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  • Over the past two years, certain Diaspora communities, frustrated with a perceived war against the Muslim world, have turned against their adopted homelands, targeting the government and its people by supporting terrorist attacks against Western countries through recruitment, fundraising, and training. Critical issues include

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  • The island nation of Cape Verde has given rise to a diaspora that spans the four continents of the Atlantic Ocean. Migration has been essential to the island since the birth of its nation and connections to faraway places continue to dominate its day-to-day life. This volume makes a significant contribution to the study of international migration and transnationalism by exploring the Cape Verdean diaspora through its geographic diversity and broad thematic range.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'diaspora for development in africe', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, tự động hoá phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Financial flows from migrants and their descendants are at the heart of the relationship between migration and development. Policy attention has focused on the largest and most visible of these flows migrants’ remittances and, to a lesser but growing extent, the direct investments that diaspora entrepreneurs make in businesses in their countries of origin. The third major category of private financial resources that originate from diasporas, capital market investments, are much less understood and examined.

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  • India and Israel have raised over US$35 billion by tapping into the wealth of their diaspora communities. These diaspora bonds represent a stable and cheap source of external finance, often when countries lost access to international capital markets. For diaspora investors, these bonds offer the opportunity to help their country of origin while also providing an investment opportunity. The potential for diaspora bonds is significant for many countries with large diasporas abroad.

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  • This is the second edition of this very popular book. The drive behind the first edition was to honour the retirement of Professor Gerald Russell and many of the chapters were written by the diaspora of clinicians and scientists emanating from his academic and clinical leadership. Within the decade since that edition was conceived, developed and executed there have been changes in the balance of clinical and academic connections. A European school has started to emerge.

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  • This book is a study of Dutch mosque designs, objects of heated public debate. Until now, studies of diaspora mosque designs have largely consisted of normative architectural critiques that reject the ubiquitous 'domes and minarets' as hampering further Islamic-architectural evolution. The Architectural Representation of Islam: Muslim-Commissioned Mosque Design in The Netherlands represents a clear break with the architectural critical narrative, and meticulously analyzes twelve design processes for Dutch mosques.

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  • Various kinds of actors are involved in the processing and transfer of remittances to Asian countries, including financial institutions, banks, exchange houses, and money transfer organizations. Exchange houses are a principal means of sending money from the oil -producing countries in Western Asia. Some Indian states and private banks have established agreements with these exchange houses to facilitate the transfers of remittances. These transfers typically occur in an account-to-account manner, and are concentrated in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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  • 10 Neoclassical Economics from Triumph to Crisis 10.1. The Neo-Walrasian Approach to General Economic Equilibrium 10.1.1. The conquest of the existence theorem The rise of Nazism led to a diaspora of intellectuals. All the fervour of study and debate which had enlivened Berlin and Vienna in the 1920s ended in the following decade

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  • the large, well-organised and informed Somalia diaspora repatriate significant remittances and, to a very considerable extent, Somalis (especially urban communities) subsist on these remittances. remittances have been used to invest in a flourishing private sector in Somalia, including private health care services. However, these investments are not aggregated nor under control of central authorities, are not distributed according to need and so are not strategically focussed, efficient or egalitarian. the status of educational attainment in the country is very low.

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  • However, it must be kept in mind that HTAs are only one of several options through which diasporas maintain links with and help their communities of origin. Immigrant entrepreneurs are also ‘social actors’, who participate actively in transnational activities.

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  • The ‘Aussiedler’ are ethnic German migrants and represent a unique group of diaspora migrants. Since 1993, the officially correct term for Aussiedler is Spätaussiedler, however for ease of presentation we will use the term Aussiedler throughout the text. The first Aussiedler came to Russia when Peter I (1689–1725) changed his politics towards Europe. They were the beginning of the urban German population in Russia.

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  • This paper analyses the root causes of rural outmigration, focusing on its economic and social implications. It takes as its starting point the fact that mobility is inherent in human existence. Livelihoods and sociocultural changes are intimately connected with population movements. To understand present and fast-developing trends in human mobility, we examine the origins of migratory movements and discern how such transformations actually affect the natural resource base, as well as how they shape livelihoods and socio-economic/cultural coexistence.

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  • Diaspora investors tend to have different perceptions of risk than non-diaspora investors. Given their homeland connections, diaspora members may have better information about investment opportunities in their countries of origin and are less sensitive to exchange-rate risks than other investors, because they have domestic-currency obligations in their country of origin such as support payments to family members or running costs of domestic businesses, mortgages, or returns to domestic share-holders. They also may have a different time horizon.

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  • Bank accounts that are denominated in foreign currencies can offer some advantages to diasporas. First, in offering such foreign-currency denominated bank accounts, banks are the ones that shoulder the risk of foreign exchange. If account holders hold currency in local denomination, they are the ones who bear foreign currency risks. Foreign currency deposit (FCD) accounts have often been used by domestic savers to maintain the real value of their savings during times of macroeconomic instability.

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  • State of Israel Bonds. State of Israel bonds are securities issued by the Israeli government through the Development Corporation of Israel that are marketed to the Israeli diaspora in particular to help build the nation’s infrastructure. Sixty years after David Ben-Gurion established the program in 1951, State of Israel bonds have raised over $33 billion. 405 Today, Israel considers the issuance of these bonds as a stable source of overseas borrowing and an important mechanism for maintaining ties with its diaspora.

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  • The 1938 World Cup victory in France was the zenith of sporting achievement for Fascist Italy. As Lando Ferretti, Mussolini’s press officer and one of Fascism’s most prominent theorists of sport, suggested, such successes were uniting the Italian diaspora behind the regime and symbolized the rise of the Fascist Italian nation. Until this point, ‘Italy’ was a more accurate term for the geographical area united by the 1861 Risorgimento (Unification) than the ‘Italian nation’, which remained a disparate, disconnected entity, in need of physical and psychological integration.

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  • In the current environment of a crisis of confidence in debt markets, many countries are encountering difficulty in obtaining private financing using traditional financial instruments. The scarcity of capital threatens to jeopardize long-term growth and employment generation in developing countries, which tend to have limited access to capital even in the best of times. Official aid alone will not be adequate to bridge nearor long-term financing gaps. Ultimately, it will be necessary to adopt innovative financing approaches to target previously untapped investors.

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  • Similarly, it might be possible that the relation between collateral and the probability of default was different depending on the type of lender. During the time period studied, savings banks have expanded their activities outside their traditional geographic markets and therefore it can be expected that they face a more severe adverse selection problem than banks which have grown mostly within their traditional markets. If this was the case among savings banks, collateral might be used to solve the problem raised by the hidden information situation.

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  • It should be noted, however, that it is difficult, if not impossible, given available data, to identify mainstream capital market participation by diasporas. Investments made by diaspora members in conventional investment vehicles open to all investors are indistinguishable from other foreign investments. But governments and businesses in some countries of origin have created financial instruments especially designed to tap into the wealth of diaspora populations. While some are aimed at high-net- worth individuals, some are accessible to small-scale savers.

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