Dioxin contamination

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  • Bacterial community in dioxin contaminated soil and mud samples from Danang airport was enumerated and studied for their potential degradation capability against three-ring compound carbazol. The cell number was determined on nutrient rich medium and on mineral medium supplemented with carbazol. It has been showed that number of cells presented in mud samples was significantly higher than in soil samples, in the range of 1 magnitude order. About 50% of the total cell number in each sample grown on the medium with carbazol.

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  • Via enrichment procedures carried out on a dioxin contaminated sediment sample from lotus pond at Danang airport, a microbial community assigned as DN553 with high capability of carbazol degradation was established. Analyses of community structure by using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) of 16S rDNA fragments indicated that Achromobacter and Alcaligenes species dominated in this enrichment culture.

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  • Objectives: To estimate the result of non-specific detoxification in the people exposed to agent orange/dioxin. Subjects and methods: The study included 34 people (23 men, 11 women) who live around the area contaminated with agent orange/dioxin in Danang were found in blood in the previous studies.

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  • This article offers a brief overview of the health evidence on Agent Orange and cancer, to help clinicians serve Vietnam veteran patients and their family members. The evidence comes from several sources including studies of Vietnam veterans, workers exposed to herbicides or dioxins (since dioxins contaminated the herbicide mixtures used in Vietnam) in occupational settings, and studies of health effects among Vietnamese populations in the aftermath of the war. This article does not offer a complete review of all these lines of evidence.

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  • The chemical properties of organics of health concern – hydrophobic and not water soluble - results in a low bioavailability to plants. Plant growth is dependent on the water solubility of nutrients and minerals and water is the transporting vector. Organics with a low water solubility will therefore not be taken up by plants. The presence of organic environmental pollutants, like dioxins and PCBs in agricultural crops is more the result of atmospheric deposition than direct absorption from contaminated soil.

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  • The Convention also targets two industrial chemicals: hexachlorobenzene (HCB), which is also used as a pesticide and can be a byproduct of pesticide manufacture, and the class of industrial chemicals known as PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls. PCBs have received a great deal of publicity for polluting rivers and lakes in industrial regions, killing or poisoning fish, and causing several human health scandals, including contamination of rice oil in Japan in 1968 and Taiwan in 1979.

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  • Two samples were also analysed for polychlorinated dioxins and furans (PCDD/Fs), a class of chemical that can be formed during the combustion of materials present in e-waste. Soil from an open burning site was moderately contaminated, while sediment from the Agbogbloshie lagoon contained a very high level of these highly toxic, highly persistent and bioaccumulative chemicals, at a level just below the threshold defined as being indicative of serious contamination for sediments in the Netherlands.

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  • the end consumer as the most important element in the food chain, and to re- construct the single elements of the food production and distribution process from the consumers perspective – in other words to start a reversed food chain thinking. This approach makes it possible to come to a kind of hierarchical analysis of the research issues in three main categories1 : Consumer Science Consumer confidence in food safety has recently dropped to very low levels, as illustrated e.g.

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