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  • The report reviews the major Mercury and then Gemini precursors for the Apollo mission program and its development and mission sequence.

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  • The Oracle Change Management Pack enables database administrators to make complex changes to schema objects safely, track changes to schemas and databases over time, make copies of schemas or objects, and compare and synchronize schemas and databases. With Oracle Change Management, you can also propagate object definitions to one or more sites, clone schema objects with a subset of the data, and plan schema changes over the life of the database and its applications.

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  • Please note: the Department cannot advise on whether a particular vehicle is suitable for use in Britain. You should always consult the manufacturer or his agent for advice, especially about whether any modifications are necessary and whether they can be made. You should give the manufacturer as much information as possible about the origin of the vehicle so that he can give appropriate help. Ideally, this should include the Vehicle Identification Number - usually 17 characters, but 8 in the case of vehicles made for the Japanese market - stamped on the chassis. ...

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  • There is no denying that such feelings of aesthetic pleasure may exist, indeed that they do exist. The problem is to see where they come from. Matters are, at least from the philosophical point of view, still relatively simple where we have to deal with feelings of aesthetic pleasure directed towards aesthetic objects in the first two categories of simple sensations and purely formal Gestalten.

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  • All limited firms in Sweden are legally bound to submit an annual report to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV). This study uses data collected from MM (Market Manager)-Partner, now merged with PAR, a Swedish consulting firm that gathers economic information from PRV. This information is primarily used by decision-makers and stakeholders in Swedish commercial life. Our data comprise all Swedish limited companies active at some point between 1997 and 2005, in total 288,757 firms, and include all variables that can be found in the annual reports, e.g.

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  • Given the diversity of the adult ESOL population, these learners clearly have varying needs for English language use (Weddel & Van Duzer, 1997), specifi cally in terms of their oral communication. The Equipped for the Future (EFF) initiative asked adult learners across the United States to respond to Goal 6 of the National Education Goals: “By the year 2000, every adult American will be literate and will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global economy and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship” (Merrifi eld, 2000, p. 4).

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  • The impact assessment concludes that a 'strict liability' standard obliging depositaries to return instruments lost in custody irrespective of fault or negligence is both conducive to ensuring a high level of investor protection and to achieving a uniform standard across the EU.

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  • As reported in the financial statements of each AMC, fund expenses can be divided into management fees and administrative fees. Expense ratio is the ratio between total fund expenses to fund’s assets. Administrative or operating expense excluded management fees of AMCs managing large number of funds are considered to be constant. Thus, when management fee is excluded, fund expense ratio is lower. Fund expenses excluded management fees indicate fund operation efficiency. Management fees measures security selection skills of fund manager.

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  • Cumulatively, all our individual footprints make up the unsustainable total demand. The solution to this problem is for people to take individual action to break down that large footprint. We need to change the way we live to combat climate change, conserve the world’s forests and protect our oceans. No-one wakes up in the morning and consciously decides to contribute to global warming; to help cut down a tropical rainforest; or to deprive future generations of a decent standard of living.

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  • In a symmetric Nash Equilibrium the prices of both goods are randomized in an atomless fashion for the most part of the parameter space apart from the case when the two goods are strongly substitutable in which case the less valuable good is not sold at all. Only when the goods are either independently valued or are substitutes is it feasible that the two prices are randomized independently. When the goods are complements and one of the goods is priced high the other can not be priced in the upper part of its support implying local negative correlation between the two prices.

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  • Auto thieves also take advantage of the differences in state vehicle branding laws to “clone” vehicles. VIN cloning occurs when a VIN from a legally owned and documented vehicle—often one sitting in a parking lot or dealership lot—is illegally copied. The VIN then is used to make counterfeit tags. The perpetrator typically steals a vehicle similar to the one from which the legitimate VIN was taken. The stolen vehicle’s actual VIN tag then is replaced with the counterfeit tag. The vehicle now is a “clone” of the legitimate vehicle parked in the lot.

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  • African marketers will be working hard to establish the best approaches to mobile advertising. The mix of smartphones and feature phones in the market make implementation challenging, as many African users have limited functionality on their device. Thus, brands should begin with text-based search ads, SMS advertising and mobi-optimized sites. In time, this will give way to screen takeovers, location-based advertising, apps and augmented reality.

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  • The parallelism between the Arabic and English sentences is quite clear in the learners' errors. The two examples above demonstrate that in the first sentence the students dropped verb to be, while in the second one, they used verb to be but deleted the indefinite article. This fact supports the students’ comments that they know the grammatical rules that underlie the deviant sentences they have produced, but because of their reliance on their native language, they have produced these errors. ...

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  • Osteoporosis is a complex systemic skeletal disease that leads to an increased risk of fracture, usually of the vertebra, hip, wrist and humerus. The disorder is characterized by reduced bone mineral density (BMD), disrupted bone microarchitecture and alterations in the amount and variety of proteins in bone. During the last years a better understanding of the cellular mechanisms operating in bone remodeling, both for healthy and affected bones, was gained [26].

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  • Most interviewees agree concerning the basic characteristics and traits for a project leader. These characteristics include: forward-looking; competent; inspiring; intelligent; enterprising spirit; loyalty; leadership motivation; integrity; self-confidence; and knowledgeable of the business. As identified by this group of experts, one of the important traits is the ability to communicate effectively.

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  • The database community has a healthy interplay between research and development. Virtually all the people and most innovations in database systems can be traced to the research prototypes first describe in research papers. Product groups watch research proto- types with great interest, academics frequently take sabbaticals in industry, and there are many startups. These collaborations are world-wide, largely fostered by SIGMOD and the VLDB- Foundation’s international focus. The ecosystem compensates...

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  • At the same time, the majority of users are not ma- licious, and would enable client-side enforcement to avoid exploits such as cross-site scripting andWeb-based worms. Even if only benign users with enhanced clients might perform security enforcement, those users would be protected, and all users would benefit from fewer at- tacks on the Web application. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles to the adop- tion of new, enhanced security mechanisms in popular Web browsers. Even when such enhancements are prac- tical and easy to implement, they may not be deployed widely.

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  • Incoming data on the labor market have remained disappointing. Private-sector employment has grown only sluggishly, the small decline in the unemployment rate is attributable more to reduced labor force participation than to job creation, and initial claims for unemployment insurance remain high. Firms are reluctant to add permanent employees, citing slow growth of sales and elevated economic and regulatory uncertainty.

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  • The disclosure table is the heart of the prototype. It addresses two of the questions: “How do we ensure that consumers can understand the information about financial sharing policies and their personal information?” and “How do we ensure that consumers can compare sharing practices across financial institutions?” At the simplest level, the disclosure table shows what the individual financial institution is sharing, especially through the yes/no columns.

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  • Logical access control systems can be customised although this can have a significant effect on the security of the IT system. The customisation is achieved by a series of parameters or values which determine how the software will work, e.g. how many logon attempts will a user be allowed? Exits are also included which enable an organisation to develop its own logical access controls code. The administration of logical access control is particularly important.

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