Distinguishing characteristics

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  • (BQ) Ebook Mars - Conrad Storad is a description of Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun. The text discusses Mars' distinguishing characteristics, its position in the solar system its composition and atmospheric conditions, its moons, and how scientists have learned about Mars over time. Color photos and diagrams enhance understanding of the text.

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  • The mushroom is the fruiting body of the macrofungi. Approximately 14,000 described species of fungi produce fruiting bodies that are large enough to be considered mushrooms using our definition, which states that “the mushroom is a macrofungus with a distinctive fruiting body that can be either epigeous (aboveground) or hypogeous (underground) and large enough to be seen with the naked eye and to be picked by hand.” According to this definition, in contrast to other definitions, mushrooms can be Ascomycetes, grow underground, have a nonfleshy texture, and need not be edible.

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  • Chapter 3 Security Types Our goal in this chapter is to introduce the different types of Goal securities that are routinely bought and sold in financial markets around the world. For each security type, we will examine: its distinguishing characteristics, the potential gains and losses from owning it

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  • Okayama University is one of the largest universities in Japan. Its main campus, Tsushima, is located in the suburbs, blessed with a quiet natural environment far removed from the noise of the city, offering an excellent atmosphere for study and research. Okayama Prefecture is known for its educational history and its cultural achievements. Special efforts beginning before the Meiji Period (19th century) were made to establish a number of schools which lead to the present-day Okayama University.

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  • Bertrand and Mullainathan (1998) illustrate the potential power of designs that consider interactions across governance mechanisms. They examine the impact on executive compensation of changes in states’ anti-takeover legislation. Adoption of anti-takeover legislation presumably reduces pressure on top managers. They attempt to distinguish between optimal contracting and skimming theories in explaining observed contracting arrangements.

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  • The public service is being transformed as reform is occurring at all levels of government both here and abroad. Although some of the changes address narrow, specific issues, increasingly more radical innovations are commonplace. A key example is the effort to modify or eliminate the distinguishing characteristic of the merit system: safeguarding the independence of the public servant corps from political influence.

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  • System programming (or systems programming) is the activity of programming system software. The primary distinguishing characteristic of systems programming when compared to application programming is that application programming aims to produce software which provides services to the user (e.g. word processor), whereas systems programming aims to produce software which provides services to the computer hardware (e.g. disk defragmenter). It requires a greater degree of hardware awareness.

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  • The present volume of the series of English translations of M. Arago's works consists of his own autobiography and a selection of some of his memoirs of eminent scientific men, both continental and British. It does not distinctly appear at what period of his life Arago composed the autobiography, but it bears throughout the characteristic stamp of his ardent and energetic disposition.

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  • “The pictoriality of drawing on sculpture is the same as drawing in painting, with one difference. In the paintings pictoriality can create an inside. In sculpture it always remains on the outside”. There are relatively few instances of drawing or writing in Schnabel’s sculpture, such as the triple helix in 2804, 1983, and the letters written on Freud, 1986. Only when a sculpture is recycled, as in the case of Head on a Ramp, 1983-89, which is the same form as CVJ, 1983, does writing and drawing on the surface become a distinguishing characteristic of the work.

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  • While it is not the primary objective of this article to discuss differences between national codes, a number of distinguishing characteristics nevertheless bear mentioning. A first important variable is the scope of corporate governance codes or recommendations. Naturally, most codes examined for this article (and in most other member countries) address issues such as the equitable treatment of shareholders, operation and accountability of boards and management, transparency and disclosure, as well as minority shareholder protection.

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  • Humor identification is a hard natural language understanding problem. We identify a subproblem — the “that’s what she said” problem — with two distinguishing characteristics: (1) use of nouns that are euphemisms for sexually explicit nouns and (2) structure common in the erotic domain. We address this problem in a classification approach that includes features that model those two characteristics.

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  • Competency-based education is a framework for designing and implementing education that focuses on the desired performance characteristics of health care professionals. Although this has always been the implicit goal of more traditional educational frameworks, CBE makes this explicit by establishing observable and measureable metrics that learners are expected to accomplish. The ability to perform to established expectations is the criteria by which a health professional is deemed competent. ...

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  • Learning objectives of this chapter: Understand rationale for structural testing, recognize and distinguish basic terms, recognize and distinguish characteristics of common structural criteria, understand practical uses and limitations of structural testing.

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  • Chapter 5B - Modern CPUs. This lesson looks at the processors most commonly found in personal computers and describes some of their most important features and distinguishing characteristics. You w ill learn how these CPUs arc typically differentiated from one another and sec how their performance is measured. You also w ill learn some of the ways you can extend the power of your PC’s processor to other components by using its expansion capabilities.

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  • Chapter 10 - Pure monopoly. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: List the characteristics of pure monopoly, explain how a pure monopoly sets its profit-maximizing output and price, discuss the economic effects of monopoly, describe why a monopolist might prefer to charge different prices in different markets, distinguish between the monopoly price, the socially optimal price, and the fair-return price of a government-regulated monopoly.

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  • Chapter 15, Oligopoly and antitrust policy. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Explain the distinguishing characteristics of oligopoly, distinguish two models of oligopoly, describe two empirical methods of measuring market structure, explain what antitrust policy is and give a brief history of it.

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  • Chapter 6 - Wine appreciation. This chapter will help you: Classify wines according to type and recognize their distinguishing characteristics; learn about the grapes used to make wine, and the winemaking process; familiarize yourself with the world’s leading wine regions and the types of wine they produce.

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  • Psychology has an impact on humans’ temporal perception, thus affecting the way people use tenses, and the correspondence of tenses is of no exception. It occurs between independent clauses as well as subordinate clauses. The article distinguishes two perspectives of correspondence of tenses and describes their characteristics, then justifies mismatch in some particular cases.

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  • This book is a sequel to Modern Banking in Theory and Practice published by John Wiley & Sons in 1996. It is a sequel rather than a second edition, because it does substantially more than merely update the 1996 text. In fact, this book has taken much longer to write than the 1996 book! In the eight years sinceModern Banking in Theory and Practice was published, many aspects of banking have changed considerably, though the key characteristics that distinguish banks from other financial institutions have not.

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  • IBM® Lotus® Notes® 8 will include a set of office productivity tools that support the Open Document Format (ODF) standard. These productivity tools include word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation capabilities. You will be able to create, manage, edit, and import documents in ODF. The IBM® Lotus® Productivity Tools can also import and edit Microsoft® Office® documents and export those documents to ODF for sharing with ODF-complaint applications and solutions.

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