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Designing a forging die

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  • (BQ) In this study, the effect of machining parameters of EDM process including on-time, current, voltage, the engaging time between workpiece and electrode, and pre-EDM roughing on electrode wear were experimentally investigated. Main effects of factors and interactions were considered in this paper and regression equation was derived. A L50 (21 × 511) Taguchi’s standard orthogonal array was employed as experimental design. Copper was used as electrode to machine the hot work tool steel 1.2714, which is widely used to make forging dies and mandrels.

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  • In today’s practical and cost-conscious world, sheet-metal parts have already replaced many expensive cast, forged, and machined products. The reason is obviously the relative cheapness of stamped, or otherwise mass-produced parts, as well as greater control of their technical and aesthetic parameters. That the world slowly turned away from heavy, ornate, and complicated shapes, and replaced them with functional, simple, and logical forms only enhanced this tendency. Remember old bathtubs? They used to be cast and had ornamental legs.

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  • Welcome to Mastercam Solids Version 9. Mastercam Solids brings solid modeling to NC programmers with tools designed to make the line seamless between solids and machining. Mastercam Solids is an add-on to Mastercam Design, Mill Levels 1-3, Lathe Level 1, Wire Level 1, Router, and Router Pro. It is not included with any product. To help you learn Mastercam Solids, this tutorial and extensive online help accompany the product.

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  • Designing a Forging Die Trong chương này, bạn sẽ xây dựng một mô hình vững chắc của một chết thép giả mạo. Hình dạng của chết giả mạo sẽ được xác định bởi các thanh kết nối mà bạn tạo ra trong Chương 4. Lưu ý: Một tập tin sao lưu có chứa các thanh kết nối đã được cung cấp với các phần hướng dẫn khác trong trường hợp bạn đã không hoàn thành Chương 4. Bạn sẽ xây dựng về các kỹ năng mà bạn đã học trong chương trước và học các kỹ năng mới, chẳng hạn như: Tạo...

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