Donation and donor types

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  • The hydrogen bond donating ability of 1,8-naphthalenediol was investigated via a series of 1H, 13C, and 31P NMR experiments. Complexation studies using triphenylphosphine oxide and cyclohexanone as hydrogen bond acceptors revealed that 1,8-naphthalenediol is a more effective hydrogen bond donor compared to 1-naphthol and 8-methoxy-1- naphthol. Afterwards, its effectiveness as a hydrogen bonding catalyst was demonstrated in the Friedel–Crafts-type addition reaction of indole to trans-β -nitrostyrene.

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  • Crossbreeding work in Ethiopia was initiated in the early 1950s. Following this initiation a number of governmental (example, Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization, Ministry of Agriculture, National Artificial Insemination Center, Higher Learning Institutes) and non-governmental organizations (International Livestock Research Institute and Swedish International Development Agency) have worked in the development of the dairy sector.

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  • Research aiming to predict which patients will do better with which type of specialist treatments has given few leads. The GP’s decision where to refer a patient should be guided in large part by the patient’s choice. Some predictors however, have emerged: patients who are angry at the initial assessment appear to do better, in the short term, if given motivational interviewing.117,118 Patients with psychiatric disorders (‘dual diagnosis’) tend to do better if referred to specialist psychological or psychiatric services than to 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups.

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  • The optimum type of intervention is still to be defined. Sometimes “advice” is given, while at other times the style of interaction epitomised in “motivational interviewing” has been used. Additionally, the comparative value of opportunistic intervention, versus intervention after population screening is not clear. Data on follow up beyond one year are very limited.61 One study found that the effect had disappeared at 10 years.62 Another found a continuing small effect at four years.

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  • The most efficient meat-producing chickens are the meat-type crosses (Rock-Cornish). Purebred poultry types most commonly raised for white meat are Cornish, Plymouth Rocks, and White Jersey Giants, but these breeds are less efficient than the crosses and take up to 14 weeks to develop a desirable carcass. There are niche markets for red-plumage birds and for the Silkie chicken, which has dark purple skin and is very popular in various ethnic live-bird markets.

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  • As I walked the few blocks to the examination room, it occurred to me that the city authorities had probably gone through a similar analysis. The frequency of their inspection of parked vehicles and the size of the penalty imposed on violators should depend on their estimates of the type of calculations potential violators like me would make. Of course, the first question I put to the hapless student was to work out the optimal behavior of both the offenders and the police, something I had not yet done....

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  • Blood transfusion is a field where there has been, and continue to be, significant advances in science, technology and most particularly governance. The aim of this book is to provide students of allied medical sciences, medicine and transfusion practitioners with a comprehensive overview of both the scientific and managerial aspects of blood transfusion. The book is intended to equip biomedical, clinical and allied medical professionals with practical tools to allow for an informed practice in the field of blood transfusion management....

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