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  • Being a leader is tougher than ever! Workplaces are more complex and competitive. Change is occurring at the speed of light. Work relationships need to be built in broader, matrixed, and more global organizations. Today’s leaders need new skills and more support to respond to the challenges and opportunities that rocket their way like water out of a fire hose. I have great respect for the people who take on the role of leader. Great leaders are able to make a significant difference. They shape results and our work experience. Being a leader can also be a stressful and thankless job....

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  • Dear Reader, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the rationale behind this book showing up on your shelf for free. Quite some time ago, Sams Publishing determined that the next big thing to hit the programmer/developer community would be Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET and the .NET Framework. After discussions with many of you, our authors and key Microsoft team members, Sams dedicated itself to a strategy that would support your efforts to learn the .NET Framework as efficiently and as quickly as possible. A Programmer’s Introduction to Visual Basic.

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  • Through IDEI and the Jean-Jacques Laffont Foundation, economists from TSE have developed strong relationships with economic actors (regulators, public and private corporations and various other institutions). Since 1990, IDEI has built partnerships with companies in various sectors. This cooperation has initiated and inspired a great deal of original research. The creation of the Jean-Jacques Laffont Foundation has enhanced and extended partnerships that will guarantee additional financial support for continued research.

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  • Unit 2: Relationship RELATIONSHIP UNIT OBJECTIVES At the end of this unit, students will be able to: • Use vocabulary relating to the topic (relationships, linking or not linking someone, family, getting together… ) • Pronounce strong and weak auxiliaries, sentence stress • Make a conversation • Develop listening, reading and speaking skills via practical exercises relating to this topic OVERVIEW 1 2 3 WARMING UP • Relationships between people • Ways people keep in touch with other GRAMMAR • Relative clauses • Some special uses of relative pronoun...

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  • As a result of these developments, the quantitative relationship between the consumer goods supply on the one hand and the rapidly rising consumer goods demand on the other hand has been continuously improved. Nowadays, the case that supply cannot satisfy demand is for most consumer goods a case of the past. Quite the opposite is to observe that Chinese consumer goods markets are buyers’ markets, characterized by a surplus of supply and a strong competition between many national suppliers and al- most 330.000 foreign suppliers offering products in this market. ...

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  • Islam and Watanapalachaikul (2003) showed a strong, significant long-run relationship between stock prices and macroeconomic factors (interest rate, bonds price, foreign exchange rate, price-earning ratio, market capitalization, and consumer price index) during 1992-2001 in Thailand. Hassan (2003) employed Johansen’s (1988, 1991, 1992b) and Johansen and Juselius’ (1990) multivariate cointegration techniques to test for the existence of long-term relationships between share prices in the Persian Gulf region.

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  • The goal of this specialized program is to create specialists in the domain of marketing analysis, more specifically in the field of analytical customer relationship management (customer intelli- gence) to support business marketing decisions of the firm. This advanced Master program started in October 1999. The program adressess the strong need of companies for better-educa- ted staff with strong skills in the domain of marketing analysis. Thanks to information technology and the availability of market data both at the demand side (customer information, e.g.

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  • Strong capital returns are not only apparent within new developments as Bennelong and the Cove have also been analysed for their resale prowess. Bennelong was completed in 1999 and the Cove was fi nished in 2003. Bennelong has recorded a total 164 apartment resales, with some apartments changing hands up to three times. Five apartments transacted at a loss and one apartment was resold at the same price. Eight sales have resulted in a capital gain in excess of 100%. One sale achieved an outstanding 198% capital gain achieved between April 1999 and February 2008.

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  • Everyone feels angry at times. By itself, anger is not a problem. It is simply a feeling, just like feeling happy, excited, scared or sad. However, if it’s being stuffed or becomes explosive, anger can turn harmful and destructive. Eventually, our anger can control everything we do and damage important relationships with others. Seeing Red is a curriculum designed to help elementary and middle-school aged students better understand their anger so they can make healthy and successful choices and build strong relationships.

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  • In the emerging global economy, e-commerce and e-business have increasingly become a necessary component of business strategy and a strong catalyst for economic development. The integration of information and communications technology (ICT) in business has revolutionized relationships within organizations and those between and among organizations and individuals. Specifically, the use of ICT in business has enhanced productivity, encouraged greater customer participation, and enabled mass customization, besides reducing costs....

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  • Brands help to build sustained relationships with the consumers. Strong brands lend endurance and permanence to an organization and protect it from the market turbulence and uncertainties. Given its strategic role, the selected chapters examine and develop a critical understanding of the processes involved in building and managing brands for gaining long-term sustainable competitive advantage. The book provides an insight into the world of sustainable and competitive branding through thirteen chapters divided into four sections.

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  • An analysis of the complex relationship between demographic changes and impacts on the natural-resource base confirms that resource exploitation is occurring not only to meet growing domestic needs but also for other vested interests. Population, together with other major drivers, such as institutions, markets, and technology, will have a very strong bearing on the way in which the rich resources of the Mekong River Basin are developed and distributed in the present and future.

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  • Two of the things that I really like about developing for the web is that rate at which our technology changes, and manner in which new technology helps us solve old problems—perhaps ones that we’ve solved in a much less clean manner. This can be both exciting and frustrating. Exciting because it’s always fun to work with new tech and play with new toys. Frustrating because it’s imperative that, as developers, we stay on top of a moving-target at all times.

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  • The insurance sector is an infrastructural pillar of the financial services sector and the economy as a whole. It plays a key role in economic development. Several empirical studies suggest a strong correlation between the development of financial intermediaries and economic growth. According to Patrick (1966) 3 there are two, possibly coexisting, relationships between the financial sector and economic growth.

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  • Employing this methodology, there has been a growing literature showing strong influence of macroeconomic variables and stock markets, mostly for industrialized countries (see, for example, Hondroyiannis and Papapetrou, 2001; Muradoglu et al. 2001; Fifield et al. 2000; Lovatt and Ashok 2000; and Nasseh and Strauss 2000). Additionally, researchers have begun to turn their attention to examining similar relationships in developing countries, particularly those in the growth engines of Asia (for example, Maysami and Sims 2002, Maysami and Koh 2000).

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  • Health and Physical Education offers experiential learning, with a curriculum that is relevant, engaging, contemporary, physically active, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate.

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  • Factors encouraging educators to stay in their profession included their passion for developing young people and strong collegial relationships. However, many also feel trapped by limited job alternatives, and may embark on withdrawal options such as increased absenteeism or lower outputs. It is crucially important to deal with the sources of educator frustration, lest the result becomes deteriorating service provision and quality in South African education.

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  • The experience of breast cancer can also create challenges for a marriage or signif- icant relationship. Difficulties include communication problems, difficulty coping and sexual dysfunction (one study found that approximately 50% of women with cancer had at least one diagnosed sexual dysfunction during the posttreatment year) (Anderson,Ander- son, & DeProsse, 1989). However, research suggests that when marriages are strong before the development of breast cancer, the disease does not usually disrupt the relation- ship, and may result in an even closer relationship (Oktay & Walter, 1991).

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  • This literature review provides strong evidence that playing is central to children’s physical, psychological and social well-being. Whilst playing, children can experience real emotions, create their own uncertainty, experience the unexpected, respond to new situations and adapt to a wide variety of situations. Play enables children to form friendships and attachments to adults and to places, allowing for the development of familiarity and intimacy with both.

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