Diagnosis and formulation

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  • Neonatal sepsis is defined as a bacterial infection of the blood in an infant younger than 4 weeks of age. Blood cultures remain the mainstay of laboratory diagnosis of bloodstream infections (BSIs) in infants. The knowledge of bacteriological profile and its antibiotic sensitivity patterns is of immense help in saving lives of neonates with septicaemia.

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  • In this paper, we present a new recursive method to compute higher order sensitivities of node voltages. Using the sensitivity coefficients we formulate multivariate polynomial equations. Fault identification is obtained by solving these equations concerned with element deviations. This task can be accomplished by using a multivariable Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) for solving nonlinear multivariable equations.

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  • (bq) part 2 book “history taking and clinical examination in dentistry“ has contents: intraoral examination, establishing the diagnosis, investigations, final diagnosis, formulating a comprehensive treatment plan, levels of prevention.

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  • The analysis of blood, bone marrow and tissue fluid specimens requires a multi–faceted approach with the integration of scientific data from a number of disciplines. No single discipline can operate in isolation or errors will occur. Flow cytometry is in a privileged position in that it can provide rapid analysis of specimens and it is often the first definitive investigation to produce results and help formulate a working diagnosis.

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  • Ultrasound imaging is considered one of the most powerful techniques for medical diagnosis and is often preferred over other medical imaging modalities because of noninvasive, portable, versatile and low-cost properties (Webb, 2002; Abd-Elmoniem, 2002; Porter, 2001; Shekhar, 2002). A fundamental problem in the field of ultrasound imaging is the speckle noise influence, which is a major limitation on image quality inultrasound imaging.

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  • In the last half century, significant increases in the productivity of modern poultry stocks have been achieved for both the meat and the egg production sectors of the global poultry industry. Synergies have resulted from advances made in all the major ac- tivities of poultry management and housing, nutrition and ration formulation, applying poultry genetics knowledge in commercial breeding programmes and better diagnosis and control of avian diseases. Of all these core elements, poultry health and disease can be the least predictable.

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  • The point stabilization problem can be formulated in a local or in a global sense, the latter meaning that we allow for initial con gurations that are arbi- trarily far from the destination. The same is true also for path following and trajectory tracking, although locality has two di erent meanings in these tasks. For path following, a local solution means that the controller works properly provided we start suciently close to the path; for trajectory tracking, close- ness should be evaluated with respect to the current position of the reference robot....

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  • Having identified and classified relevant water pollution problems, and having assigned priority to them, the next step is to identify appropriate interventions to cope with the problems. For every problem identified, therefore, an assessment should be made of the most appropriate means for intervention. Furthermore, an indication should be given of the relevant administrative level(s) to be involved. The proposed interventions may vary significantly in detail and scope.

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  • Every organization—large and small—has managers. Someone must be responsible for formulating strategy, making plans, organizing resources, directing personnel, and controlling operations. This is true of the Bank of America , the Peace Corps , the University of Illinois , the Red Cross , and the Coca-Cola Corporation , as well as the local 7-Eleven convenience store. In this chapter, we will use a particular organization—Good Vibrations, Inc.—to illustrate the work of management.

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  • Unique in its approach, this new book takes users beyond the identification of physical assessment abnormalities to arrive at a differential diagnosis of the patient's health problem. Readers learn how to incorporate physical examination, patient history, and diagnostic studies to accurately diagnosis a patient's problem.

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  • This edition's cases give greater emphasis to pathogenesis, epidemiology, differential diagnosis, management, and complications and include radiologic images, photographs, tables, and algorithms. A new two-page format encourages students to read the case presentation and formulate an initial diagnosis before turning the page for the answer. The book ends with twenty all-new board-format questions and answers.

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  • Editing this book was a pleasant, but challenging job. I enjoyed reviewing chapters from different domains, bringing up-to-date empirical research studies, excellent literature reviews and controversial issues. This was an instructive experience for me and the authors. We both learned from each other, making different backgrounds a gain-gain situation, by evaluating each chapter critically from different perspectives. We are sure the reader will enjoy the end result: a selection of chapters from different psychology domains....

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  • The neurological history and examination provide physicians with information to localize lesions of the nervous system. Neuroanatomical localization allows formulation of a focused differential diagnosis, diagnostic plan, and treatment plan. Although aspects of the neurological examination differ based on the clinical situation, the standard elements of the neurological examination remain the same. A review of the neurological examination as it applies to emergency department evaluation is provided....

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  • The following three examples introduce the subject of clinical reasoning:  A 46-year-old man presents to his internist with a chief complaint of hemoptysis. The physician knows that the differential diagnosis of hemoptysis includes over 100 different conditions, including cancer and tuberculosis. The examination begins with some general background questions, and the patient is asked to describe his symptoms and their chronology.

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