Determinant agents

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  • This  paper  discusses  debris  and  mud  flash  flood,  which  is  a  widespread  phenomenon  with different levels of damaging effects and repetition in the mountainous areas of Vietnam. There  are some sites where the flash flood with severe debris components has recurred many times and it  has  always  caused  heavy  loss  of  human  and  materials,  such  as  Lay  Nua  Commune,  the  Former 

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  • Bacteria are non-chlorophyllated unicellular organisms that reproduce by fission and do not present nuclear envelope. Gram´s stain is a staining technique used to classify bacteria based on the different characteristic of their cell walls. Gram-positive or Gram-negative bacteria are determined by the amount and location of peptidoglycan in the cell wall, exhibiting different chemical compositions and structures, cell-wall permeabilities, physiologies, metabolisms, and pathogenicities.

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  • Allopurinol (1H-pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidin-4-ol) (Fig. 1) is a commonly used drug in the treatment of chronic gout or hyperuricaemia associated with leukaemia, radiotherapy, antineoplastic agents and treatment with diureticsconditions.1 Allopurinol is a structural isomer of hypoxanthine (a naturally occurring purine in the body) and acts to inhibit xanthine oxidase. In the presence of xanthine oxidase, allopurinol will be converted to alloxanthine (Fig. 2), after that the formation of uric acid from xanthine and hypoxanthine will be inhibited....

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  • Non-invasive Breslow index determination would allow one-time procedure for melanoma clinical management which would be of utmost medical interest for several reasons: unimpaired sentinel lymph node status, low morbidity, pain and stress associated to surgical excision margins. However, as explained throughout the current chapter, such a determination requires melanoma diagnosis prior to Breslow determination.

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  • If the landlord does win the case, the clerk of the court will issue a writ of possession to the sheriff commanding the sheriff to put the landlord back in possession of the dwelling after 24 hours’ notice conspicuously posted on the premises. Th e landlord or his agent may then remove the tenant’s personal property from the premises. (Fla. Stat. §83.62). At any rate, if you lose at any stage, your landlord will begin eviction. He may either change the locks on your apartment and assert a lien on your possessions for the money which you...

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  • English Heritage is the Government’s adviser on the historic environment.Central to our role is the advice we give to local planning authorities and governmentdepartments on development proposals affecting historic buildings,sites and areas,archaeology on land and underwater,designed landscapes and the historic aspects of the landscape as a whole.We also manage an estate of over 400 historic propertiesopen to the public.This guidance is intended for developers of wind energy projectswhich may affect any of these aspects of the historic environment.

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  • Incorporating relevant theoretical and empirical findings, this paper aims to identify and conceptualize the primary dimensions which influence the consumers‘ individual perception of luxury as a first step leading towards a scale to measure luxury value cross-culturally. According to Hassan and Katsanis (1994) and Tse et al. (1988), we suggest that the needs of luxury consumer segments cross national borders and that common structures in luxury value perception exist cross-culturally – even if the relative importance of the decision determinants may vary.

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  • In addition to its numerical representation, digital data has a physical representation. For example, the bits in a hard disk are magnetic impulses on platters that can be read with analog sensors. Network wires contain electric signals that represent network packets and keyboard cables contain electric signals that represent which keys were pressed. A computer converts the electric signals to a digital representation. Digital photography and video are a digital representation of the light associated with physical objects.

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  • The United States has been in the process of destroying its chemical munitions for well over a decade. Initially, the U.S. Army, guided by recommendations from the National Research Council (NRC), decided to use incineration as its destruction method at all sites. However, citizens in some states with stockpile storage sites oppose incineration on the grounds that the exact nature of the effluents escaping from the stacks cannot be determined.

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  • Health inequalities are not only apparent between people of different socio-economic groups—they exist between different genders, different ethnic groups, and the elderly and people suffering from mental health problems or learning disabilities also have worse health than the rest of the population. The causes of health inequalities are complex, and include lifestyle factors—smoking, nutrition, exercise to name only a few—and also wider determinants such as poverty, housing and education. Access to healthcare may play a role, and there are...

