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Discovery in grid

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  • This book "Cloud Computing: Principles, Systems and Applications" provides a thorough and timely examination and exploration of the services, interfaces and the types of applications that can be executed on Cloud-based systems. Part 2 of book provide with knowledge about: resource management for hybrid grid and cloud computing; peer-to-peer cloud provisioning: service discovery and load-balancing; mixing grids and clouds: high-throughput science using the nimrod tool family; cloud compliance: a framework for using cloud computing in a regulated world;...

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  • Protein cavities play a key role in biomolecular recognition and function, particularly in protein-ligand interactions, as usual in drug discovery and design. Grid-based cavity detection methods aim at finding cavities as aggregates of grid nodes outside the molecule, under the condition that such cavities are bracketed by nodes on the molecule surface along a set of directions (not necessarily aligned with coordinate axes).

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  • This paper reports on a participatory action research study, which explores how ICT application adoption may be enhanced through ‘empathetic participatory design’ as a method for creating knowledge that may have meaningful application utility. This is achieved through user behavioural simulation. The main mode of data collection and analysis was the repertory grid technique used to elicit constructs from simulated prototyped elements of a selection of applications.

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  • In line with the usual chemistry seminar speaker who cannot resist changing the advertised title of a talk as the first, action of the talk, we will first, if not actually extend the title, indicate the vast scope of combinatorial chemistry. ‘Combinatorial Chemistry’ includes not only the synthesis of new molecules and materials, but also the associated purification, formulation, ‘parallel experiments’ and ‘high-throughput screening’ covering all areas of chemical discovery.

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  • Built upon a foundation of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) technologies, Web services have become a widely accepted industry standard in the last few years [1, 2]. Because of their platform independence, universal compatibility, and network accessibility, Web services will be at the heart of the next generation of distributed systems. As more vendors offer SOAP tools and services, the advantages of using SOAP and Web services as an integration point will become even more pronounced.

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