Dissolution rates

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  • Controlled oxidation is increasingly being practiced using solid peroxides, pH modifiers, and catalysts that promote the generation of free radicals. This new approach moderates the rate of dissolution and peroxide generation, which in turn controls that rate of reaction between peroxide and the petroleum contaminants. The use of slurried peroxides creates the opportunity to release oxidants and oxygen over a longer period, which can promote subsequent aerobic remediation.

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  • Adequate aqueous solubility of new chemical entities (NCEs) is one of the key properties required for successful pharmaceutical formulation development. Solubility is generally defi ned as the concentration of the compound in a solution which is in contact with an excess amount of the solid compound when the concentration and the solid form do not change over time (Sugano et al. 2007 ) .

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  • This book is about the evolution of self-help movement organizations in the United States. The dramatic rise and ubiquity of self-help during the mid- to late twentieth century positions it high among other healthcare institutions such as drug rehabilitation, the health maintenance organization (HMO), and patient rights as an integral part of the landscape marking our daily lives.

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