flows in the area.

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  • Analysis of Global Findex data shows that account penetration is higher in econo- mies with higher national income as measured by GDP per capita, confirming the findings of previous studies. 3 But national income explains much less of the variation in account penetration for low- and lower-middle-income economies. Indeed, at a given income level and financial depth, use of financial services varies significantly across economies, suggesting a potentially important role for policy.

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  • The Holocene coastal zone of Mekong river plain is the result of prolonged marinefluvial interaction. Lithofacies association in time and space is characterized by three depositional system tract belonged to the upper part of a sequence stratigraphy. Based on lithology should be divided 5 sedimentary types and 18 lithofacies distributed in stratigraphical column and in sea bottom varying from 25m water depth to mainland coastal area. According to

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  • One way to construct semantic representations in a robust manner is to enhance shallow language processors with semantic components. Here, we provide a model theory for a semantic formalism that is designed for this, namely Robust Minimal Recursion Semantics (RMRS). We show that RMRS supports a notion of entailment that allows it to form the basis for comparing the semantic output of different parses of varying depth.

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