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  • One of the key requirements of experimental control software is that it has good temporal precision. PsychoPy aims to be as precise as possible in this domain and does achieve excellent results where these are possible. To check the accuracy with which monitor frame times are recorded on your system run the timeByFrames demo from the Coder view.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'performance - a triannual topical digest for investment management professionals, issue 7, january 2012', tài chính - ngân hàng, quỹ đầu tư phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Call centers handle customer queries from various domains such as computer sales and support, mobile phones, car rental, etc. Each such domain generally has a domain model which is essential to handle customer complaints. These models contain common problem categories, typical customer issues and their solutions, greeting styles. Currently these models are manually created over time.

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  • The paper presents some of the results obtained within a research project aimed at developing ET (English Tutor), an intelligent tutoring system which supports Italian students in learning the English verbs. We concentrate on one of the most important modules of the system, the domain (i.e. verb) expert which is devoted to generate, in a cognitively transparent way, the right tense for the verb(s) appearing in the exercises presented to the student. An example which highlights the main capabilities of the verb expert is provided. A prototype version of ET has been fully implemented. ...

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  • A representative sample survey of 1273 persons aged 60 and older living in private households was conducted in an area covering over half of Cambodia's population which includes Phnom Penh and the five most populated provinces (Kampong Cham, Kandal, Prey Veng, Battambang, and Takeo). 1 The location of the provinces covered are shown in Figure 1. Sampling procedures are described in detail in Appendix A. Samples were drawn separately for Phnom Penh and the other five provinces taken collectively using somewhat different procedures for the two domains.

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  • Over the last two decades the issue of asylum in the UK has become increasingly controversial and emotive, successive governments have focused on reducing the number of asylum applications in the UK and on increasing the number of asylum seekers who are removed because their applications are unsuccessful. 30 Policies include visa sanctions, air- carriers liability, the increased use of detention, anti-smuggling operations, the deployment of UK immigration officers beyond UK territories and the use of airline liaison officers.

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  • This book is based on publications from the ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Multi-Modal Dialogue in Mobile Environments held at Kloster Irsee, Germany, in 2002. The workshop covered various aspects of development and evaluation of spoken multimodal dialogue systems and components with particular emphasis on mobile environments, and discussed the state-ofthe- art within this area. On the development side the major aspects addressed include speech recognition, dialogue management, multimodal output generation, system architectures, full applications, and user interface issues.

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  • This paper begins with looking to changes in the definition of marketing. It traces marketing's expansion from a discipline concerned with business transactions in an economic market place, through a discipline concerned with any organisation that can be said to have customers, to a discipline concerned with all organisations in their relationships with all their publics, not just their customers.

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  • Privatization of services in agricultural sector is beginning to happen. Sharing of agricultural research, extension and development domains with increasing private sector participation is changing the structure and composition of agricultural development process itself. Production, efficiency, equity and sustainability related goals assume conflicting propositions increasing the complexity of challenges confronting the Indian National Agricultural System.

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  • This document is one of a series of guidance notes produced by The National Archives, giving general advice on issues relating to the preservation and management of electronic records. It is intended for use by anyone involved in the creation of electronic records that may need to be preserved over the long term, as well as by those responsible for preservation. This guidance note provides information for the creators and managers of electronic records about the selection of physical storage media in the context of long-term preservation.

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  • Existing Grant Funding: Existing grant funding should be evaluated as an alternative to new funds. Congress could also evaluate including minimum cybersecurity protection standards in grant proposals for grantees dealing with issues such as national security, law enforcement, and critical infrastructures as a condition for receiving government funds. These would include general protection standards such as updating computer patches or running anti-virus software that would not be overly burdensome to grant recipients.

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  • Network connections should therefore be protected, at a level based on the risk. The assumption must be that the connecting parties are to a certain degree hostile and have to be strictly constrained to the access for which the connection was agreed. The connecting parties will, after all, have their own security policies and risk management philosophies, and these may vary considerably. Each security management domain will need to apply stringent logical access controls, and should strongly consider using firewalls and related technologies to defend their 'perimeter'....

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  • The studies that have entered the public domain have been largely inconclusive or suffer from serious methodological deficiencies. A study funded by the American Insurance Association (AIA), an industry trade association, found no correlation between income and credit scores (AIA, 1998). However, the AIA study appears to suffer from methodological flaws so serious that no conclusions are warranted. 8 The Virginia Bureau of Insurance sponsored a study based on ZIP Code aggregates. Unfortunately, the numeric results of the analysis were never publicly released.

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  • The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is one of the most widely used statistics in the United States. As a measure of inflation it is a key economic indicator. It serves as a guide for the Federal Reserve Board’s monetary policy and is an essential tool in calculating changes in the nation’s output and living standards. It is used to determine annual cost-of-living allowances for social security retirees and other recipients of federal payments, to index the federal income tax system for inflation, and as the yardstick for U.S. Treasury inflation-indexed bonds....

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  • Logical access control systems can be customised although this can have a significant effect on the security of the IT system. The customisation is achieved by a series of parameters or values which determine how the software will work, e.g. how many logon attempts will a user be allowed? Exits are also included which enable an organisation to develop its own logical access controls code. The administration of logical access control is particularly important.

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  • Navigating the Internet requires using addresses and corresponding names that identify the location of individual computers. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the distributed set of databases residing in computers around the world that contain address numbers mapped to corresponding domain names, making it possible to send and receive messages and to access information from computers anywhere on the Internet.

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  • Each contention must consist of a specific statement of the issue of law or fact to be raised or controverted. In addition, the requestor/petitioner shall provide a brief explanation of the bases for the contention and a concise statement of the alleged facts or expert opinion which support the contention and on which the requestor/petitioner intends to rely in proving the contention at the hearing.

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  • The twonucleotide-bindingdomains (NBDs)of anumberof ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters have been shown to be functionally dissimilar, playing different roles in the transport process. A high degree of co-operativity has been determined for the NBDs of the human multidrug trans-porter, P-glycoprotein. However, the issue of functional symmetry in P-glycoprotein remains contentious.

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  • Network loads and management issues require you to segment your network from a single broadcast domain into four functional areas. You select to implement VLANs throughout your Cisco 2900-switched network and will refer to them as “Accounting”, “Marketing” and “Engineering” for the users, and “default” used for the native VLAN network management. After deciding on your subnet ranges and VTP information, illustrated below, your next step is to implement Inter-VLAN routing using your Cisco 2600 series router.

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  • Editing this book was a pleasant, but challenging job. I enjoyed reviewing chapters from different domains, bringing up-to-date empirical research studies, excellent literature reviews and controversial issues. This was an instructive experience for me and the authors. We both learned from each other, making different backgrounds a gain-gain situation, by evaluating each chapter critically from different perspectives. We are sure the reader will enjoy the end result: a selection of chapters from different psychology domains....

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