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  • The rights of the insured party are NOT effected if it BONA FIDE forgot or had no time to declare to the insurer as per above, or if it gave the insurer a declaration containing wrong information. The right declaration can be filed even after the goods are lost or delivered

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  • The Transaction Finding a market for the goods (market research) Selecting the marketing channels Negotiations Pricing Distribution channels Order Contract Commercial Invoice Commercial Invoice must include (minimum): Payment Terms Mode of Payment Division of Costs Details of Carrier Details of Receiving Party Details of Buyer Other Details For best results use the ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) Standard Commercial Invoice Packing List must include (minimum): Contents of the Packaging (=of the shipment) If more than one package or outer and inner packing – all contents per each pac...

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  • The traditional direct marketing paradigm implicitly assumes that there is no possibility of a customer purchasing the product unless he receives the direct promotion. In real business environments, however, there are “voluntary buyers” who will make the purchase even without marketing contact. While no direct promotion is needed for voluntary buyers, the traditional response-driven paradigm tends to target such customers. In this thesis, the traditional paradigm is examined in detail. We argue that it cannot maximize the net profit.

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  • This section must list in tangible terms all the products and services to be delivered. It will be based upon the detailed description of the desired future state (“blueprint”). A deliverable is a measurable, tangible, verifiable output, result or item that must be produced to complete a project or part of a project. For each deliverable, you must list the milestones that need to be achieved in order to achieve that deliverable. (A milestone is an important check point along the way that tells you if you are on track to delivery. “Establishing a section” or “having...

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  • One question that arises is the following: how significant in practice is the portion of voluntary buyers? If it is insignificant, it may be acceptable to “push voluntary buyers through” to close the deal while focusing on avoiding non-buyers. To answer this question, a real campaign was carried out (see details in Chapter 7). Instead of contacting all selected customers, a random subset of those selected customers was withheld from contact. It turns out that while the contacted group had a response rate of 5.4%, the not- contacted group had a response rate of 4.3%.

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  • For direct marketing, the assumption that a purchase can only be generated by a direct promotion is too simplistic and does not reflect real world phenomena. Following such assumption will lead a campaign to be response-driven and, consequently, waste resources on voluntary buyers. In this thesis, we recognize the implications such an unrealistic assumption has on the field of direct marketing. Our research first conducts experiments on real campaign data following the traditional strategy. Then, we introduce a new strategy for direct marketing, called influential marketing.

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