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  • (BQ) Ebook Product design for the environment: A life cycle approach – Part 1 presents the following content: From sustainable development to design for environment; life cycle approach and the product – system concept and modeling; life cycle design and management; life cycle assessment; life cycle cost analysis; integrated economic–environmental analysis; product design and development process; integration of environmental aspects in product design.

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  • The aim of the work "Stochastic service life prediction of RC girders subjected to chloride induced corrosion – Shear limit state" presented in this thesis is service life prediction of corroded reinforced concrete girders, which forms an important part of durability design. The scope of this work is limited to shear limit state considering the chloride induced corrosion of reinforcement as the degradation mechanism. The review of literature shows that the service life estimation of reinforced concrete bridges exposed to marine environment is an active area of research.

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  • This thesis presents the following contributions. First, it is identified that disturbance estimation based networks utilised for compensation possess the same polynomial architectures as signal conditioning anti-windup and their equivalents. Next, an appropriate strategy is identified to integrate disturbance compensation for finite-controlset optimisation schemes via the constraint set rather than the cost function to maintain a simple and elegant problem structure.

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  • The objectives of the present study are: To design and produce functional samples of woven single-layer, fire-resistant fabrics made from natural, FR man-made cellulosics, and high-performance synthetic blended yarns; to determine the physiological consequences and health risks associated with wearing PPC in hot, humid environments in relation to metabolic heat production and physical work for firefighters trying to maintain the balance between protection and comfort, and its implication on the required Station Wear fabric properties.

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  • In the academic year 2018-2019, Market Leader course book was first chosen for business English courses at Thuyloi University. It was designed to offer learners a task-based, integrated skills approach to the development of core business skills. To enhance learning and teaching outcomes, a variety of classroom activities were adopted one of which is giving a presentation.

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  • This paper presents an approach for design and realization of a smart device for measuring and monitoring ammonia concentration. The developed system included two parts: hardware and software, in which the hardware of the system has been developed based on the ATMEGA328P microcontroller in order to collect data from the ammonia sensor MQ135.

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  • This paper presents a method to optimally design electrical machines. Unlike the traditional design method “tries-and-errors iterative process”, the optimal design approach consists of combining optimization algorithms and multi-physics models to reach the optimum design.

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  • This study presents a design procedure to obtain high-efficiency for microwave power amplifier. The designed amplifier uses a GaN high electron mobility transistor as an active device. Matching networks including input and output networks are realized using Megtron6 substrate microstrip lines. The designed amplifier operates at 2.1 GHz band.

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  • This paper presents a novel design of 5th order direct delta-sigma receiver for multi-band multi-standard wireless applications. The receiver is designed to cover Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) bands from 0.4 GHz to 3.6 GHz with a configurable bandwidth of 3.84 MHz (WCDMA), and 9.0/13.5/18/37 MHz (LTE10M/15M/20M/37M) complying with 3GPP specifications.

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  • This paper presents a method of designing coils and compensation circuits to reduce output power pulsation, optimize transfer efficiency for electric vehicle dynamic wireless charging systems. The transmission lane is modularly designed. Each module has three short-track transmitter coils that are placed closely together along the moving track of the receiver and connected to a single inverter.

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  • This paper presents an experimental study designed to measure factors affect motivation in learning English for specific purposes. As part of the study, a structured survey was administrated to a comfortable selected sample of 169 learners from Department of Economics at Dong Thap University.

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  • Parametrized surfaces of low degrees are very useful in applications, especially in Computer Aided Geometric Design and Geometric Modeling. The precise description of their geometry is not easy in general. Here we study some of the corresponding projective complex surfaces of low implicit degree (i.e. smaller than 12). We show that, generically up to linear changes of coordinates, they are classified by a few number of continuous parameters (called moduli).

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  • This paper presents a novel design of the microactuator with a double stepped beam structure for large out-of-plane deflection output applied to microvalves. The design and analysis of the out-of-plane microactuator are implemented by the finite element method. Silicon is selected as the material of the actuator and the beam motion is generated by the Joule heating effect.

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  • This book "Database System Concepts (Sixth edition)" present the fundamental concepts of database management. These concepts include aspects of database design, database languages, and database-system implementation. Part 1 of book provide students with knowledge about: database-system applications; relational databases; structure of relational databases; introduction to SQL; intermediate SQL; advanced SQL; formal relational query languages; database design; database design and the E-R model; relational database design; data storage and querying;...

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  • In the paper "On L∞-Induced stabilization of positive linear systems with distributed delays" consider the stabilization problem under L∞-gain scheme for positive linear systems with distributed time delays. Novelty and main contribution of this paper are two points. First, a characterization of L∞-gain is reformulated using novel comparison techniques involving steady states of upper scaled systems with peak values of exogenous disturbances.

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  • This paper "Work Structuring to Achieve Integrated Product–Process Design" presents “work structuring,” a term used to describe the effort of integrating product and process design throughout the project development process. To illustrate current work structuring practice, we describe a case study involving the installation of door frames into walls in a prison. We analyze why various problems existed.

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  • A communication-focused course that builds young adult and adult learners' confidence to use English. "Breakthrough plus (1): Student book" contains modernised content, a fresh design and a digital version of the Student's Books for classroom presentation purposes as well as additional practice material with markbook functionality. Part 1 of the document has 9 supporting themed lessons, please refer to it!

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  • A communication-focused course that builds young adult and adult learners' confidence to use English. "Breakthrough plus (1): Student book" contains modernised content, a fresh design and a digital version of the Student's Books for classroom presentation purposes as well as additional practice material with markbook functionality. Part 2 of the document continue with 3 supporting themed lessons, please refer to it!

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  • Lecture Distributed Systems - Lecture 1: Introduction. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: What is a distributed system? advantages, examples of problems, example: automotive control, why is it hard to design them? Models for distributed algorithms, complexity measures, some fundamental problems.

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  • Lecture Human-computer interaction (3rd) - Chapter 1: The human. This chapter is the first of four in which we introduce some of the ‘foundations’ of HCI. We start with the human, the central character in any discussion of interactive systems. The human, the user, is, after all, the one whom computer systems are designed to assist. The requirements of the user should therefore be our first priority.

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