Describing data with graphs

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  • (bq) part 1 book "introduction to probability and statistics" has contents: describing data with graphs, describing data with numerical measures, describing bivariate data, probability and probability distributions, several useful discrete distributions, the normal probability distribution, sampling distributions, large sample estimation.

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  • When you have completed this chapter, you will be able to: Organize raw data into frequency distribution; produce a histogram, a frequency polygon, and a cumulative frequency polygon from quantitative data; develop and interpret a stem-and-leaf display; present qualitative data using such graphical techniques such as a clustered bar chart, a stacked bar chart, and a pie chart; detect graphic deceptions and use a graph to present data with clarity, precision, and efficiency.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "quantitative methods for business" has contents: managers and numbers, calculations and equations, drawing graphs, collecting data, using numbers to describe data, describing changes with index numbers, finance and performance,...and other contents.

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  • We describe a novel approach for inducing unsupervised part-of-speech taggers for languages that have no labeled training data, but have translated text in a resource-rich language. Our method does not assume any knowledge about the target language (in particular no tagging dictionary is assumed), making it applicable to a wide array of resource-poor languages. We use graph-based label propagation for cross-lingual knowledge transfer and use the projected labels as features in an unsupervised model (BergKirkpatrick et al., 2010). ...

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  • In the acyclic peer-to-peer architecture, servers communicate with each other symmetrically as peers, adopting a protocol that allows a bidirectional flow of subscriptions, advertisements, and notifications. Hence we use an undirected graph to represent the topology of this architecture. (As always, the external clients of the service use the standard client/server protocol described in Sec- tion 3.) The configuration of the connections among servers in this architecture is restricted so that the topology forms an acyclic undirected graph.

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  • We introduce the possibility of combining lexical association measures and present empirical results of several methods employed in automatic collocation extraction. First, we present a comprehensive summary overview of association measures and their performance on manually annotated data evaluated by precision-recall graphs and mean average precision. Second, we describe several classification methods for combining association measures, followed by their evaluation and comparison with individual measures. ...

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