Dopamine transporter

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  • The dopamine transporter (DAT) plays a role in the termination of dopaminergic neurotransmission; thereby it is accepted as the primary target of various psychostimulants. N-terminal phosphorylation of DAT has been proposed as a regulator in different DAT functions, such as amphetamine-induced efflux or PKC/PKA-mediated responses.

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  • Parkinson’s disease is characterized by preferential degeneration of the dopamine-producing neurons of the brain stem substantia nigra. Imbal-ances between mechanisms governing dopamine transport across the plasma membrane and cellular storage vesicles increase the level of toxic pro-oxidative cytosolic dopamine.

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  • Analysis of dopamine transporter gene expression pattern ) generation of DAT-iCre transgenic mice ´ Marc Turiault1,*, Sebastien Parnaudeau1,*, Aude Milet1, Rosanna Parlato2, Jean-Denis Rouzeau1, Monique Lazar1 and Francois Tronche1 ¸ ` 1 CNRS UMR7148, Molecular Genetics, Neurophysiology and Behavior, College de France, Institut de Biologie, Paris, France 2 Molecular Biology of the Cell I, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany Keywords Cre ⁄ loxP system; dopaminergic cells; dopamine transporter; gene expression; transgenic mice Correspondence F.

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  • A cDNA was cloned from the cabbage looperTricho-plusia ni based on similarity to other cloned dopamine transporters (DATs). The total nucleotide sequence is 3.8kb in length and contains an open reading frame for a protein of 612 amino acids. The predicted moth DAT protein (TrnDAT) has greatest amino acid sequence identity with Drosophila melanogasterDAT (73%) andCaenorhabdi-tis elegans DAT (51%). TrnDAT shares only 45% amino acid sequence identity with an octopamine transporter (TrnOAT) cloned recently from this moth. ...

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  • Huang, Yen and Lu (Chapter 18) review the role of SPECT in the diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease and its differentiation from other conditions characterised by parkinsonisms such as dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) and vascular parkinsonism. Accurate diagnosis is clearly critical for treatment and prognosis, and the authors provide a very useful overview of recent developments in dopamine transporter imaging which have led to important advances in this area.

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