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  • This paper considers a trapped characteristic initial value problem for the spherically symmetric Einstein-Maxwell-scalar field equations. For an open set of initial data whose closure contains in particular Reissner-Nordstr¨m data, o the future boundary of the maximal domain of development is found to be a light-like surface along which the curvature blows up, and yet the metric can be continuously extended beyond it. This result is related to the strong cosmic censorship conjecture of Roger Penrose. ...

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  • The 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam was held from 21st to the 28th January 2016 in Hanoi. Delegates discussed in a candid and democratic manner and unanimously passed important documents, including the political report and a report evaluating the implementation of socio-economic tasks between 2011 and 2015 and orientations and tasks for the 2016-2020 period.

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  • Growth and development are terms that refer to dynamic processes that begin at conception. Human growth is the progressive increase in physical size of a child whereas; human development is progressive acquisition of various skills and abilities. The process of growth and development is predictable and it follows a sequence. Both processes go hand in hand, are interrelated and none occurs apart from the other but the rates at which it occurs might be different. The present paper is an attempt to summarize concept of growth and development.

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  • The present research study was undertaken to study the developmental status of tribal children attending Anganwadis. A sample of 180 children in the age range of 3-6 years who were attending Anganwadi centers in Adilabad district of Telangana state were selected by purposive random sampling method. Ex-post facto research design was opted for the study. Developmental assessment checklist was used for assessing the developmental status of children. Frequencies and Percentages were used to analyze the data.

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  • In the past decade, Cognitive Linguistics has developed into one of the most dynamic and attractive frameworks within theoretical and descriptive linguistics. With about fifty chapters written by experts in the field, the Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics intends to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire domain of Cognitive Linguistics, from basic concepts to practical applications.

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  • In the past decade, Cognitive Linguistics has developed into one of the most dynamic and attractive frameworks within theoretical and descriptive linguistics. With about fifty chapters written by experts in the field, the Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics intends to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire domain of Cognitive Linguistics, from basic concepts to practical applications.

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  • DNA replication is a fundamental part of the life cycle of all organisms. Not surprisingly many aspects of this process display profound conservation across organisms in all domains of life. The chapters in this volume outline and review the current state of knowledge on several key aspects of the DNA replication process. This is a critical process in both normal growth and development and in relation to a broad variety of pathological conditions including cancer.

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  • A key task for any interdisciplinary field such as law and development is to determine what each discipline aims to gain fromits interaction with the other. Law and development certainly seeks to ensure that development considerations are taken into account by lawyers, and that legal considerations are taken into account by those who study development.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Development and validation of an ELISA using a protein encoded by ORF2 antigenic domain of porcine circovirus type 2

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  • The goal of this specialized program is to create specialists in the domain of marketing analysis, more specifically in the field of analytical customer relationship management (customer intelli- gence) to support business marketing decisions of the firm. This advanced Master program started in October 1999. The program adressess the strong need of companies for better-educa- ted staff with strong skills in the domain of marketing analysis. Thanks to information technology and the availability of market data both at the demand side (customer information, e.g.

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  • Abdominal-B(Abd-B) is a complex homeotic gene with a difficult task: one transcript determines the identity of four different abdominal segments throughout development in Drosophila.

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  • The focus of this study is positive feedback in one-on-one tutoring, its computational modeling, and its application to the design of more effective Intelligent Tutoring Systems. A data collection of tutoring sessions in the domain of basic Computer Science data structures has been carried out. A methodology based on multiple regression is proposed, and some preliminary results are presented. A prototype Intelligent Tutoring System on linked lists has been developed and deployed in a collegelevel Computer Science class. ...

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  • The research work aims at developing a valid and reliable scale for ICT (Information and communication technology) enabled classroom effectiveness from student’s perspective in a multi-campus university setting. A standard methodology for scale development is used for developing and validating the scale which comprises of exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. The sample population was the students from a premier multi-campus university.

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  • This article examines the development of novice instructional designers in a reflective learning community. The study was situated in a blended learning course, which utilized a web-based learning management system as a communication platform. Drawing from communities of practice as a theoretical framework, we examined (1) how individual and group characteristics influenced knowledge construction, (2) how members developed their epistemic frames of instructional design, and (3) the dynamics of group interactions during the knowledge constructions in the learning community.

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  • Polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1), a member of the Polo-like kinase family, plays an important regulatory role in mitosis and cell cycle progression. PLK1 overexpression is correlated with tumourigenesis and poor prognosis in cancer patients. Therefore, the identification of novel compounds that inhibit PLK1 would provide attractive therapeutic approaches. Although some PLK1 kinase inhibitors have been developed, their application has been limited by off-target effects. PLK1 contains a regulatory domain named the Polo-box domain (PBD), which is characteristic only for the Polo-like kinase family.

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  • Adolescence is a phase of transitions in all the domains of development namely, cognitive, physical, social and emotional. Due to all these changes, adolescents may face many difficulties which create discrepancies in their lives. All these discrepancies have an effect on their learning and well-being but with the amalgamation of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, negative behaviours like aggression may be prevented or reduced. Therefore, the present study was designed to study the relationship of social-emotional learning with aggression among adolescents.

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  • Early childhood development is a multifaceted construct encompassing physical, social, emotional and intellectual competencies. The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is a population-level measure of five domains of early childhood development on which extensive psychometric testing has been conducted using traditional methods.

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  • The ALOG (Arabidopsis LSH1 and Oryza G1) family of proteins, namely DUF640 (domain of unknown function 640) domain proteins, were found in land plants. Functional characterization of a few ALOG members in model plants such as Arabidopsis and rice suggested they play important regulatory roles in plant development.

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  • Multiple myeloma is an incurable haematological cancer that affects physical, psychological and social domains of quality of life (QOL). Treatment decisions are increasingly guided by QOL issues, creating a need to monitor QOL within clinical practice. The development of myeloma-specific QOL questionnaires has been limited by a paucity of research to fully characterise QOL in this group.

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  • With the development of chromosomal conformation capturing techniques, particularly, the Hi-C technique, the study of the spatial conformation of a genome is becoming an important topic in bioinformatics and computational biology.

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