Diseases legislation

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  • Propaganda; Australasian Medical Congresses. Committee appointed; Auckland Congress, 1914, Report presented, Nature of Notification recommended; Melbourne Conference, 1922, Review of Legislation, Comments and Recommendations; England, Committee recently appointed to report on Venereal Diseases 5 Section 5.

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  • Though alternative methods of controlling insects, rodents, insect pests, pathogens, microbes and weeds have been developed, pesticides could not be replaced. The prosperous role of pesticides in the management of insect pests and diseases is indisputable. However, its nature of non selective toxicity towards other organisms and deposition in the environment warrants the legislation of usage. Pesticide use raises a number of environmental concerns.

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  • Demographic and epidemiological transitions and changes in lifestyle are leading to the emergence of cancer and other chronic diseases as public health problems in India. Cancer pattern in India reveals the predominance of tobacco related cancers, which are amenable to primary prevention. Cancer Registries in different parts of the country reveal that majority of cancer cases present in an advanced stage and makes treatment options prolonged and expensive.

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  • With the value of their toxic assets written down to zero, a number of banks will no longer meet the legislated core capital requirement. The government should take a stake in these banks in order to recapitalize them. The prior removal of troubled assets will limit the risk taken on by the government and provide good prospects for the appreciation of its investment. The government’s risk of loss (through the bad bank) and opportunity for success (through the rescued good bank) would thus be clearly separated from one another. This would also contribute to transparency. ...

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  • The rise and rapid spread of HIV infection, the resurgence of other serious communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis and the increasing recognition that prisons are inappropriate receptacles for people with drug or alcohol dependence and mental health problems have thrust prison health high on the public health agenda. As WHO has emphasized, any national health strategy must include prison policies that address these serious health problems.

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  • We also Önd evidence of a political economy story. We were motivated to pursue this story by the failure of a legislative bill in the Greek Parliament in 2010. The idea of the bill was to mandate tax audits for reported income below a minimum amount, targeted at eleven select occupations. The occupations line up almost perfectly with our results: doctors, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, architects, engineers, topographer engineers, economists, Örm consultants and accountants.

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  • After graduation, I worked as a communications advisor at Inland Revenue for six years. As a communications advisor in a large and complex organisation, no one day was ever the same. I worked on KiwiSaver (work-based savings initiative); legislative, tax technical and social policy projects; and business support communications. This involved communication risk management, communications planning, brand management and media, government and general public relations.

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  • Special Fund Accounting Practices. In response to this year’s Department of Parks and Recreation accounting issues, the Legislature passed Chapter 343, Statutes of 2012 (AB 1487, Committee on Budget), to ensure that special fund information was presented in the Governor’s budget on the same basis as that used in the Controller’s budgetary accounting reports. We expect that the 2013-14 Governor’s Budget will include updated information on special fund balances in response to these requirements.

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  • All projects are subject to limitations and constraints as they must be within scope and adhere to budget, scheduling, and resource requirements. Project planning and documentation are no exception to this rule. There may also be legislative, regulatory, technology, or organizational policy requirements which must be followed as part of communications management. These constraints must be clearly understood and communicated to all stakeholders.

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  • To understand the socio economic profile of fishing community and to identify various factors that affect the coastal environmental health and the livelihood of the fishing community a survey has been planned. The broad objective of the study is to examine the socio-economic conditions of the stakeholders in Ennore Creek; while the supplementary objectives centered on the analysis of the impact of water pollution & the creek environment on the health and income of stakeholders of Ennore Creek. Hypotheses of the study 1.

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  • The  non‐appointed  senior  career  services  professionals  of  the Port Authority  have  an  unusually long tenure, averaging 24 years of service  The  senior management  organization  is  very  respectful,  cordial,  and  appears  to  have  a  high  level  of  dedication  and  commitment  to  the  Port  Authority’s  mission.   In  addition,  senior  management possesses a critical knowledge base and skills that needs to be transferred through  integrated training programs to  junior staff.

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  • Presumably, the amount of observable discrimination against minorities in wages and employment depends not only on tastes for discrimination, but also on other variables, such as the degree of competition and civil rights legislation. However, aside from the important theory of compensating differentials originated by Adam Smith, and a few major studies like Myr- dal’s American Dilemma [1944], there was little else available in the 1950s to build on to analyze how prejudice and other variables interact. ...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài:Occupational health legislation and practices related to seafarers on passenger ships focused on communicable diseases: results from a European cross-sectional study (EU SHIPSAN PROJECT)

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  • In this survey, special attention is drawn on EU practice as the European trade bloc has established a separate pillar in its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which exclusively deals with rural development and agri-environment. In the case of the EU, the paper looks at the lega framework on RD and agri-environment at the EU level, while further taking four national/regional programs as examples for how Member States have been implementing the EU framework legislation on RD.

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  • Agricultural legislation in the United States attaches high importance to environmental programs in agricultural policy, focusing on measures to convert highly erodible cropland to approved conservation uses (including long-term retirement), reconvert farmland back into wetlands, and encourage crop and livestock producers to adopt practices that reduce environmental problems, on a cost-sharing basis. Furthermore, research and advice has increasingly focused on promoting sustainable farming practices.

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  • Key governance challenges include institutional and territorial fragmentation and poorly managed multi‑level governance. Limited capacity at the local level, unclear allocation of roles and responsibilities and questionable resource allocation are also problematic. This is often reflected in patchy financial management and the lack of long‑term strategic planning, together with weak economic regulation and poorly drafted legislation. Insufficient means for measuring performance have contributed to low accountability and transparency.

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  • The 2012 Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care provides many strategic insights into the actions and plans of leading U.S. employers. It also offers views of what the future of employer-provided health care in the U.S. may look like this year and in the coming three years. This analysis comes at a time when employers are still facing a number of long-term challenges, such as controlling growing costs, improving employee engagement and accountability, and optimizing the total rewards mix.

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  • Through much of the 1980s and into the 1990s, deficits were a dominant topic in Washington economic policy discussions. By 1990, annual deficit forecasts exceeding $300 billion—“as far as the eye can see”—were com- mon, so that year President Bush agreed to abandon his “no new taxes” pledge and meet with Democratic leaders of Congress to fashion deficit- reduction legislation.

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  • The Mali Economic Management Credit supports the government’s efforts to improve women’s access to land and financial services. It has facilitated the preparation of an action plan that was included in the overall financial sector action plan approved in 1998, which resulted in budget support for women’s income-generation activities. The operation has also facilitated and increased women’s access to land in the Office du Niger region; and raised public awareness of women’s legal rights and the benefits of women’s participation in the develop- ment process.

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  • The reform of the ownership structure of public banks was only one part of a much broad- er set of reforms. Since the 1980s, several provisions of the Italian financial law have changed substantially. One important trigger was the legislation of the European Commu- nity, in particular, the First Banking Directive in 1977 and the Second Banking Directive in 1989. The new Consolidated Law on Banking of 1993 finally replaced the legislation of 1936. In this process, most restrictions introduced in the 1930s were removed.

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