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  • The intersection of topological robotics and digital topology leads to us a new workspace. In this paper we introduce the new digital homotopy invariant digital topological complexity number T C(X, κ) for digital images and give some examples and results about it.

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  • Printer / Print sharpness Bạn cần biết rằng, chất luợng của bản in lệ thuộc lớn vào phẩm chất của phần mềm dùng để edit hình ảnh như Photoshop, Window Pro, Paint shop Pro. Capture One NX của Nikon etc…và điều quan trọng không kém nữa đó là Working color space mà bạn chọn lựa chẳng hạn như Adobe RGB (1998), sRGB IEC61966-2.1, Apple RGB, Nikon sRGB, Nikon Bruce RGB etc… Điều kế tiếp là chọn kích thước ảnh nghĩa là phải hiểu và biết cách làm việc của Image Resize như thế nào (sẽ được giải thích ở...

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  • Digital Imaging - Pixel, Resolution, PPI, DPI A- Digital Image Resizing 1- Pixels and images 2- DPI - thuật ngữ dễ gây ngộ nhận với PPI. 3-Confusion - Confusion! B- Resolution và kích thước bản in. 5- Layers là gì - Cách dùng Layers để tạo màu RGB & CMYK A- Understanding RGB Working Color space: B- Không gian làm việc CMYK: (để biết sự tạo màu của Printer) 6- Nhận dạng PPI: 7- Printer / print sharpness 8- Resampling 9- Pixels and Resolution in Web Browser 10 - Cần bao nhiêu PPI để có một bản In chất lượng...

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  • The book titled “Mathematical summary for Digital Signal Processing Applications with Matlab” consists of Mathematics which is not usually dealt in the DSP core subject, but used in the DSP applications.Matlab Illustrations for the selective topics such as generation ofMultivariateGaussian distributed sample outcomes,Optimiza- tion using Bacterial Foraging etc. are given exclusively as the separate chapter for better understanding.

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  • How I paint a digital pastel portrait? Generally I use Corel painter, a digital computer program, but I exploit its tools in a traditional way. First I open a blank white paper (file) and my reference photo. I prefer a big paper (over 2000.2000pix) because I have a lot of space to work and it is only in a big file that painting and drawing tools show there real natural characters. Step 1 I use a sketch or HB pencil tool and begin to draw. I start with the eyes and then nose and lips. .Step 2 In next stage I...

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  • roductoin managers perform the classic functions of management: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. They also have to keep up with changing technology, monitor costs, and meet budgets. The five most common are inadequate planning and preparation, production, prepass and printing, and distribution. There are four important concepts when selecting type: readability, appropriateness, harmony or appearance, and emphasis. A key is copy casting, knowing ow to fit type into a particular space in a layout....

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  • Systolic architectures are designed by using linear mapping techniques on regular dependence graphs (DG). Systolic architectures have a space-time representation where each node is mapped to a certain processing element (PE) and is scheduled at a particular time instance. Chapter 7 will discuss the systolic architecture design, inviting you refer.

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  • There is a 270 millisecond propagation delay, …………….. the signal has to travel thousands of kilometres. a. consequently a. as a result b. since b. for 3. The rockets were lost at sea and, ……………….., the launches were expensive. 4. The shuttle heralds a new era of space travel ……………… it can perform at least 100 separate missions. a. consequently b. as

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  • The ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect provides an innovative solution for interconnecting systems in telecommunications and exchange buildings, reducing space by 50 to 80 percent, increasing flexibility and bringing down overall capital (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX). The ADX combines in one package a very compact SDH add/drop multiplexer (ADM), up to 64 accessible E1 ports, optional STM-1 aggregation ports, E1 cross-connect and a DDF.

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  • Bomar, B.W. “Finite Wordlength Effects” Digital Signal Processing Handbook Ed. Vijay K. Madisetti and Douglas B. Williams Boca Raton: CRC Press LLC, 1999 c 1999 by CRC Press LLC .3 Finite Wordlength Effects 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 Introduction Number Representation Fixed-Point Quantization Errors Floating-Point Quantization Errors Roundoff Noise Roundoff Noise in FIR Filters • Roundoff Noise in Fixed-Point IIR Filters • Roundoff Noise in Floating-Point IIR Filters Bruce W. Bomar University of Tennessee Space Institute 3.6 Limit Cycles 3.7 Overflow Oscillations 3.

