Dispatch operations

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  • The security world is constantly changing, both in the context in which it has to operate, and in terms of what it can offer as a response to a wide range of threats. This is true across the world. Indeed, globalization and the impact of technology are just two trends that have seen to that. As a consequence, security has become more complicated; or, at least, the breadth of knowledge that a good security operative, at any level, needs to draw upon has been stretched

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  • However, the problem of personal ties and political factors influencing the loan decision does not mean that financial institutions necessarily need to be privately operated as has long been argued by the Bretton Woods institutions (i.e. World Bank 2001). Historical experience in a number of countries such as Chile (in the deregulation attempt of the 1980s) or in Indonesia (in the 1990s) show that a privatized banking sector does not necessarily allocate loans according to economic merit of the borrower.

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  • In twenty-five years, international accounting, as G. Mueller 1 states, has outgrown its childhood and adolescence to become a young adult, and its growth is reflected in the large quantity of accounting literature in the sphere. Why are researchers and academics so interested in this "discipline" ? There are several possible answers. F. Choi and G. Mueller 2 point out that now at the end of the twentieth century, a period shaped by the forces of global competition, operating, financing, and investing decisions are colored by their international implications.

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  • Increased levels and volatility of food prices has led to a surge of interest in large-scale agriculture and land acquisition. This creates challenges for policy makers aiming to establish a policy environment conducive to an agrarian structure to contribute to broad-based development in the long term. Based on a historical review of episodes of growth of large farms and their impact, this paper identifies factors underlying the dominance of owner-operated farm structures and ways in which these may change with development.

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  • For the last 5 years, the Gamma database machine project has focused on issues associated with the design and implementation of highly parallel database machines. In a number of ways, the design of Gamma is based on what we learned from our earlier database machine DIRECT [DEWI79].

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  • Most pipelines are operated twenty-four hours a day from a control station, using telephone, satellite, or microwave communications systems. Computers are widely used to monitor conditions along the line every ten to sixty seconds, sounding an alarm if they detect any abnormality or sudden change in pressure. In the event of an alarm, valves can be closed and nearby pipeline crews dispatched within minutes.

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  • The Malouf Report provided much of the guidance for our existing management approach, for example, the ban on the commercial hunt of whitecoats (harp seals) and bluebacks (hooded seals) and on the use of large vessels more than 65 feet long. The commercial hunt is now carried out largely from inshore boats owned and operated by coastal residents. With a plentiful and sustainable seal resource hunted well below its TAC for many years, DFO has concentrated on improving and enforcing hunting practices and regulatory and licensing requirements.

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