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  • Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC was aware of a trademark claim, the designations have been printed in initial capital letters or in all capitals. The Pragmatic Starter Kit, The Pragmatic Programmer, Pragmatic Programming, Pragmatic Bookshelf and the linking g device are trademarks of The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC.

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  • In addition to holding title to property or having the right of beneficial use through a fideicomiso, there are other ways to enjoy the use of real property in Mexico, including leasing property and participating in time shares. With regard to leasing, there are no restrictions that prevent foreign individuals or entities from leasing property in Mexico. Unlike American law, the Mexican Civil Code places limits on the duration of real property leases.

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  • Consistent with this logic, the pension plan assets of Boots, the U.K. pharmaceutical retailer, were made up of 75% stocks and 25% bonds at yearend 1999. But between the spring of 2000 and July 2001, the company’s pension plan sold all its equities and invested the proceeds in duration-matched bonds. Security analysts, accountants, and actuaries were critical of Boots’s new strategy.

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  • There is a powerful, positive influence that comes from the team being protected from changing goals during the Sprint. First, the team gets to work knowing with absolute certainty that its commitments will not change, which only reinforces the team’s focus on ensuring completion. Second, it disciplines the Product Owner into really thinking through the items he or she prioritizes on the Product Backlog. Knowing that the commitment is for the duration of the Sprint makes the Product Owner much more diligent in thinking through what to ask for at the beginning. ...

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  • It is possible that there are interactions between several characteristics of loans in determining the PD. To know that the loan is backed by collateral provides information about the quality of the borrower at the time of the decision, depending upon the information asymmetry between the borrower and the lender [Boot et al. (1991)], and/or it provides information about the possible trade-off between the use of collateral and time invested in evaluating the risk of the operation for the lender [Manove and Padilla (1999 and 2001)].

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  • This paper examines episodes of banking sector distress for a large sample of countries, highlighting the experience of Japan. We estimate a model that links the onset of banking problems to a set of macroeconomic variables and institutional characteristics. The model predicts a high probability of banking sector distress in Japan in the early 1990s, matching actual developments closely, and suggests that the Japanese episode fits a well-established pattern characterizing banking sector problems elsewhere.

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  • The determination of enzyme AChE continues to be widely used to measure the exposure to OF and C, however, interpretations of results are highly variable, since there are genetic and physiological causes as well as associated pathologies, which can decrease the levels of this enzyme (Varona et al, 2007).

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  • Third, we computed VAIs for each shot in each film. The purpose of these calculations was to determine the relative amount ofmotion andmovement in shots of different duration and whether that relation had changed over the course of 75 years of popular film. Since both dimensions, shot length and VAI per shot, are strongly skewed, we transformed each. We took the logarithmof each shot duration, and because VAI is based on correlations, we used the r-to-z transformfor VAIs. These transformations created roughly normal distributions along both dimensions for all films....

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  • Approach to the Patient: Disorders of the Sense of Hearing The goal in the evaluation of a patient with auditory complaints is to determine (1) the nature of the hearing impairment (conductive vs. sensorineural vs. mixed), (2) the severity of the impairment (mild, moderate, severe, profound), (3) the anatomy of the impairment (external ear, middle ear, inner ear, or central auditory pathway), and (4) the etiology. The history should elicit characteristics of the hearing loss, including the duration of deafness, unilateral vs. bilateral involvement, nature of onset (sudden vs.

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  • Gene transfer into many cell types has been successfully used to develop alternative and adjunct approaches to conventional medical treatment. However, effective transfection of postmitotic neurons remains a challenge. The aim of this study was to develop a method for gene transfer into rat primary dorsal root ganglion neurons using sonoporation. Methods: Dissociated cells from adult rat dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cells were sonicated for 1-8 s at 2.5-10 W to determine the optimal ultrasound duration and power for gene transfection and cell survival.

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  • The maturity decision will reflect your view of the direction of short- term interest rates over the coming weeks or months. You’ll want a longer average maturity or duration when interest rates are falling and a shorter one when they’re rising. A working knowledge of economics will help you sort through the market drivers that determine the direction of interest rates. Once you’ve made the maturity decision, determining the optimal mix among U.S. Treasuries, agencies, commercial paper, CDs, and repos is still in front of you.

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  • A second potential source of the discrepancies may come from how the exposure or lack of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke is determined. Studies have shown that people can recall recent exposure very well but that remembering the duration and degree of distant exposure (such as whether their grandparents or baby-sitter smoked) is difficult. Yet one study examined this issue and found that women tended to underestimate their exposure, an effect which would decrease the observed risk.

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  • For each city, complex hydrometeorological models were then developed using a whole host of local information. These included (a) climate variables such as changes in temperature, precipi- tation, sea level rise, and storm surge; (b) socio- economic and developmental factors such as land subsidence, land use, and population increases; and (c) local topographical and hydrological information. Flooding in the metropolitan areas was chosen as the key variable to assess impact.

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  • Many factors are thought to increase the chances of misrecognizing a word in ASR, including low frequency, nearby disfluencies, short duration, and being at the start of a turn. However, few of these factors have been formally examined. This paper analyzes a variety of lexical, prosodic, and disfluency factors to determine which are likely to increase ASR error rates. Findings include the following.

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  • (BQ) ilicon infiltrated silicon carbide (SiSiC) is developed. The influences of the major operating EDM parameters (discharge current ie, open gap voltage ui, discharge duration te and pulse interval to) of the iso energetic generator on the machining performances like Material Removal Rate (MRR), Tool Wear Ratio (TWR) and surface roughness (Ra) are examined. Relaxation pulses which have lower energy input are also considered to improve the surface quality.

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  • Objectives: To measure the malnutrition prevalence in elderly outpatients with diabetes and to determine the relationship between nutritional status and duration of diabetes and treatment therapy.

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