Designing pay levels

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  • (bq) part 1 "compensation" has contents: the pay model, defining internal alignment, job analysis; job based structures and job evaluation; person based structures; defining competitiveness; designing pay levels, mix, and pay structures,...and other contents.

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  • Implementation planning must identify who is accountable for the realisation of benefits – particularly if the stakeholders concerned are external to departments or agencies. You are encouraged to consult the relevant policy area of PM&C in developing your approach to this. Be mindful that the milestones, tracked through the CIU reporting process, will focus on outcomes and benefits, such as the expected impacts or level of user take-up, as well as the development of products, services and programmes and their roll-out.

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  • Many social funds were designed to rehabilitate existing infrastruc- ture. Rehabilitation was undoubtedly appropriate when the social funds were in the emergency phase, but it may not always be the service the users want now, because those facilities were originally put in place under a perhaps more centralized and very different service delivery system. Offering technology choices that are too complex or expensive is as much of a problem as offering technology choices that are too sim- plistic or inexpensive to deliver at the level of service people are will- ing to pay for.

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  • U.S. government.This designation, which is the highest level of backing given on a U.S. government security,means that the government pledges to use its full taxing and borrowing authority, as well as revenue from nontax sources, to pay the interest and repay the face amount of the security. Nonetheless, the market prices of these securities are not guaranteed and will fluctuate daily—just like the prices of any other bonds. U.S. government backing of Treasury and agency securities applies only to the underlying securities and does not prevent share-price fluctuations.

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  • “The problem isn’t the number of jobs in America; it’s the quality of jobs. Look closely at the economy today and you find two growing categories of work – but only the first is commanding better pay and benefits. This category involves identifying and solving new prob- lems. Here, workers do R&D, design and engineering. Or they’re responsible for high-level sales, marketing and advertising. They’re composers, writers and producers. They’re lawyers, bankers, fi- nanciers, journalists, doctors and management consultants.

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  • The World Bank (IBRD) has issued over USD 2.3 billion equivalent of green bonds through 39 transactions in 15 currencies. 50 These are mostly 3-7 year, fixed and floating rate notes (i.e. which pay a variable rate of interest), issued via the AAA rated IBRD, designed to raise capital for projects that aim to combat climate change in developing countries. Projects funded include alternative energy installations, funding for new technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reforestation, watershed management and flood protection.

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  • Where relevant, account should be taken of possible socio-economic impacts of research, including its intended and unintended consequences and the inherent risks and opportunities. A sound understanding of this issue should be demonstrated both at the level of research design and research management. In this context, where appropriate, the projects should ensure engagement of relevant stakeholders (e.g.

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