Determining profitability

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  • This research aims to examine the determinants of dividend payments of non-financial listed companies in the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) in the period 2007 to 2012. Using the Pooled Ordinary Least Square and the Fixed effect model (FEM) for panel data, the authors found that in HOSE, the profitability of firms is statistically significant and negatively related to payout ratio (DPR).

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  • After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Explain the nature of economic rent and how it is determined; describe the loanable funds theory of interest rates; demonstrate how interest rates relate to the time-value of money and vary based on risk, maturity, loan size, and taxability; relate why economic profits occur, and how profits, along with losses, allocate resources among alternative uses; list the share of U.S. earnings received by each of the factors of production.

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  • This paper aims at getting an insight into determinants of return of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Mekong Delta through the estimation of the regression model in which return on sales (ROS), or operating profit margin, is a dependent variable, and determinants of their profit are independent variables.

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  • Chapter 11 - Issues of reporting, disclosure, and financial analysis. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Conversion of Fund statements to government-wide, why the make-up of a government’s or not-for-profit’s reporting entity is an issue, the criteria that the GASB has established to determine the units that constitute a government’s reporting entity,...

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  • This study is aiming to identify profit efficiency and its determinants among peanut farming households in Tra Vinh province, Vietnam, based on the data collected from 182 peanut farming households in three districts of Tra Vinh province.

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  • So far you have learnt how to record transactions in the accounting books by means of debit and credit entries. At the end of each accounting period the figures in each account are examined in order to summarise the situation they present. This will often, but not always, be a year if you are calculating profit. It will be at least once a month if you want to see what is happening with respect to particular accounts. Probably the most obvious reason for this is to find out how much our customers owe us for goods we have sold to them. In most businesses this...

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  • A practical guide for making sense of chaos theory and applying it to today's financial markets. Enables traders and analysts to uncover hidden determinism in seemingly random market events and make accurate investment decisions with high probabilities for profit.

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  • 7 BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH—VOLATILITY, THAT IS. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The material in this chapter helps you to: • Determine when volatility is out of line. • Use the percentile approach to determine if options are cheap or expensive. • Analyze the reasons behind volatility changes.

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  • 4 SYSTEM TRADING. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The material in this chapter helps you to: • Choose the trading system that is right for you. • Realize the importance of following your system’s rules— always. • Determine the amount of money you need to start shortterm trading.

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  • Winning Business and its interactive CD-ROM can help business managers, investors, small business owners, and students better understand, monitor, and improve company performance. Successful business people use indicators to monitor conditions such as return on assets, liquidity, profitability, and growth. This book helps you determine these critical performance indicators and supplies you with benchmarks to see how your company stacks up against the competition.

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  • The purpose of this research is to determine the factors that affect the profitability of commercial banks in Vietnam. Beside, the article has given the best solution to managers and investors to decide their business strategy and minimize financial risk.

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  • But while there are differences in profitability and target markets, there are not big differences in loan portfolio quality. The top row of Table 3 reports on the quality of loan portfolios for different kinds of institutions, and we show that all in fact do quite well. We focus on nongovernmental organizations, non-bank financial institutions, and banks. For each group, the range of experience is captured with data at the 25th percentile, median, and 75th percentile.

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  • We started by noting Compartamos’s outsize return on equity above 50 percent in 2004. The return compares very favorably with Citigroup’s 2004 return on equity of 16 percent, for example. Table 3 shows that the median return on equity for nongovernmental microfinance organizations is 3 percent and, for microfinance banks, 10 percent. The figures are impressive, but well below returns for either Citigroup or Compartamos in 2004. The numbers are larger, though, when we condition on profitability (columns 4, 8, and 12; here the returns to equity are 11.4 and 11.5).

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  • (bq) part 2 book "economics" has book: the demand for resources; wage determination; rent, interest, and profit; natural resource and energy economics; public goods, externalities, and information asymmetries; public choice theory and the economics of taxation; antitrust policy and regulation, economics and policy,...and other contents.

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  • It has been suggested that in a number of professions soft skills may be more important over the long term than occupational skills. The legal profession is one example where the ability to deal with people effectively and politely, more than their mere occupational skills, can determine the professional success of a lawyer.[3] Soft Skills are behavioral competencies.

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  • Primarily, an investment property is one purchased strictly for the purpose of generating income. It’s neither your current primary residence nor a vacation home used only by your family. An investment property is usually purchased with the intention of either renting it out or renovating it to resell at a profit. There are also some variations on that theme. For instance, when a family relocates or decides to downsize, a primary residence can become an investment property if it doesn’t need to be sold.

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  • As our goal is to observe managers’ abilities to generate profits through active management, we employ only properties that were both bought and sold within the sample period, and thus for which we have round trip transaction returns. In future versions of the paper, we will relax this condition where possible to account for properties purchased within the sample period and not yet sold, as well as properties purchased prior to the start of the sample and sold with the sample period.

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  • The fourth row of Table 3 indicates that for over half of nongovernmental organizations at least 85 percent of borrowers are female. At least a quarter of nongovernmental organizations serve women exclusively. Banks serve many women, but in lower numbers; for slightly less than half of institutions, men make up the majority of borrowers. Column 4 breaks out the median only for profitable nongovernmental microfinance organizations, and their data on women as a share of all borrowers are much closer to that of other nongovernmental organizations than that of banks.

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