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  • Until relatively recent times, most periods of technological development have been linked to changes in the use of materials (eg the stone, bronze and iron ages). In more recent years the driving force for technological change in many respects has shifted towards information technology. This is amply illustrated by the way the humble microprocessor has built intelligence into everyday domestic appliances.

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  • The goat is an animal truly remarkable, is one of the earliest ruminant domestication people, and offers a wonderful array of products for their use. The rare fiber, cashmere and mohair, cotton royal favorite and has the reputation for goat milk is healthy milk substitute for infants. Goat meat is a dish in all parts of world, and are prized for low-fat and juicy tenderness from children using animals.

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  • The questions posed in the task for this study are part of a very broad and important set of issues for the Department of Defense. To answer them required the Committee on Critical Technology Accessibility to develop its own perspective about the context within which the questions could be placed. As a result, this report provides judgments and recommendations about both the specific questions and the broader context. I wish to express my appreciation to the members of the committee for their contributions to the preparation of this report.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'domestic preparedness in the new millennium', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, tự động hoá phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Successes achieved from import of technologies of some developing countries in Asia are closely linked to efforts to build up and to implement related policies. The most impacts coming from these policies are supports for domestic enterprises to import technologies, to encourage external sides to transfer technologies, to administer the import of technologies and to enhance local capacities for import of technologies. In this context, certain flexible measures were applied for implementation of policies of import of technologies.

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  • Science and Technology (S&T) enterprise is basically a type of business which realizes the production and trading of products, goods created from the results of science and technology achievements whether obtained by the enterprise itself or integrated from domestic/ international sources.

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  • This report presents a summary and assessment of design margins used in domestic and international pipeline codes throughout the world. Potential changes to the design factors contained in the U.S. pipeline regulations and codes have been recommended as a result of this review. The recommendations allow an increase in the design pressure in many pipelines.

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  • The fruit industry in Vietnam has a great potential and plays an important role in agricultural production. In 2003, Vietnam exported US$43 million of high value fruit to high-income countries and imported US$14 million of fruit and vegetables. Vietnam is experiencing difficulties in competing with other Asian nations in export markets and its own domestic market, especially with China and Thailand. This suggests that Vietnam’s horticultural industries require substantial development to be globally competitive. Vietnamese consumers are demanding safer and higher quality fruit.

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  • The dynamic nature of the Jepara industrial complex also affects the Indonesian wood products chain, attracting timber produced from forests located throughout Central Java (Figure 1) and beyond, including the outer islands. Thousands of trucks and pickups bring logs into the district from distant places, including state and community forest plantations.

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  • Global competition has caused the US textile industry to modernize and become cost competitive because developing nations have discovered that exporting textile products to the USA is an attractive way to enhance their economic growth. Their low labor costs have pressured domestic producers into replacing labor intensive manufacturing equipment with automated, sophisticated, efficient, hightechnology machinery. The industry has focused on reducing costs, improving quality and developing quick turnaround and response scenarios.

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  • There is a very old saying that all cats look grey at night. Today, thanks partly to the growing trend to furnish private homes and gardens with sophisticated outdoor lighting, that saying is no longer as true as it once was. Facades subtly accentuated by light and encircled by greenery imbue such buildings with an inviting, homely atmosphere. Illuminated gardens extend the domestic living space outwards, illuminated boundaries enable the space to be experienced as a whole, even in winter.

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  • The importance of the shrimp industry Shrimp production area is the second largest exporter of Bangladesh after ready made garments with a market share of about 5% of total exports of Bangladesh in 1990. in FY2003 shrimp exports reached 297.04 million is 4.54% of total export. Market share in total exports of shrimp export earnings from fish and fish products nearly 90% (2003). More than 2 million people are involved in upstream and downstream activities related to the domestic shrimp industry - culture, harvesting, processing, export and other support activities....

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  • .ANIMALS, DISEASE AND HUMAN SOCIETY In recent years, the issue of animal disease has seldom been out of the headlines. The emergence of BSE and the threat of food-borne infections such as E.coli and salmonella have focused public attention on the impact of animal disease on human society. However, the problem of animal disease is far from new. Animals, Disease and Human Society explores the history and nature of our dependency on other animals and the implications of this for human and animal health.

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  • Hydraulic fracturing is an industrial process used to extract fossil fuel reserves that lie deep underground. With the introduction of horizontal drilling, new commercial sources of energy have become available. Wells are drilled and injected with large quantities of water mixed with specially selected chemicals at high pressures that allow petroleum reserves to flow to the surface. While the increased economic activities and the outputs of domestic energy are welcomed, there is growing concern over negative environmental impacts from horizontal drilling in shale formations.

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  • Developments in the dairy sector have to be seen in the context of the evolving nature of dairy policy and trade policy. Although Agenda 2000 and more particularly the MTR have brought about a considerable change in support to the dairy sector, existing CAP instruments such as milk quotas, super levies, intervention prices, dairy premiums, processing aids, export subsidies and import tariffs still affect the supply and demand for milk and milk products.

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  • ABC receives nearly all its funding directly from the government via legislative appropriations, and is prohibited by law from airing commercial advertising on domestic television and radio services (although it does have the capacity to earn additional revenue via merchandising). Early in its history, ABC was funded by a license fee, though this was abolished in 1973 when the Labor government argued that the near-universality of television and radio meant that direct public funding was a more equitable method of providing revenue (Inglis 2006). In 2008, ABC received $728.

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  • Within Camelus two species are generally accepted: C. dromedarius, the one-humped or Arabian camel or dromedary; and C. bactrianus, the Bactrian camel or two-humped camel. Biologically, the species division is not correct, as the two freely interbreed in either direction and produce fertile offspring. There are four species of new world Camelidae of which two are domesticated and two wild. The llama, L. glama, is used mainly as a pack animal, while the alpaca, L. pacos, is primarily a producer of high quality fibre. The two wild species are the guanaco, L. guanicoe and the vicuna, ...

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  • The legal process can be very confusing and complicated. A domestic violence advocate can help you understand the legal process and provide you with information about what to expect and how to prepare if you choose to seek assistance from the court. Advocates can also help you with a safety plan tailored to protect you and your family. Look for an advocate who works for a domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking program. You may also call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233); TTY: 800-787-3224.

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  • It is reasonable to suppose that TNCs affiliates operating in the Brazilian pulp and paper sector search for exploring the advantages of producing lower costs pulp to the domestic and international paper markets, but it is also expected that they make innovation efforts to absorb and to extend the short-fiber pulp technological knowledge based on eucalyptus. The participation of four important TNCs in two Research Consortiums on Eucalyptus in Brazil at the present time corroborates to this expectation. This implies a qualification on the first hypothesis (H.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Economics for business and management" has contents: Government policies - instruments and objectives; demographic and social environment; political, legal, ecological and technological environment; functions of management - domestic business environment, international business environment,...and other contents.

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