Digital fringe

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  • Fringe Analysis In Chapters 3 and 6–9 we have given a description of classical interferometry, holographic interferometry, moir´ , speckle and photoelasticity. The outcome of all these techniques is e a set of fringes called interferograms. For many years, the analysis of these interferograms has been a matter of manually locating the positions and numbering of the fringes. With the development and decreasing cost of digital image processing equipment, a lot of effort has been made into what is termed digital fringe pattern measurement techniques....

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  • Minimally Invasive Surgery represents the future of many types of medical interventions such as keyhole neurosurgey or transluminal endoscopic surgery. These procedures involve insertion of surgical instruments such as needles and endoscopes into human body through small incision/ body cavity for biopsy and drug delivery.

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  • AE lock (Automatic Exposure lock): Khoá giá trị lộ sáng AF lock (Auto Focus lock): Khoá tiêu cự AF assist Lamp (Auto focus assist lamp): Đèn hỗ trợ canh nét tự động Aperture: Khẩu độ hay độ mở ống kính Aperture priority: Chụp ưu tiên khẩu độ (độ mở ống kính) Auto Bracketing Exposure: chụp bù trừ mức độ phơi sáng Barrel Distortion CCD/CMOS sensor Chromatic Aberrations (purple fringing) DOF (Depth of field): Vùng ảnh rõ hay độ sâu ảnh trường Digital Zoom: Zoom kỹ thuật số Effective Pixels: Điểm ảnh hữu ...

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