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Designing a simple

Xem 1-20 trên 413 kết quả Designing a simple
  • The inelastic buckling resistances of wide flange beams are strongly influenced by residual stresses and initial imperfections. However, the resistances as evaluated from simple solutions presented in several popular design specifications are found to be considerably different.

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  • This thesis presents the following contributions. First, it is identified that disturbance estimation based networks utilised for compensation possess the same polynomial architectures as signal conditioning anti-windup and their equivalents. Next, an appropriate strategy is identified to integrate disturbance compensation for finite-controlset optimisation schemes via the constraint set rather than the cost function to maintain a simple and elegant problem structure.

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  • In this paper, we propose a simple-yet-efficient adaptive control method for accurate tracking-control problems of DC motors. Structure of the controller is designed based on a Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control framework. For significantly improving quality of the control system, a nonlinear-spatial adaptation law is proposed to reasonably adjust the control parameters based on information of the control error acquired.

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  • Lecture The economics of Money, Banking and Financial markets: Chapter 8 - An economic analysis of financial structure. This chapter answers that question by providing an economic analysis of how our financial structure is designed to promote economic efficiency. The analysis focuses on a few simple but powerful economic concepts that enable us to explain features of our financial system such as why financial contracts are written as they are and why financial intermediaries are more important than securities markets for getting funds to borrowers

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  • Lecture Web design and development: Lesson 20. The main topics covered in this lesson include: applets, applet support, the genealogy of applet, code example of a simple applet, structure of an HTML page, browser output of applet, the applet life cycle, graphics behavior, code example of understanding applet life cycle,...

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  • Lecture Web design and development: Lesson 27. The main topics covered in this lesson include: java servlets, creating a simple web application in tomcat, tomcat directory structure, tomcat setup, servlet types, servlet class hierarchy, writing servlet, types of HTTP requests, HTTP request types,...

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  • Divide and conquer strategy is applicable in a huge number of computational problems. The first example of divide and conquer algorithm we will discuss is a simple and efficient sorting procedure called We are given a sequence of n numbers A, which we will assume are stored in an array A[1..n]. The objective is to output a permutation of this sequence sorted in increasing order. In this lecture, you find clear explanations of merge sort.

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  • Dijkstra’s algorithm is a simple greedy algorithm for computing the single-source shortest-paths to all other vertices. Dijkstra’s algorithm works on a weighted directed graph G = (V, E) in which all edge weights are non-negative, i.e., w(u, v) ≥ 0 for each edge (u, v) ∈ E. In this lecture, you find clear explanations of Dijkstra’s Algorithm.

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  • A phthalocyanine–fluorescein conjugate was designed and prepared. Its photophysical properties (electronic absorption and fluorescence) were determined and compared with those of an analogous derivative functionalized by a simple triazole without chromophore. It is likely to be used as a theranostic agent in photodynamic therapy.

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  • This paper presents a design, calculation, simulation and fabrication of micro gripper driven by the electrothermal V-shaped actuator. The working principle of the V-shaped actuator bases on the thermal expansion of a thin beam when applying a voltage. The advantages of this design are large displacement amplification factor, large driving force, low voltage, simple configuration and control. The maximum displacement of each jaw can be up to 40µm at the calculated voltage of 17.35V and low operating frequency

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  • In the mechanisms and machines operating at high speeds, the elastic vibration of links is inevitable. In this paper the dynamic modeling and controller design for a flexible four-bar mechanism are studied. The fully coupled non-linear equations of motion are obtained by using the Lagrange’s equations with multipliers for constrained multibody systems. The resulting differential-algebraic equations are solved using numerical methods. A simple PD controller is designed to reduce the influence of the elastic link on the desired motion.

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  • These farmers need a vegetable transplanter that is simple in design, affordable and suitable for their farming conditions. Considering the small and fragmented holdings under vegetable crops and to avoid bending posture in manual transplanting, it was considered that manually operated vegetable transplanter will be suitable for adoption in Indian conditions.

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  • This article presents a highly important and detailed techno-economic analysis of a grid-connected wind farm, considered as one of the most potential location in the south of Albania, part of Tepelena region, Mamaj village. The procedure of selection of the wind turbine type is performed by evaluating the maximum Capacity Factor (CF) among 15 different types of wind turbines applied using WAsP energy tool enabling the optimization of energy system while economic analysis uses a Monte Carlo simulation well designed on RETScreen Expert tool.

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  • The contents of this chapter include all of the following: Summarize, at a top level, the key functions of an operating system (OS); discuss the evolution of operating systems for early simple batch systems to modern complex systems; discuss the key design areas that have been instrumental in the development of modern operating systems.

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  • Guide Picker ( serves as a meta tool for designing CRISPR experiments by presenting ten different guide RNA scoring functions in one simple graphical interface. It allows investigators to simultaneously visualize and sort through every guide targeting the protein-coding regions of any mouse or human gene.

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  • This article presents new explicit regression equations for the critical depth in a partially full circular culvert. The proposed formula is quite simple, and the relative maximum error is 3.03%. It would be very useful as a reference for design in conduit engineering.

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  • This paper focuses on numerical investigations and derived formulation to evaluate the residual strength of tension leg platforms (TLPs) with the local denting damage under axial compression loading. The damage generation scenarios in this research are represented the collision accidents of offshore stiffened cylinders TLPs with supply ships or floating subjects. The finite element model is performed using a commercial software package ABAQUS, which has been validated against the experiments from the authors and other researchers.

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  • Artificially synthesized RNA molecules provide important ways for creating a variety of novel functional molecules. State-of-the-art RNA inverse folding algorithms can design simple and short RNA sequences of specific GC content, that fold into the target RNA structure. However, their performance is not satisfactory in complicated cases.

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  • Ebook "Destination B1 Grammar & vocabulary with Answer key" include 42 lessons, 14 reviews and 2 Progress Test lessons for you to practice; Designing knitting books, after 2 grammar lessons, is a vocabulary lesson, after 3 articles, there is 1 review, helping to systemize the learned knowledge, and to remember more deeply.

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  • The generalized electric model of the Hall sensor, which is designed for circuit simulation, is taken into account the features of its design and used for manufacturing materials. The model of the Hall sensor is implemented in the language Verilog-A, has a simple structure and allows to accurately describe its performance characteristics.

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