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  • Living organ donation in the UK is at present on the increase, and current policy towards potential donors includes action on the first three rungs of our Intervention Ladder: provision of information; the recognition of living donation as a worthy act; and full reimbursement of all costs incurred by donors. Any form of payment that exceeds the direct reimbursement of costs actually incurred by the donor is forbidden in UK legal jurisdictions, by European Directive, and by numerous international agreements and statements.

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  • Many foreign companies use a combination of exporting, licensing and direct investment in India. India permits 100% foreign equity in most industries. Units setting up in special economic zones (SEZs), operating in electronic hardware or software technology parks or operating as 100% export-oriented units also may be fully foreign-owned. Nevertheless, the government has set sector-specific caps on foreign equity in certain industries, such as basic and cellular telecommunications services, banking, civil aviation and retail trading.

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  • It seems apparent that new medical information resources are needed for this population group if they are to make informed decisions about their health. Studies indicate that patients who ask questions, discuss treatment options, express opinions, and state preferences during physician office visits have demonstrably better health outcomes than those who do not (Campbell and Nolfi 2005, n.p.) It is important to question how elderly patients can make the little time they have with their doctor count.

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  • This multiple-case study focuses on the practices and functions of customer reference marketing, and on the ways through which customer references can be deployed as marketing assets. The research is based on multiple-case-study methodology and the empirical findings were derived from an in-depth analysis of 38 semi-structured personal interviews with managers in four case companies operating in the fields of process and information technology.

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  • A distinguishing feature of the water quality problem is that environmental damages— that is, the costs to society of pollution—are highly dependent on the location of pollution sources in the hydrological, social, and economic landscape. First, the demand for water quality varies from location to location. Some waterbodies are envisioned as pristine, where recreation and species support is the overriding concern.

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  • The study findings indicate that about 25% of patients with breast symptoms had a delay of more than three months before presenting to a health professional. This finding is comparable with other studies. Recent studies have shown a range of 19% to 32% for patient delay [1,3,4,12,13]. However the extent of patient delay can be different in different places. One explanation for such a difference might relate to the patients' health related behaviors and the social context they live in.

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  • Because the ART industry is largely unregulated, we have very little data on who uses these technologies. Until 2003, the only national data collected was through the Fertility Clinic Success Rate and Certification Act of 1992, which requires that fertility clinics report the number of pregnancies and live births from ART, which the Act defines narrowly as “fertility treatments in which both eggs and sperm are handled in the laboratory” (e.g.

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  • In the previous report on the status of integrated approaches to water resources management to the UNCSD in 2008, countries were grouped using the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) categorization. This categorization consists of a relatively small group of “developed countries” and a much larger group of “developing countries”.

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  • Absent an exemption, all offers and sales of securities must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the Securities Act. Because venture capital funds and private equity funds are offering and selling securities when they seek and accept investors into their funds, such offers and sales must be registered with the SEC, unless an exemption is available. Generally, fund managers do not want to register the offers and sales of interests in their funds.

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  • For instance, critical thinking and decision-making skills are important for analysing and resisting peer and media influences to use tobacco; interpersonal communication skills are needed to negotiate alternatives to risky sexual behaviour.

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  • During 1993–2003, incidence of tuberculosis (TB) in the United States decreased 44% and is now occurring at a historic low level (14,874 cases in 2003). The Advisory Council for the Elimination of Tuberculosis has called for a renewed commitment to eliminating TB in the United States, and the Institute of Medicine has published a detailed plan for achieving that goal.

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  • As I walked the few blocks to the examination room, it occurred to me that the city authorities had probably gone through a similar analysis. The frequency of their inspection of parked vehicles and the size of the penalty imposed on violators should depend on their estimates of the type of calculations potential violators like me would make. Of course, the first question I put to the hapless student was to work out the optimal behavior of both the offenders and the police, something I had not yet done....

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  • One of the international challenges is to actually create an infrastructure in many countries that constructs schools and equips them with trained teachers so children can experience a basic education. The UN millennium development goals reflect this and great progress is being made on access to a universal basic education. However it is a modest goal that, for example, doesn’t necessarily apply to teenagers.

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  • The role of banks is integral to any economy. They provide financing for commercial enterprises, access to payment systems, and a variety of retail financial services for the economy at large. Some banks have a broader impact on the macro sector of the economy, facilitating the transmission of monetary policy by making credit and liquidity available in difficult market conditions.

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  • The problem displaying greatest agreement is “Exporting My Products/Services,” with a standard deviation of 1.49. This problem took 2nd in 2004 with a 1.55 score. Consensus arises because the issue is not a problem for 62 percent of respondents, though critical for 2 per- cent. The second greatest consensus arises on the “Cost of Health Insurance” with a standard deviation of 1.50. Owners, as a group, have virtually the identical degree of agreement on the problem as on the number-one ranked exporting.

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  • Each year several foundations invite HMS junior faculty members and postdocs to apply for their fellowships and grants, which serve as critical funding at the early stages of a research career. Interested investigators must first apply for the Harvard nomination through the HMS Foundation Funds (formerly “Red Book”), and a committee will select the final candidates to submit applications to the foundations.

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  • Pyrethroid insecticide resistance in house flies is well documented in the United States. However, the extent to which it occurs in North Carolina poultry production has not been quantified. Pyrethroid resistance among other structural/environmental pests is not believed to be substantial at present, but recent investigations in other poultry producing states indicate the lesser mealworm, Alphitobius diaperinus, has significant levels of resistance to cyfluthrin and tetrachlorvinphos.

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  • Members of the Patient Care Assessment Committee work with hospitals and other health care institutions to improve quality assurance programs by reviewing Major Incident Reports. These reports describe adverse outcomes, full medical reviews of the incidents, and the corrective action plans implemented by the institutions. The plans are part of the Committee’s commitment to preventing patient harm through the strengthening of medical quality assurance programs in all institutions.

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  • Under the SRA and cuts specified in the 2008 farm bill, the reimbursement rate for A&O expenses averaged 18% of total premiums in 2009. 16 This means that for every $100 in premiums collected, the companies receive a reimbursement of $18 from the federal government. The reimbursement rate varies by insurance product, depending on whether it is for a yield-based or a revenue insurance product. The SRA places a maximum for A&O reimbursements at $1.3 billion per year (adjusted annually for inflation) and a minimum at $1.1 billion.

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  • Prior to the 2010 renegotiation of the SRA, some observers argued that the reimbursement rate should be pegged to something other than premium value, such as the number of policies sold, to better reflect actual costs and to help reduce federal expenditures. If premiums are actuarially sound, the administrative costs of writing a policy are likely not proportional to the value of the policy (e.g., whether 10 acres or 1,000 acres, or $3 per bushel or $9 per bushel).

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