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  • TB remains an important and serious global public health challenge that requires coordinated international and national prevention and control efforts. Although the incidence of TB in Canada is low and the disease is no longer common in the general population, TB remains a serious problem in certain sub-populations, such as First Nations and Inuit, persons living in Canada who have arrived from regions of the world with a high incidence of TB and those with other health problems such as HIV/AIDS.

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  • More recently,  the definition of  this sector has needed  to reflect  the drive  to reduce CO2 equivalent  emissions from the wider economy.

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  • A mineral resource is “a concentration of naturally occurring solid, liquid, or gaseous ma- terial,inorontheearth’scrust,insuchform and amount that economic extraction of a com- modity from the concentration is currently or potentially feasible” (Craig et al., 1998:20). The size and nature of many mineral resources are well known, whereas others are undiscovered and totally unknown. Figure 3–1 shows a spectrum of resources that diVer in their degree of certainty, commonly described as measured, indicated, in- ferred, hypothetical, and speculative.

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  • Skills tested by STAT STAT F, STAT T and STAT Multiple Choice each consist of 70 items, which are placed into Units . Units comprise either Verbal or Quantitative questions. Quantitative and Verbal units are interspersed throughout the test paper . STAT questions are based on stimulus material drawn from a variety of common sources . All the information required to answer questions is contained in the Unit . So, for example, if the stimulus material is an historical document, the candidate’s knowledge of history is NOT being assessed .

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  • Additional solutions that improve business continuity and availability for Oracle RAC in an Oracle Virtual Machine environment include Oracle VM Live Migration and Oracle RAC One Node Online Database Relocation Oracle VM Live Migration moves a virtual machine from one physical node to another, within the same pool of servers. Oracle RAC One Node Online Database Relocation moves an Oracle database instance from one server to another within the same cluster. In Oracle VM environments, these servers are virtual machines, which host an Oracle Clusterware based cluster.

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  • We will also consider using a range of other enforcement penalties, where appropriate, including the variation or cancellation of a firm’s permission to sell PPI and the suspension of its sales forces. In September 2007 we fined a firm and its CEO for inadequate systems and controls when recommending re-mortgages and PPI to customers. 19 This is the first time we have fined both a retail firm and its chief executive. We have also worked with firms 20 to change the way they sell PPI over the internet.

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  • Turkey’s per capita GDP is catching up and in purchasing power parity had reached 30% of the EU-27 average in 2006. The distribution of this income is very broad, both across households and across regions. The average household income in the city of Trabzon in the north-east of Turkey was only 30% of the country average (2003) whereas incomes in Ankara and Istanbul were 65% and 85% higher than the average.

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  • INTOSAI’s fundamental auditing principles recognise that due to the differing approaches and structures of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), not all auditing standards apply to all aspects of their work1 . Furthermore, on the basis of the terms of the audit mandate with which SAIs are empowered, any auditing standards external to the SAI cannot be prescriptive, nor have a mandatory application to the work of the SAI 2 .

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  • This white paper highlights notable findings from the Veritas Prep Survey of MBA Admissions Officers, an eight-week online survey conducted during the 2008-09 admissions cycle among the top 30 business schools in the United States, according to bi-annual rankings compiled by BusinessWeek. Based on responses from admissions officers at over half of the top 30 business schools nationwide, the survey sought to glean current trends in the ap- plication process.

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  • Nepal has witnessed massive political upheaval during the past decade with insurgency forces actively expressing dissatisfaction with the existing status quo. It was in early 1996 that the Maoist insurgency took root in the country exerting a tremendous influence on the social, economic and political life of the country. The constant conflict forced the Nepalese people to migrate from rural to urban areas and to neighboring countries, resulting in the displacement of a large proportion of the population and impacting the demographic situation.

