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  • This could be fortuitous at modest scales because oxygen is relatively costly (Consonni and Larson 1994a). However, for the production of methanol from biomass, the use of air increases the volume of inert (N 2 ) gas that would have to be carried through all the downstream reactors. Therefore, the use of oxygen thus improves the economics of synthesis gas processing. Air-fired, directly heated gasifiers are considered not to be suitable before methanol production. This gasifier produces a CO 2 rich gas.

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  • DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) – pin nhiên liệu dùng methanol trực tiếp Dù công nghệ vẫn mới chỉ chập chững ở những bước ban đầu nhưng đã thể hiện được một số thành công trong những ứng dụng như điện thoại di động và máy tính xách tay (laptop), đem lại triển vọng đầy tiềm năng cho tương lai. DMFC tương tự như PEMFC ở chỗ chất điện phân là polymer và điện tích vận chuyển là ion hydrogen (proton)....

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  • Heat treatment and surface engineering are seen as crucial elements in the design and manufacture of strategic components in a wide range of market sectors and industries including air, sea and land transportation, energy production, mining, defense or agriculture. This book offers a broad review of recent global developments in an application of thermal and thermochemical processing to modify the microstructure and properties of a wide range of engineering materials.

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  • Deliberate and accidental self-poisoning Principles of treatment Poison-specific measures General measures Specific poisonings: cyanide, methanol, ethylene glycol, hydrocarbons, volatile solvents, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, biological substances (overdose of medicinal drugs is dealt with under individual agents) Incapacitating agents: drugs used for torture drugs, and psychotropic drugs is increasing. Repeated episodes are not rare.1 Prescribed drugs are used in over 75% of episodes but teenagers tend to favour nonprescribed analgesics available by direct sale, e.g.

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