Designing the pond

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  • Shrimp farming is an evolving sector of agriculture that creates important economic opportunities in many rural communities plagued by under and unemployment. This water farming practice relies on the wise and responsible use of coastal natural resources and habitats. The long-term, local success of shrimp farming is also influenced by global market forces, consumer preferences and international food safety standards. Advances depend on accessibility of critical research, educational and laboratory services.

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  • (BQ) Through beautiful full-page illustration accompanied by key information about each creature, Tài liệu First Book of Pond Life are designed to encourage young children's interest in the outside world and the wildlife around them. A spotter's chart for children to fill in, and links to Internet-based activities in each book, mean that children can extend the fun.

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  • Taking military barracks wastewater treatment as an example, this paper presents a new concept design of a modified DEWATS system with both the horizontal subsurface constructed wetland and aquatic plants pond. Results show that this process in treating the military barracks area wastewater have many advantages such as low operation cost, simple operation and maintenance, and the effluent could meet "the urban wastewater treatment plant pollutant discharge standard" for first level Class A.

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  • Hymenachne aquatic grass, Hymenachne acutigluma was planted in the wastewater from intensive striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) cultivating ponds containing 2.1 mg N/L, which was enriched with a serious of inorganic phosphorus concentrations. The experiment was arranged in a completely randomized design with three replications in the net house for 42 days.

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  • All Tangled Up knitting from across the pond Kiri Kiri is a triangular shawl, with fern motif, garter stitch border and scalloped edging. Knit in Rowan Kid Silk haze, it has a gossamer effect which belies its warmth. The pattern uses 3 balls of KSH, at 75 grams, it's the perfect shawl to wear throughout the year The Fern motif is a classic Shetland motif that works well either on its own or as a panel within a larger design. I have adapted the original design used by Sharon Miller in her Birch shawl for Rowan, to make the pattern easier for new...

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  • Tailings are a mixture of clay, sand, water and fine silts formed during the oil sands extraction process. They are contained in ponds or settling basins, which are effective ways of managing them while they settle. Any proposal to construct a new tailings pond is thoroughly examined by technical experts from a host of regulatory bodies. Every effort is made to ensure that the design and proposed location of a pond is suitable from an environmental, resource conservation and economic point of view.

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  • The logframe is the main output of the LFA. Before describing the logframe in detail, however, it is worth making a cautionary note. The logframe, for all its advantages when clearly understood and professionally applied, provides no magic solution to identifying or designing good projects. The principle of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ can apply to the logframe if it is used mechanistically. When used properly the logframe helps to make the logical relationships between activities, results, purpose and objectives more transparent, at least to the informed user....

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  • Long-term survival of outdoor sculpture will be affected by use of the site, adjacent buildings, trees, roads, playgrounds, ponds and similar features. Determine who—pedestrians and pets, cyclists, skateboarders—and how many will use the area and how they will use it. Susan Carr, director of public art, Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, has learned to include users in the mix of design considerations. “Our Major Ritual by Beverly Pepper suffered serious damage from skateboarders. It’s taken a lot of time, dollars and public relations to correct the damage.

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  • The trial was completely randomized design in 9 pilots (3 treatments x 3 replicates), the volume of the pilot were 20 m x 30 m x 1.5 m, all the pilots were set in the same ponds with the stocking density of 2 fish/m2 . Black carp were fed 3 commercial feed twice a day at rate of 3-4% fish body weight per day.

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