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  • Miranda is wearing a stunning outfit by designer Jean-Claude Cliché. Of course, many people would say that high heels, a tartan skirt, a blouse with a floral pattern and a spotted silk scarf don't match. That's Jim over there by the door. Can you see him? He's wearing jeans and trainers, a striped shirt and a white waistcoat.

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  • Well known and established techniques, which allow obtaining intense laser pulses, have led to the development of advanced laser system used in science and various industries. Often at times, they combine Q-switching and mode-locking techniques in a single device to achieve unprecedented average pulse powers (e.g. HiLASE, HiPER, ELI, NIF, LiFE) for scientific applications, such as secondary sources of EUV, X-ray or particles, or as inertial confinement fusion (ICF) drivers.

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  • Basically 500 individuals were considered as sufficient to represent the national sample. The total sample size of 600 was reached considering the interviews completed during the pilot phase and the additional individuals for oversampling frequent car users. The sample size of 600 individuals for each country was chosen according to the budget available for the study. When a sample survey is organized for estimating a specific variable (e.g.

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  • The usual microstructure of gray iron is a matrix of pearlite with graphite flakes dispersed throughout. Foundry practice can be varied so that nucleation and growth of graphite flakes occur in a pattern that enhances the desired properties. The amount, size, and distribution of graphite are important.

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  • In THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE, he draws the blueprints for an organization where people expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning how to learn together.

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  • University students go on field research trips or excursions during the low season. Therefore, destinations have to identify the seasonality patterns of their various markets and attract compatible segments, which will enable them to maximise their total yield (both average expenditure and occupancy levels) (O’Brien, 1996). It is also important to understand other factors that influence the decision of consumers to purchase. The social status and peer groups of consumers often influence what is acceptable and desirable as a destination.

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  • In this experiment, there was one type of real brain MR images. In order to evaluate the performance of the UVSRG, the widely used c-means method (also known as k-means) is used for comparative analysis. The reason to select the c-means method is because it is a spatial-based pattern classification technique. In order to make a fair comparison, the implemented c-means method always designates the desired target signature d as one of its class means with d fixed during iterations.

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  • There is a growing body of evidence which demonstrates that following a diet that complies with the Dietary Guidelines may reduce the risk of chronic disease. Recently, it was reported that dietary patterns consistent with recommended dietary guidance were associated with a lower risk of mortality among individuals age 45 years and older in the United States.

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  • Despite all of this, young people everywhere are an inexhaustible source of ideas, energy and optimism. All through history, young people have broken away from negative behavioural patterns and changed intergenerational cycles of discrimination and poverty.

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  • The photomask is then moved to the exposure station, where it is aligned over a work platform and under a collimated UV lamp. Model building begins when the work platform is moved to the right to a resin application station where a thin layer of photopolymer resin is applied to the top surface of the work platform and wiped to the desired thickness. The platform is then moved left to the exposure station, where the UV lamp is then turned on and a shutter is opened for a few seconds to expose the resin layer to the mask pattern. Because the UV light is so intense, the layer...

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