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  • Abner Doubleday leaned against the fence post and tossed his ball in the air, then caught it without looking. He was watching his friend Charley. Charley lived across the road from Abner in Auburn, New York, and the two boys often played ball together. Today, however, Charley was sweeping the walk. Abner’s brother Tom was busy too. Everyone in town seemed to be busy on this last day of May, 1825. Suddenly Abner jumped back as a long gray cat came running through the gate, chased by Abner’s dog Brownie....

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  • Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone..A CURRENCY BOOK PUBLISHED BY DOUBLEDAY a division of Random House, Inc. CURRENCY is a trademark of Random House, Inc., and DOUBLEDAY is a registered trademark of Random House, Inc.

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  • Các loài sâu xám Agrotis ypsilon Rottemberg, nhóm sâu đo xanh Plusia eriosoma Doubleday P. intermixta Warren, P. ni Hubner và sâu khoang Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) thuộc họ ngài Đêm (Noctuidae) là các loài sâu hại gặp trên đậu đỗ và lạc. Nhóm sâu hại này gây hại cho đậu đỗ và lạc nhưng khó xác định chính xác thời kỳ phát sinh trên cây trồng, vì vậy việc phòng trừ những đối tượng này cũng không dễ dàng.

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  • On the brink of the twentieth century, baseball was still quite young. Legend has it that the game was invented by a man called Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York. Doubleday was credited with naming baseball and creating its rules, although no proof has ever existed to back the story. In reality, the game that would become America’s pastime evolved over time from similar games like cricket and rounders, which had their origins in the United Kingdom.

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  • To the great number of those who are seeking, in whatever manner or degree, from near at hand or far away, to bring the forces of enlightenment to bear upon the vexed problems which harass the South, this volume is inscribed, with the hope that it may contribute to the same good end. If there be nothing new between its covers, neither is love new, nor faith, nor hope, nor disappointment, nor sorrow. Yet life is not the less worth living because of any of these, nor has any man truly lived until he has tasted of them all....

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