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  • Often destinations are artificially divided by geographical and political barriers, which fail to take into consideration consumer preferences or tourism industry functions. An example of that is the Alps shared by France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy by often perceived and consumed as part of the same product by skiers. For the purpose of this paper destinations are considered to be a defined geographical region which is understood by its visitors as a unique entity, with a political and legislative framework for tourism marketing and planning.

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  • A detailed account of the field history, farm maps, crop rotations, and a comprehensive plan of operation for following organic protocols need to be incorporated into the plan. All fields, greenhouses, storage areas, warehouses, and processing facilities used in organic production must be discussed in the OSP. Growers with split operations (organic and conventional production on the same farm) need to include information on how they plan to prevent commingling of the two systems.

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  • Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology/ Biopsy (FNAC/FNAB) is now a widely accepted diagnostic procedure, which has largely replaced open biopsy. This method is applicable to lesions that are easily palpable, for example swellings in Thyroid, Breast, superficial Lymph node etc. Imaging techniques, mainly ultra-sonography and computed tomography, offer an opportunity for guided FNAC of deeper structures. The practice of diagnostic cytology needs proper training of the laboratory personnel including cytopathologist, cytotechnologist and cytotechnician.

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  • I'd known about the No Hope/Equus/Bikini Trouble/Summer Heat situation for, like, a year, and had always thought it'd be fun to edit together a little creative virginity-losing scene between Scot and Monalisa, since they were both clearly yearning for it back then (and who knows, maybe they slipped away from their chaperones for a little hide-the-chipolata in an empty trailer!).

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  • training of new health staff is limited to production of general medical doctors and nurses. there is little systematic production of other essential health cadres such as midwives, community midwives, sanitarians and pharmacists, or health system management professionals. For those who are newly-trained, few systems are in place for planned deployment within the public system, and there is a lack of mechanisms for retention.

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  • Some persons enjoy landscapes rather like big art. Landscape paintings give us a taste for the real thing. What we want is not ecology, but natural art. Consider the autumn leaves in their colour, so much admired by my mother and father, indeed by us all. If one is a formalist, then it does not matter how the landscape originated. Find a vantage point where trees near and far, foreground and background, are pleasantly framed, and admire the vista. The historical genesis is irrelevant. A drive through the countryside is something like a walk through a museum of landscape paintings....

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  • The present writer’s Oxford mentor, Sammy Finer, phrased it as follows: simple power is “the capacity to achieve desired results”. 14 Simple power exists in a wide variety of contexts: mothers have power over husbands and babies; soap manufacturers have competing market powers to sell their concoctions; administrators have power to implement existing policy. But political power arises from a predicament: What should the common agreed policy be, to be acted upon? This arises both in tyranny and in democracy, because all rulers need others to carry out their policy, to act.

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  • Supplementing the use of petrochemicals with renewable resources in more than minor volumes must start soon. The research to accomplish that must start immediately. Irrespective of the debate on the timing of a supply-side decline in fossil fuels, demand continues as the population expands and standards of living in the emerging nations increase. It is projected that long before renewable resources become a replacement for fossil fuels, they will become necessary as a supple- ment.

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  • Many populations are composed of a mixture of individuals that reproduce at different times, and these times are often heritable. Under these conditions, gene flow should be limited between early and late reproducers, even within populations having a unimodal temporal distribution of reproductive activity. This temporal restriction on gene flow might be called ‘isolation by time’ (IBT) to acknowledge its analogy with isolation by distance (IBD). IBD and IBT are not exactly equivalent, however, owing to differences between dispersal in space and dispersal in time.

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  • Over the past decade covered bonds, or securities issued by financial institutions that are secured by dedicated collateral, have become one of the largest asset classes in the European bond market and an important source of finance for mortgage lending. The collateral, or “cover pool”, is usually put together so as to obtain the highest possible triple-A credit rating. As a consequence, covered bonds offer an alternative to developed country government securities for bond investors interested in only the most highly rated securities.

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  • Reform of development processes is especially important to niche developers and investors within the cultural community because they are often least able to incur the high transaction costs of idiosyncratic public processes. Small arts entrepreneurs also lack the financial and political clout to maneuver through entrenched real estate development systems. The greatest efficiency is created if there is clarity and predictability at points of public entry and adequate assistance at the civic level to maximize access.

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  • The fourth empirical …nding is the fact that the di¤erent volatility factors are due to systematic risk, and therefore are priced in the cross section of stock returns. In a recent contribution, Adrian and Rosenberg (2008) show that volatility factor models compare favorably to benchmark models in explaining the cross section of stock returns. While the statistical knowledge of stock return volatility is impressive, several questions remain regarding their economic explanation.

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  • We are all at different stages of development so must search out our own weak areas and concentrate on those. Let’s hear it for the spirit of search and discovery. Anytime is a time to be adventurous if it spurs you on to some worthy goal. I have Xeroxed some drawings that Frederich Banbery did for the book, The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club by Dickens, that I think are and excellent example of "Essence Drawings." There is a minimum of line and rendering, but a maximum of gesture and feeling. And they radiate the type of humor...

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  • Controlling for the pre-game expected outcome, we are able to reject the hypothesis that the loss effect after soccer games is driven by economic factors such as reduced productivity or lost revenues. We also document that the effect is stronger in small stocks, which other studies find are disproportionately held by local investors and more strongly affected by sentiment. Overall, our interpretation of the evidence is that the loss effect is caused by a change in investor mood.

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  • A limitation to the study was the use of key informants who were thought to be the most knowledgeable in their country but who might have come from differing perspectives. For a few countries multiple responses were obtained. In these cases, the information provided was reviewed and the most internally consistent response was incorporated into the survey database. Concern with the low response rate was discussed with WHO’s network of experts in this area and others involved in this type of studies.

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  • Schools choose which federal loan program they will offer to their students and can participate in both. Although a school may provide loans through both the Direct Loan Program and FFELP, the administrative processes are different under each program, with Direct Loan schools assuming additional responsibilities. Under both processes, schools collect and provide data on whether borrowers are eligible to receive loans.

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  • Legal notice Advertising for Results is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between any people, things, places or entities in this book and actual people (living or dead), things, places, or entities, is purely coincidental. There is no connection whatsoever at all. In reading any part of this book, you agree to take no action against this book’s author or any party. You are completely and solely responsible for anything you do, and you will not attempt to link your actions to this book in any way.

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