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  • This resourceful guide presents art therapy techniques for difficult clients where the typical therapist-client interaction can often be distant, demanding, and frustrating. Offering practical and theoretical information from a wide variety of treatment populations and diagnostic categories; and incorporating individual, group, and family therapy case studies, the text is filled with examples and over 150 illustrations taken from the author’s sixteen years of experience working with hundreds of clients.

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  • Good programming is difficult. It is especially arduous for new programmers given the pace of change and the ever-expanding size of the software engineering body of knowledge (www.swebok.org) that they must master. The authors of this book have found that experience and in-depth understanding are key factors in both programmer productivity and reliable software. The bottom line is that experienced programmers don’t stumble around in the dark. They know the lay of the land, they recognize patterns, and they avoid the hazardous areas.

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  • The two types of Diversified regions seem likely to have similar and positive responses to the Agri-Centric and Urban-Rural meta narratives. The negative employment impacts of the Agri-Centric narrative may easily be absorbed by other parts of the economy, since agriculture’s role is relatively small in these regions. As the Urban-Rural narrative progresses, the economies of diversified regions are increasingly difficult to distinguish from those of adjacent PU regions, and they will therefore follow similar development trajectories.

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  • So you have worked on Cisco routers and switches for a while and now want to get your CCIE? There are several good reasons to do so. Cisco’s certification program allows network analysts and engineers to demonstrate competence in different areas and levels of internetworking. Cisco certification can help you land a job or increase your pay because clients, peers, and superiors recognize you as a networking expert. CCIE certification is regarded as the most difficult and rewarding of the internetworking industry.

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  • OpenSSH is an open-source implementation of the SSH (Secure SHell) protocols, originally developed in 1995 by Tatu Ylönen. SSH-based tools provide secure client/server connections and are usually designed to replace older remote-access tools like rsh and telnet. Unlike their predecessors, SSH-based tools encrypt their transmissions, making it difficult or impossible for intruders to “sniff” important information, such as passwords, from the data stream. SSH implementations exist for every major platform including Microsoft Windows. This paper will focus on the OpenSSH implementation....

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  • Considered a “toy” language by serious web developers for most of its lifetime, Java- Script has regained its prestige in the past few years as a result of the renewed interest in Rich Internet Applications and Ajax technologies. The language has been forced to grow up quickly as client-side developers have tossed aside cut-andpaste JavaScript for the convenience of full-featured JavaScript libraries that solve difficult cross-browser problems once and for all and provide new and improved paradigms for web development....

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  • We’ve designed this book to show you how to write professional applications using Microsoft LightSwitch. As software developers, we understand how difficult it is to develop software in real life. End users expect their applications to be reliable, functional, and polished. They’ll also have preferences in terms of how they want their application to look and feel. To help you meet these real-life expectations, we’ve focused this book on many of the typical scenarios that customers or clients will ask of you.

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  • This book is a step–by–step guide and a hands–on co–piloted experience for those trying to make Drupal powered websites work for them, and for their clients. Much more than a "tutorial", what is needed is a nuts–and–bolts living mentor and guide which really shows the reader how to do the things really required for bringing it all together in a site which works. This will be the only book covering all the difficult components of Drupal: views, panels, themes, content creation, etc.

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  • 5. Powerful, high-quality communications are built upon substantive information – knowledge, research, and creativity. Good public relations is not focused exclusively on good stories, and it never hides from the tough issues that need to be addressed. Rather, it deals with all facets of a company, including both difficult and easy issues. Golden Rules of Public Relations Listen carefully to clients, colleagues, media representatives, and other interested parties to understand all relevant viewpoints and perspectives.

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  • Before meeting Margaret and Mama Lomayani, Maria would go to church and cry all day. But now, “They have given me hope,” she says. Maria braids hair and washes her neighbor’s clothes to earn money, but it is difficult to make ends meet. Mama Lomayani is helping Maria obtain a small loan to buy shampoo and oils to sell and to expand her hair-braiding business. She also hopes to sell jewelry and other small items to her clients. This money will go straight into a bank account to pay for her son’s future school fees.

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  • While transnational loan schemes can help migrant families purchase homes or start businesses in their countries of origin, there are a number of challenges that must be addressed. For example, MFIC found that the 50-50 percent risk-sharing arrangement between MFIC and MFIs was difficult to implement. It also found that if a client were to default on his/her loan, MFIC could take no legal action in the United States. Different institutions underwriting the policy also produced varying assessments on the level of credit risk of loan clients.

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