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  • Bài tập về Giới từ (2) I. 1. Unless you concentrate more_____ your work, you'll be dismissed. (in/ on) 2. I have already introduced Miss Hien ______ Mr. Hung. (with/ to)

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  • Disaster Deal No. 2 Throughout 1994, Quaker Oats Co. was rumored to be a takeover target. It was relatively small ($6 billion in revenue) and its diverse product lines could be easily broken up and sold piecemeal. In November, Quaker announced an agreement to buy iced-tea and fruit-drink maker Snapple Beverage Corp. for $1.7 billion, or $14 per share. CEO William Smithburg dismissed the 10% drop in Quaker ’s stock price, arguing “ We think the healthy, good-for-you beverage categories are going to continue to grow.

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  • Performance Appraisals. Two words that can make the hair stand on end for both employees and managers. Poorly done, performance appraisals can leave you with underperformers who lack the direc- tion to change their behavior, good performers who feel unrecognized for their work, and, worse yet, problem employees who should be dismissed, but a lack of appropriate documenta- tion prevents this.

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  • CSS3 is the latest version of Cascading Style Sheets, the language that in the hands of a skilled designer turns the ugly duckling of unadorned HTML into the gracious swan of a sophisticated web page. Some web designers will tell you dismissively that CSS3 won’t be ready for years. In one sense, they’re right. Instead of one massive specification, CSS3 has been broken up into more than 40 modules, some of which are unlikely to gain formal approval for a long time.

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  • C H A P T E R S I X T E E N Urban Passenger Travel Demand 16.1 INTRODUCTION The idea of tolling roads to reduce traffic congestion was suggested back in 1920. For several decades, road pricing was largely dismissed as impractical and publicly unacceptable

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  • Khác là disciplinaries nội bộ sẽ được tổ chức chống lại bất kỳ nhân viên hợp chứng cứ chỉ ra tội lỗi của họ trong kết nối với các gian lận. 16. Hành động kỷ luật nội bộ gian lận của nhân viên nên được giải quyết theo thủ tục kỷ luật nội bộ là hành vi sai trái, mà là một hành vi phạm tội dismissible. Hành động nội bộ không phụ thuộc vào bất kỳ liên tục

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  • Drawing on a large and wide-ranging literature on consumer behaviour, this report argues that psychological rather than informational differences may explain much of the variation in financial capability reported in the FSA's financial capability survey, and that people's financial behaviour may primarily depend on their intrinsic psychological attributes rather than information or skills or how they choose to deploy them.

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  • While insider attacks may cause more damage (because the attacker knows the system assets and what to target), insiders are also usually addressed by traditional security and audit. An insider has a much greater chance of being caught, since you know where they live. So while damaging, insider attacks are infrequent (because of the high risks of detection and arrest or dismissal), by contrast, it is extremely difficult to track and prosecute attackers arriving over the Internet. And because of the perception of low risk, attacks are a daily or hourly occurrence....

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  • Exercise 1: Fill each gap in the passage with the correct form of the word in brackets. Maria Callas was the most (1) ………………………..(fame) soprano of the postwar period. Born in 1923, the Greek opera singer had a truly (2) …………………………..(wonder) voice and a passionate nature. She was known for her technical skill and (3) …………………........(enthusiastic) for hard work. She sang in all the world’s great opera houses, but her career was full of (4) …………………….(person) dramas.

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  • However, I think that such a dismissal is plain wrong. It is unconceivable that hundreds of scientists throughout the world have for 30 years all carried out flawed or even fraudulent research demonstrating that several compounds improve the resistance of the brain to ischemic damage. Granted, that may have happened sometimes, but hundreds of laboratories around the world cannot have been run during 30 years by incompetent or criminal scientists.

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  • Fixed caps on publicly funded immigration work were introduced in April 2004 which means that legal representatives are now only able to carry out five hours of work on a file before applying for an extension. There has been speculation that some of the more competent legal advisers are leaving the sector because they do not believe they can operate effectively within these new restrictions. It has also been noted that a significant proportion of asylum seekers reaching the end of the asylum process lose their case because they have not received proper advice but are unable to secure...

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  • What is alternative medicine? Attempts to define what is conventional and what is not conventional introduce a bias, no matter who the arbiter is who sets up the definitions (Table 1). Many alternative therapies pre-date conventional medicine by hundreds or thousands of years. Some are quite well known, others seem mysterious or strange, and some pose serious risks (Murray and Rubel 1992). Many of us use unconventional therapies acquired from grandparents, parents, or friends (chicken soup is perhaps the most famous) in our personal lives without a second thought.

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  • The smart money hypothesis states that investor money is “smart” enough to f low to funds that will outperform in the future, that is, that investors have genuine fund selection ability. 1 Research into smart money in the mutual fund context was initiated by Gruber (1996). His aim is to understand the continued expansion of the actively managed mutual fund sector despite the widespread evidence that on average active fundmanagers do not add value.

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  • ENABLING “SOFT” TECHNOLOGIES ALPHABET SOUP Thirty seconds into a review of communication product specifications one encounters a babble of “vee-dot” (V.) versus MNP variations, and mysterious acronyms such as EC2, ETC, and TX-CEL. It is unwise to dismiss this sometimes unintelligible gibberish as an unimportant attempt to break/protect vendor proprietary interests. These alphabetic designators are often surrogates for key communication developments required for the success of wireless data.

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  • The definition of a tree accepted by science and the forestry industry is “A woody plant (arboreal perennial) usually with a single columnar stem capable of reaching six metres in height”. Less than six metres (21ft) of potential height is regarded as a shrub.This definition is not absolute; gardeners contest the height threshold, some preferring five metres (17ft) and others choosing a threshold of three metres (13ft). It is likely that bonsai enthusiasts would entirely dismiss any figures suggested.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'ownership of mutual funds, shareholder sentiment, and use of the internet, 2012', tài chính - ngân hàng, quỹ đầu tư phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Fluorosis is the result of an excessive intake of fluoride during enamel formation and calcification, usually the third month of gestation through the eighth year after birth.When high concentrations of fluoride are absorbed by the body, the metabolic function of the ameloblasts is altered, which leads to defective matrix formation and hypocalcification (Figure 7-2). This type of discoloration can affect the primary and the permanent dentition. Histologically, a hypomineralized porous subsurface, covered by a well-mineralized surface enamel layer, is observed.

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  • In the example of the voting primaries above there are 236 or about 70 billion subsets. Of course, we cannot deal with this many subsets in a practical problem, but fortunately we are usually interested in only a few of the subsets. The most interesting subsets are those which can be defined by means of a simple rule such as “the set of all logical possibilities in which C loses at least two primaries”. It would be diffi- cult to give a simple description for the subset containing the elements {P1, P4, P14, P30, P34}.

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  • Thirty two fourth level students in the Department of Foreign Languages at King Faisal University have participated in the study. They are 22-24 years old. All the subjects of the study were Saudi female college students enrolled in an advanced course, Language Testing, and most of them have successfully passed all the courses of the English program and are left with only one course, Teaching Practice.

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  • Tremendous strides have been made in the field of antiaging medicine since the publication of my first book, The Wrinkle Cure, in 2000. It was there that I first introduced my inflammation–aging theory, which firmly places chronic, low-grade invisible inflammation at the center of aging, age-related diseases, and a host of degenerative conditions. This theory was often dismissed with either ridicule or skepticism— however, science has now recognized its validity, and inflammation has been overwhelmingly recognized as a serious threat to health and longevity....

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