Distributed hosted environments

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  • Additional solutions that improve business continuity and availability for Oracle RAC in an Oracle Virtual Machine environment include Oracle VM Live Migration and Oracle RAC One Node Online Database Relocation Oracle VM Live Migration moves a virtual machine from one physical node to another, within the same pool of servers. Oracle RAC One Node Online Database Relocation moves an Oracle database instance from one server to another within the same cluster. In Oracle VM environments, these servers are virtual machines, which host an Oracle Clusterware based cluster.

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  • I/O Hardware Application I/O Interface Kernel I/O Subsystem Transforming I/O Requests to Hardware Operations Streams Performance Explore the structure of an operating system’s I/O subsystem Discuss the principles of I/O hardware and its complexity Provide details of the performance aspects of I/O hardware and software .I/O Hardware Incredible variety of I/O devices Common concepts Port Bus (daisy chain or shared direct access) Controller (host adapter) I/O instructions control devices Devices have addresses, used by Direct I/O instructions Memory-mapped I/O...

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  • Twenty years ago, most computer centers had a few large computers shared by several hundred users. The "computing environment" was usually a room containing dozens of terminals. All users worked in the same place, with one set of disks, one user account information file, and one view of all resources. Today, local area networks have made terminal rooms much less common.

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  • The designation nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) encompasses the mycobacterial species other than organisms of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and M. leprae. The NTM are distributed widely in the environment, are typically acquired from environmental sources, and therefore are also referred to as environmental mycobacteria. Most species are less virulent for humans than M. tuberculosis. Thus symptomatic infections are often associated with local or generalized defects in host defenses. ...

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