Detritus dynamics

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  • Because of its accessibility, the intertidal zone has offered excellent opportunities to study the adaptations of individual organisms and populations to their environment, and the factors controlling community composition. Early work on seashores concentrated on the problems of life in an environment characterized by steep gradients in physical conditions, but in more recent years, the focus of research on the fascinating shore ecosystems has been on understanding the processes controlling their productivity and dynamic functioning.

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  • This book owes its inception to my fascination with the natural microcosms that are water-filled tree holes and, subsequently, the broader class of plant container habitats we call phytotelmata. That fascination was born, first, in a Somerset woodland, when my fellow undergraduate Alastair Sommerville pointed out to me a massive stump hole, commenting that such places were both entomologically special and of great potential as objects of ecological study.

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  • Chapter 8 Woody Detritus Mass and its Contribution to Carbon Dynamics of Old-Growth Forests: the Temporal Context Mark E. Harmon Woody detritus is an important component of forested ecosystems. It can reduce erosion and affects soil development, stores nutrients and water

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