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  • Main Receive Aperture and Analog Beamforming Data to be Processed The Processing Needs and Major Issues Temporal DOF Reduction Adaptive Filtering with Needed and Sample-Supportable DOF and Embedded CFAR Processing 70.6 Scan-To-Scan Track-Before-Detect Processing 70.7 Real-Time Nonhomogeneity Detection and Sample Conditioning and Selection 70.8 Space or Space-Range Adaptive Pre-Suppression of Jammers 70.9 A STAP Example with a Revisit to Analog Beamforming 70.

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  • Spectrum of an FSK Signal : FSK involves frequency shifting a carrier between known fixed frequencies to convey digital data. Normally, FSK modulation is achieved using just two frequencies to represent binary data. For example, a frequency of 2000 Hz may represent a binary 1 (mark) and 1000 Hz a binary 0 (space). The energy of the signal alternates between the mark and space frequencies to convey the digital message. FSK describes the modulation of a carrier (or two carriers) by using a different frequency for a 1 or 0. The resultant modulated signal may be regarded as the sum...

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  • The art of imaging blood vessels in the human body is called angiography. Since its inception, physicians have benefited from the field of angiography imaging. This has helped them to diagnostically treat patients with various kinds of vascular diseases. Recently, because of the technology growth in fields of acquisition techniques, such as magnetic resonance, computer tomography, digital subtraction angiography, and ultrasound, the vascular imaging research community has become very interested. But acquisition is just one side of the coin.

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  • The focus of this chapter is on inverse problems — what they are, where they manifest themselves in the realm of digital signal processing (DSP), and how they might be “solved1 .” Inverse problems deal with estimating hidden causes, such as a set of transmitted symbols ftg, given observable effects such as a set of received symbols frg and a system (H) responsible for mapping ftg into frg. Inverse problems are succinctly stated using vector-space notation and take the form of

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  • Science communicators Guide "(ISBN 0-387-26324-1) is a book that shows how to create science and communication between the perfect combination of inspiration and his many years of experience in the field examples from the Hubble European Space Agency Information Center provided by Lars Lindberg Christensen, and many hands-on practical science communication of the core issues opinions

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  • Complete the conversation between an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a customer. Type words from the box into spaces 1–16. Then choose the correct words from the drop-down menu to complete spaces a–j. email Web spam IP modem wireless newsreader username browser internet attachments messaging file transfer protocol newsgroups broadband mail program ISP Helpdesk Operator (HO): Customer support, good morning. Customer (C): Yeah, hi. (a) am I speaking to? HO: My name’s Martin. (b) can I help? C: I’m having some problems with my (1) connection. I can’t get online. HO: OK.

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  • Complete the following wikis about graphics by typing in words from the box in the spaces (1–13). Then choose the correct forms of the words (a–m) by choosing from the drop-down menus. vector resolution CAD raster compositing rendering 3-D wireframes texturing toolbox computer animation solid modelling filters

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  • Within the gravitational pull of the studios, independent production has been found at both the upper and lower ends of the business. Low-budget independent outfits such as Republic and Monogram, and many smaller entities, helped to serve the demand of the system for the production of ‘B’ movies, to fill the bottom half of double bills, during the 1930s.

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  • Adaptive Filters for Blind Equalization 24.1 Introduction 24.2 Channel Equalization in QAM Data Communication Systems 24.3 Decision-Directed Adaptive Channel Equalizer 24.4 Basic Facts on Blind Adaptive Equalization 24.5 Adaptive Algorithms and Notations 24.

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  • Video sources produce data at very high bit rates. In many applications, the available bandwidth is usually very limited. For example, the bit rate produced by a 30 frame/s color common intermediate format (CIF) (352288) video source is 73 Mbits/s. In order to transmit such a sequence over a 64 Kbits/s channel (e.g., ISDNline), we need to compress the video sequence by a factor of 1140. A simple approach is to subsample the sequence in time and space. For example, if we subsample both chroma components by 2 in each dimension, i.e.

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