Detected planets

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  • An extrasolar planet or exoplanet is a planet orbiting a star (or remnant of a star) beyond our Solar System. As of autumn 2007, about 250 exoplanets had been discovered around 220 different stars, including nearly two dozen multiple planet systems. No less than five exoplanets have been discovered orbiting the star 55 Cancri; one of the planets has nearly four times the mass of Jupiter, another is comparable with Jupiter in mass, two are slightly less massive than Saturn, while the innermost planet has a mass similar to that of Uranus....

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  • Advances in adaptive optics technology and applications move forward at a rapid pace. The basic idea of wavefront compensation in real-time has been around since the mid 1970s. The first widely used application of adaptive optics was for compensating atmospheric turbulence effects in astronomical imaging and laser beam propagation. While some topics have been researched and reported for years, even decades, new applications and advances in the supporting technologies occur almost daily.

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  • This book provides a current overview of the theoretical and experimental aspects of some interferometry techniques applied to Topography and Astronomy. The first two chapters comprise interferometry techniques used for precise measurement of surface topography in engineering applications; while chapters three through eight are dedicated to interferometry applications related to Earth's topography. The last chapter is an application of interferometry in Astronomy, directed specifically to detection of planets outside our solar system.

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  • A Proven Technique for Successful Four-Leaf Clover Detection Originally dedicated to Maestro Kurt Herbert Adler, who found the fours among the bores. And to my four siblings, who make good luck easy to come by. Plus, a tribute to all the fabulous fours at Cabot Creamery, who make, sell, pitch or account for the Best Cheddar on the Planet. le Of nts a T b nte Co 1. Introduction 2. What to Wear, Where & When to Look, & What to Bring 3. How to Find Four-Leaf Clovers 4. Other Things You Discover When Looking for Fours 5. How To Make Clouds Disappear...

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