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  • Mô hình tín hiệu và hệ thống, điều khiển có phản hồi đầu ra, điều khiển có phản hồi trạng thái,... là những nội dung chính trong 4 chương thuộc bài giảng "Điều khiển số - Digital Control Systems". Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • This book presents the reader, whether an electrical engineering student in power electronics or a design engineer, some typical power converter control problems and their basic digital solutions, based on the most widespread digital control techniques.

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  • Computers now form an integral part of most real-time control systems.With the advent of the microprocessors and microcontrollers in the last few decades the use of computers in control applications has been ever growing. Microcontrollers are single-chip computers which can be used to control real-time systems. Such controllers are also referred to as embedded real-time computers. These devices are low-cost, single-chip and easy to program.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Modern control systems" has contents: The root locus method, frequency response methods, stability in the frequency domain, the design of state variable feedback systems, robust control systems, digital control systems.

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  • Abstract: Industry standard for the control of switch mode power supply (SMPS) systems has been analog control. Now with the advent of high speed, lower cost digital signal processing (DSP) ICs, digital control there has been an increased interest in digital control of SMPS. The Power Electronics & Power Quality Laboratory of Texas A&M University is currently exploring several implementation aspects of digital control of power factor correction (PFC) stage of SMPS. Two low cost digital controllers: TMS320LF2407 and ST52x420 are evaluated for implementing PFC function.

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  • Digital Control of Switching Power Supply - Power Factor Correction Stage

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  • Power Electronics and Motor Drives including content: introduction and Perspective, power Semiconductor Devices, phase-Controlled Converters and Cycloconverters, voltage-Fed Converters and PWM Techniques, current-Fed Converters, electrical Machines for Variable-Speed Drives, induction Motor Drives, synchronous Motor Drives, computer Simulation and Digital Control.

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  • The new edition of this comprehensive digital controls book integrates MATLAB throughout the book. The book has also increased inflexibility and reader friendliness through the streamlining of coverage in Chapters 6 & 7 (controllability, pole placement and observability, and optimal control). The previous edition ISBN is: 0-13-216102-8.

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  • (BQ) This manual covers both PSIM* and its add-on Motor Drive Module and Digital Control Module. Functions and features for these two modules are marked wherever they occur. The Motor Drive Module has built-in machine models and mechanical load models for drive system studies. The Digital Control Module, on the other hand, provides discrete elements such as zero-order hold, z-domain ransfer function blocks, quantization blocks, for digital control analysis.

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  • Khâu có bản chất gián đoạn: Các tín hiệu vào/ra/ trạng thái đều gián đoạn về thời gian và về mức. Khâu mô tả các thiết bị ĐK digital. 2. Khâu có bản chất liên tục: Mô tả đối tượng điều khiển. Khi gián đoạn hóa sẽ đưa đến mô hình như hình bên.

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  • The NASA Mars Sojourner rover inspired this project . I followed the mission with great enthusiasm and witnessed a giant leap in robotics that day it began roaming the Martian terrain and sending images back to earth. Though I was in awe when the Viking missions of the 1970’s were in progress, we didn’t see that near real-time interaction with the craft .

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  • John A. Shaw is a process control engineer and president of Process Control Solutions. An engineering graduate of N. C. State University, he previously worked for Duke Power Company in Charlotte, N. C. and for Taylor Instrument Company (now part of ABB, Inc.) in, N. Y. Rochester He is the author of over 20 articles and papers and continues to live in Rochester.

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  • Today’s control system designers face an ever-increasing “need for speed” and accuracy in their system measurements and computations. New design approaches using microcontrollers and DSP are emerging, and designers must understand these new approaches, the tools available, and how best to apply them. This practical text covers the latest techniques in microcontroller-based control system design, making use of the popular MSP430 microcontroller from Texas Instruments.

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  • Cấu trúc cơ sở của hệ thống ĐK số.Khâu ĐC: sử dụng vi xử lý (microprocessor: μP), vi điều khiển (microcontroller: μC) hoặc vi xử lý tín hiệu (digital signal processor: DSP) • Khâu DAC: có thể không tồn tại một cách tường minh, mà ẩn dưới dạng thiết bị có chức năng DA. Ví dụ: khâu điều chế vector điện áp (khi điều khiển digital động cơ ba pha) • Khâu ADC: thường sử dụng khi đo đạc giá trị thực của đại lượng ra (ví dụ: đo dòng).

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  • Adobe® Illustrator® CS4 lets you create artwork for a variety of uses. Illustrator’s drawing tools let you take advantage of many ways to control color, text, and artwork in your designs. Illustrator provides you with ways to express your creative ideas and experiment with the presentation. Illustrator CS4 is also tightly integrated with other Adobe products such as Photoshop® CS4 and Flash® CS4 Professional.

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  • Mô hình tín hiệu và hệ thống 1.1 Cấu trúc cơ sở của hệ thống ĐK số • Khâu ĐC: sử dụng vi xử lý (microprocessor: μP), vi điều khiển (microcontroller: μC) hoặc vi xử lý tín hiệu (digital signal processor: DSP) • Khâu DAC: có thể không tồn tại một cách tường minh, mà ẩn dưới dạng thiết bị có chức năng DA. Ví dụ: khâu điều chế vector điện áp (khi điều khiển digital động cơ ba pha)

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  • A PLC or programmable controller is a computer based solid state device that controls industrial equipment and processes. Initially designed to perform the logic functions executed by relays, drum switches and mechanical timer/counters, it has been extended to analog control as well. A typical PLC system consists of a processor and an input/output system all mounted in a rack like system. The PLC system is a cost effective solution for applications with a high ratio of digital to analog points in a system.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'digital logic circuit analysis and design', công nghệ thông tin, kỹ thuật lập trình phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Modern electrical drive systems are composed principally of; motors, power electronics components, transformers, analog/digital controllers and sensors or observers. The improvements and the enormous advances in the fi eld of power electronic (semiconductor components), converters technology and soft ware/implementation technology have enabled advanced and complex control techniques. With these advances and robust control algorithms improved, considerable research eff ort is devoted for developing optimal techniques of speed and torque control for induction machines....

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  • An open data communication protocol developed in 1979 Published by Modicon Open structure Flexible Widely known Supplied by many SCADA and HMI software Have OPC Servers 2 serial transmission modes: ASCII 10 bits RTU (Binary) 11 bits Communication interface RS-232/485 Ethernet (TCP/IP) Station Device: 0 ~ 255 Digital input 1xxxx: 4 digits for hexadecimal address (0000 ~ FFFF) 1xxxxx: 5 digital for decimal address (0 ~ 65535) Digital output 0xxxx: 4 digits for hexadecimal address (0000 ~ FFFF) 0xxxxx: 5 digital for decimal address (0 ~ 65535) Analog input 4xxxx: 4 dig...

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