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Design and analysis

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  • Delay is one of the serious problems in the construction industry, particularly in high-rise building construction projects in Thailand. Therefore, this research aims to investigate the major resource supply causes and effects of delay problems in high-rise building construction projects in Thailand. The study employs both quantitative and qualitative study with concurrent mixed method design. Thirty-three resource supply causes and nine effects extracted from the literature review were used as the basis for further analysis.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Seismic safety of high arch dams" includes the following main contents: Chapter 1 - General description; Chapter 2 - Outline of bases of seismic fortification and seismic hazard analysis at dam site; Chapter 3 - Determination of correlation design seismic motion parameters on dam Site; Chapter 4 - Design acceleration time process; Chapter 5 - Dam site seismic motion input mechanism; Chapter 6 - High arch dam body–foundation system three-dimensional contact nonlinear dynamic analysis method;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Pile design and construction rules of thumb (Second edition)" includes the following main contents: Chapter 1 - Site investigation and soil conditions; Chapter 2 - Geophysical methods; Chapter 3 - Groundwater; Chapter 4 - Foundation types; Chapter 5 - Pile types; Chapter 6 - Selection of piles; Chapter 7 - Static and dynamic analysis; Chapter 8 - Design of driven piles; Chapter 9 - Design of bored piles;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Pile design and construction rules of thumb (Second edition)" includes the following main contents: Chapter 10 - Caisson design; Chapter 11 - Piles in rock; Chapter 12 - Underpinning; Chapter 13 - Pile settlement; Chapter 14 - Wave equation basics; Chapter 15 - Negative skin friction (downdrag); Chapter 16 - Bitumen-coated pile design; Chapter 17 - Laterally loaded piles; Chapter 18 - Short course on seismology; Chapter 19 - Seismic analysis of piles;....

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  • Lecture "Human computer interaction: Chapter 8 - Dialogue and interaction models" is done to help learners understand the notations and semantics of dialogue models ; grasp the knowledge of dialogue model analysis; understand the basic concepts of interaction models. We invite you to consult!

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  • Work in type systems for programming languages now touches many parts of computer science, from language design and implementation to software engineering, network security, databases, and analysis of concurrent and distributed systems. The aim of this book, together with its predecessor, Types and Programming Languages is to offer a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the area’s central ideas, results, and techniques.

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  • C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design started as a collection of brief examples, exercises, and lengthy programming examples to supplement the books that were in use at our university. It soon turned into a collection large enough to develop into a text. The approach taken in this book is, in fact, driven by the students’ demand for clarity and readability. The material was written and rewritten until the students felt comfortable with it. Most of the examples in this book resulted from student interaction in the classroom.

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  • This paper takes up the responsiveness and recovery performance of a distribution warehouse of a supply chain operating under conditions of large lead times (lags) for order replenishment, and uncertain demand (sudden demand increases).

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  • The research "The influence of supply chain integration on supply chain performance of auto-parts manufacturers in Thailand: A mediation approach" aims to study the effect of supply chain integration (SCI) on supply chain performance (SCP) by reflecting the mediation effects of supply chain collaboration (SCC) and logistics flexibility (LGF). The research design was based on the quantitative explanatory study. Using a confirmatory factor analysis, the study examined interactive dimensions of SCP, SCC, LGF, and SCI.

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  • The main purpose of paper is to design and evaluate an information system operation model for curriculum management in supply chain for national skills standards in Thailand. The research method is divided into 7 steps namely Analyze and synthesize documents and research literature both within and outside the country, Use the obtained data to establish the conceptual frameworks, to present a model, to create questionnaire for evaluating the suitability of the model, develop a questionnaire and determine the weight of the score, Data collection and analysis.

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  • This research aims to identify the main issues on healthcare supply chain management literature, to analyse a real healthcare unit supply chain. The results are a framework compiling literature review, that allowed redesigning the medicines and materials supply chain of a network of hospitals in Brazil. The method consisted in conducting the literature review, describing the actual model of the healthcare units using process management approach and designing the new supply chain, adopting Lean Healthcare tools, such as A3 to guide the analysis and problems solution.

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  • At present, interior design SME in Indonesia is one of the most rapidly developing SMEs in Indonesia, but this great potential is also accompanied by a high risk, especially in supply chain. The purpose of this study is to analyze risks, find out the causes of the risk, and recommend the best mitigation strategies that can be done in the supply chain of SME interior design. The method used for this research is mixed research method and the type of research used is descriptive research. Data analysis was carried out using SCOR level 1 method with HOR approach.

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  • This research, anchored on the Value Chain Analysis (VCA) framework, delved at describing the slipper industry in the so-called footwear capital of the North in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, the “Gapan City”. It utilized a descriptive research design and involved 46 slipper manufacturers as respondents. The researchers particularly focused on the industry's business operation in terms of inputs provision, production, marketing, cost and return analysis, prospects, problems and constraints of the slipper industry.

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  • This study is designed using a qualitative approach. A total of 30 entrepreneurs from the three largest Batik industries in Central Java, consist of Lasem-Rembang, Pekalongan and Laweyan Solo has participated in this study. The data collection technique is using observation, interview and some relevant reference such as reports, books and journals. The results of the analysis showed that the intangible assets (intellectual capital) are a strategic way to improve the performance of SMEs.

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  • This study was designed using a quantitative approach through a survey questionnaire (self-administered). A total of 389 police personnel participated in this study. The data analyzed using the Structural Equation Modelling (SEM), by involving the Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). Applying the SEM approach, this study found that the variable of planned change, organizational climate, and transformational leadership has a significant relationship toward personnel and institution performance. Also, personnel performance plays a role as a mediator variable to institution performance.

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  • The research discusses on issues in an order fulfilment for sustainable ready-mix concrete as desired for an eco-friendly choice of integration in the concept of third-party logistics and supply chain management. There are insufficient and inappropriate means in concrete industry which has contributed to un-environmentally friendly especially in Malaysia and Thailand. The supply management and logistics are the factors in designing of product which influence on the environmental, safety and health.

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  • Ebook "Environmental analysis by electrochemical sensors and biosensors - Volume 1: Fundamentals" presents an exhaustive overview of electrochemical sensors and biosensors for the analysis and monitoring of the most important analytes in the environmental field, in industry, in treatment plants and in environmental research. The chapters give the reader a comprehensive, state-of-the-art picture of the field of electrochemical sensors suitable to environmental analytes, from the theoretical principles of their design to their implementation, realization and application.

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  • Ebook "Environmentally friendly alkylphosphonate herbicides" presents essential research on a class of environmentally friendly alkylphosphonate herbicides. This class of herbicides acted as a competitive inhibitor of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDHc) to control weeds. The bioreasoning and systematic approach, from basic research to field tests of candidate compounds, are introduced. The basic research covers the molecular design, chemical synthesis, biological activities evaluation, structure-activity relationship analysis and structural optimization.

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  • Supply chains are starting to be more and more powerful in reaction to transforming company atmosphere as well as innovation. This has produced issues in coping with the flow of resources as well as produced increased probability of interruption. As such this particular analysis evaluates the effect of dynamism on interruption orientations, financial performance, and resilience.

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  • The objective of the research was to design and to evaluate an appropriate of supply chain model in digital for cooperative management in Thailand. The sample consisted of ten experts that were selected by simple random sampling .Data analysis was the average mean and standard deviation.

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