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  • One of our main goals in analysing the flows of corporate credit is to trace the effect of a policy shock, such as the introduction of the CBA on the determinants of these flows. The theoretical literature suggests that policy may have an effect on credit supply and demand in various ways. Thus changes in monetary policy do affect banks’ and firms’ behavior due to the existence of a transmission mechanism through which monetary shocks affect real economic performance.

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  • As f iscal agents of the United States, the Reserve Banks function as the U.S. government’s bank and perform a variety of services for the Treasury, other government agencies, government-sponsored enterprises, and some international organizations. Often the f iscal agent services performed by the Reserve Banks are the same, or similar to, services that the Reserve Banks provide to the banking system. Services performed for the Trea- sury include maintaining the Treasury’s bank account; processing pay- ments; and issuing, safekeeping, and transferring securities.

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  • Here the businessman--self-selected or appointed directly or indirectly by stockholders--is to be simultaneously legislator, executive and jurist. He is to decide whom to tax by how much and for what purpose, and he is to spend the proceeds--all this guided only by general exhortations from on high to restrain inflation, improve the environment, fight poverty and so on and on. The whole justification for permitting the corporate executive to be selected by the stockholders is that the executive is an agent serving the interests of his principal.

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  • The GCC was established in 1981 and it includes six countries, namely, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). GCC countries share several common patterns. Together, they produce about 20% of all world oil, control 36% of world oil exports and possess 47% of proven reserves. Oil exports largely determine earnings, government budget revenues and expenditures and aggregate demand. Table 1 shows some key financial indicators for the GCC economies. The contributions of oil to GDP range from 22% in Bahrain to 44% in Saudi Arabia.

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  • General objective of the study: Survey and assessment of hemorrhage appear on a mudskipper farm in Bac Lieu province. Identifying characteristics of Pathology in fish pathogens which proposed solutions to prevent and treat the disease effectively.

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  • Schroe der, Bar kley, and Schroe der did not re- port price elas tici ties or the ef fects of other struc- tural changes on per cap ita con sump tion. Del gado and Cour bois (1998) es ti mated ex pen di ture, price, and ur bani za tion elas tici ties based on data from 64 de vel op ing coun tries for 1970–95. They used a sys tem of equa tions that sorted out rela tive price effects among ani mal prod ucts and that con trolled for many cul tural, geo graphic, physi cal, and eco - nomic dif fer ences be tween...

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  • Bacterial biofilms are regarded to be the primary aetiological factor in the initiation of gingival inflammation and subsequent destruction of periodontal tissues (Offenbacher 1996) and three major specific pathogens have been repeatedly identified as etiologic agents, namely Aggregatibacter (Actinobacillus) actinomycetemcomitans (Aa), Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg) and Tannerella forsythia (Tf) (Socransky et al. 1998).

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  • The clinical and basic science of allergic disease is moving and evolving so rapidly that it is nearly impossible to keep up full of information regarding the news mechanisms, signalling cell markers, cellular plasticity and expression, biological mediators targets or molecular and genetic discovers aspects related to the allergy. Moreover the systemic impact of this pathology determines the complexity of the more recent evidence demonstrates that the rapid regulation of central immune organs in clinical response of the mucosa to the allergen or offending agent.

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  • 11 At the Margins of Orthodoxy 11.1. Games, Evolution and Growth 11.1.1. Game theory Game theory was formulated as a logical instrument for investigating situations in which the results of the choices of some agents are at least partially determined by the choices of other agents with conflicting interests.

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  • Chitosan was used as a carrier for extraction and accumulation of heavy metals in water. The sorption of Hg, Cd, Cu and Zn on chitosan in water obtained maximum values after stirring at 90 minutes. The sorption percent of chitosan reached 90%, 41%, 38% and 20% for Hg, Cd, Cu and Zn, respectively. The optimum pH for sorption is from 4 to 6. Ammonium sulfate 0.02 M was used as an activation agent to increase the sorption. The sorption efficiency was determined is about 98%.

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