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  • Active sampling for VOCs and aldehydes was conducted on 12 dates between August 8, 2002 and September 25, 2003. For each sampling event, the house was operated for at least 48 h prior to sampling and during sampling at a standardized condition. In this condition, all exterior windows and doors were closed, all interior doors were open, window vents were closed, the HAC fan was operated continuously with the outdoor air intake sealed, and the indoor temperature was maintained by thermostatic control of the heating or air conditioning equipment.

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  • The Threat Analyzer allows you to add your own dashboard (s) using Options on the top right corner of the Dashboards page. You can then add monitor (s) to your dashboard (s). A monitor is a customized page to view alerts and threats. You can either use the default monitors or create your own. When you add a dashboard, it is initially made up of a single window where you can assign a monitor. Once you assign or create the first monitor, you can right-click on the name display area of the monitor (that you have just added) to...

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  • CPB works with PBS, NPR, and other national networks and producers to increase nationally distributed content of interest to diverse audiences. CPB has created the Diversity and Innovation Fund (D&I Fund), a pool of significant funding administered collaboratively with PBS, to increase the diversity of PBS’s primetime schedule and children’s offerings. CPB funds independent producers and the organizations that support them that have diversity of content as a primary goal.

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  • More specifically, the recommended assessment should identify the occurrence (in space and time) of both surface and groundwater quantity and their associated water quality, together with a tentative assessment of trends in water requirements and water resources development (see Box 10.1). The assessment should be based, as far as possible, on existing data and knowledge in order to avoid unnecessary delays in the process of management improvement.

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  • To our knowledge, only one previous effort (Wilson et al, 2007) explicitly studied school travel in light of school choice. There, we found that school choice led to longer school commute distances (because children attend schools across the district rather than in their neighborhood) and reduced levels of walking and bicycling to school (because longer commutes are less amenable to walking or bicycling). The current study strengthens and expands earlier research.We survey parents to determine attitudes that affect school choice and school travel mode.

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  • Real Application Clusters (RAC) comprises several Oracle instances running on multiple clustered computers, which communicate with each other by means of a so-called interconnect. RAC uses cluster software to access a shared database that resides on shared disk. RAC combines the processing power of these multiple interconnected computers to provide system redundancy, near linear scalability, and high availability. RAC also offers significant advantages for both OLTP and data warehouse systems and all systems and applications can efficiently exploit clustered environments. ...

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  • Many units also have a second solenoid operated shutdown device that is usually identical to the emergency shutdown solenoid. It may be used as a normal shutdown solenoid or a speed no load solenoid. If it is used as a normal shutdown device, its operation will still close the wicket gates, but unlike the emergency shutdown solenoid, it does not need to be reset manually. A speed no load solenoid typically moves the gate limit to some value just above the speed no load gate position. The speed no load solenoid is usually tripped during startup and...

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  • The endemic, or nonvenereal, treponematoses are bacterial infections caused by close relatives of Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum, the etiologic agent of venereal syphilis (Chap. 162). Yaws, pinta, and endemic syphilis are distinguished from venereal syphilis by mode of transmission, age of acquisition, geographic distribution, and clinical features. These infections are limited to rural areas of developing nations and are seen in developed countries only in recent immigrants from endemic regions. ...

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  • In North America, certain regulatory functions of exchanges have been delegated or contracted to third party non-governmental regulators (FINRA5 in the United States and IIROC6 in Canada), while others, notably in the area of listing, have been retained by exchanges themselves. In Europe, in most cases, it is the capital market regulators, not exchanges, who have an upper hand in issuer regulation according to national and, in many cases, EU legislation.

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  • In ARIES, Ecosystem Services are the effects on human well-being of the flow of benefits from an ecosystem endpoint to a human endpoint at given extents of space and time. The methodology combines spatially explicit models of ecosystem service provision and use with dynamic flow models to describe the distribution of benefits across the landscape. The exact form of these models depends on the specific context of application and is chosen by means of machine reasoning, on the basis of data analysis and ontological connotations of the services (e.g.

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