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  • (BQ) An original American art form, comics thrill millions of people across the globe. Combining step-by-step instruction with expert tips and advice,Drawing Cartoons & Comics For Dummies is a one-stop reference for creating and marketing original cartoons and comics. While many books tend to focus on specific characters or themes, this thorough guide focuses instead on helping aspiring artists master the basic building blocks of cartoons and comics, revealing step by step how to create everything from wisecracking bunnies to souped-up super villains.

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  • Drawing cartoon food, like so many other drawings, can be simplified to just four steps that make learning simple for new artists. Your cartoon food can take on just about any form and make your mouth water in the process, but today, we'll draw a tasty hamburger, using some of the most basic elements and shapes that we've reviewed in some of the previous lessons. Step 1 - The Top Bun Okay, so McDonald's starts with the bottom bun, and in essence, we are going backwards, but if you want to make the process simple so that you can...

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  •  (BQ) Learn to draw the fun way! Like almost everyone in the world, you are bursting with raw artistic talent just waiting to be released. In a few deft sweeps of your pencil, capture the character of your 'victim'. Use swift strokes to create a face that has instant appeal. Exaggerate the features to make a comical caricature. Brighten up someone's day with your own tiny bit of magic!"Yes, you can do it," says Mark Linley, "and I show you exactly how!"


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  • Cartoon fire isn't that hard to draw - it's really only a few simple shapes. Finding a nice style of fire is a little bit more of a challenge. Once you have learned how to create fire like the image beside to the right, feel free to experiment and try a different approach to drawing cartoon fire. Don't miss the helpful tips at the end of the tutorial when it comes time to make your own style of fire.

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  • Learn how to draw cartoon chickens with just a few simple shapes and lines. Grab your drawing gear and follow along! Step 1 - Starting Circles Make a circle for the head and below that give some space and then draw a large oval-for the body. Look at the example for the exact proportion and placement of the head and the body. .Step 2 - Detailing the Head Draw two slightly curved lines coming down from the side of the head circle. One line touches the body oval while the other line curves out. Join the two lines of the neck along...

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  • We'll make drawing cartoon penguins as easy as a slice of frozen arctic pie. If you're just beginning to draw, then this is a great place to be. It doesn't get much easier than this so, follow along, remember to draw lightly at the beginning and then start to darken your lines as your picture progresses. To start we'll use simple shapes and build on them as we learn to create a penguin that is both quirky and cute.

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  • How to Draw Cartoon Heroes Using Simple Shapes .Cartoon heroes are easy to draw using a bunch of circles and ovals to capture their exaggerated muscles. Follow along and give it a try for yourself! Step 1 - Body, Head & Legs First draw the torso with a rounded upside down triangle shape, and place the head on top with a simple oval. Two elongated oval shapes, tilted slightly inward will make the legs. Try and match the placement like the example as closely as possible, and remember to draw lightly at this beginning stage of the drawing so that you...

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  • How to Draw Eyes? That is the question. Whether you just want to draw cartoon eyes or realistic eyes learning how to draw eyes will help you give your faces a lot more character. Drawing eyes is my favorite part about drawing the face. If you just sit down and study the eye for a minute you'll find that there is a lot more there than you probably realize. .To capture this on paper it doesn't hurt to have some basic knowledge of how the eye works and what makes it up. Now lets get to Drawing the Eye! When drawing...

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  • Introduction Face drawing is something that I have come to absolutely love, I'm going to say this again - absolutely love. BUT....It wasn't until I actually began to study the face in detail that I started to love portrait drawing. It's not that hard once you know the proportions of the face, but the problem is, that in my experience, many teachers are not well versed in face drawing proportions or how to construct a head, and advise you to draw by seeing only. I'm going to demystify the head here for you and give you a system for portrait...

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  • Cartoon stars are easy to draw. It seems that everyone and their mother can draw a star, but this particular star is a bit different. He's got style, and he's got moxie. This pretty little star is extremely easy to make and you can learn how to draw it with just a few lines. Step 1 Make a C shape. It should be a slightly tilted C so that it seems as though it's lying down face up!! .Step 2 Now make another C joining the earlier one. What you should have now should look like a slightly tilted crescent moon. ...

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  • Cartoon flowers are popular to doodle while you're bored or talking on the phone. We're going to learn the method behind this often-sketched plant. There are few things easier to perfect in just a couple of steps, so here we go. Step One: Circles That doesn't sound hard, does it? Your flowers begin with just that two simple circles placed a bit apart as the center of your flowers. Are you ready to move on to something harder?

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  • Drawing cartoon kids is a little bit different than drawing cartoon people and if you're unfamiliar with basic human proportions it might be a little bit tricky. In this lesson you'll learn about the basic proportions that you need to keep in mind when you're drawing children. This applies for both cartoon kids and realistic kids, though when you're drawing cartoons you always have a lot more room to get creative. Your average human adult is about six to eight heads tall. What this really means is that if you took the head as a measuring unit and stacked...

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  • Cartoon trees aren't nearly as hard to draw as real trees. Once you stop worrying about all the little details and the shading and just focus on the basic form of the tree it's actually quite an easy shape to create. This is a basic drawing of a tree - if you can learn to make this kind of a tree, you can use it in any number of scenarios. It's very simple and easy to make. It is extremely easy to make so you can get your pencils out and get started! STEP-1: Making the Basic Shapes Make an oval...

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  • Cloud drawing is a snap, and it's a great place to learn how to smudge your pencil lead when you are drawing. Don't miss the cloud drawing video at the end of the page. If the written guide is a little confusing the video guide at the bottom of the page should get you on the right track in no time. Step 1 - The cloud shape Create your shape using circular motions to define the outline.

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  • Cartoon hearts can be a very useful thing to draw when Valentine's Day is right around the corner. They also come in handy for a lot of different uses and because they're so easy to draw there's really no excuse not to be able to draw a cute looking heart. Step 1 Start off by drawing a "C" shape. Notice that it curls a lot more at the top than a usual "C" that you would make when you are writing.

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  • Step 1 - The Trunk Your palm tree drawing should start off the trunk. Get a good image to use as reference if you are not familiar with how this tree looks. The trunk is really simple, but notice that it is slightly curved which is different than other trees. At the top of the tree there are some spiky parts that you should add. Try to keep in mind that the trunk is circular, so when you're adding the 'spikes' at the top they should appear to point in all directions.

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  • It's easy to draw your own cute, cuddly cartoon rabbit when you break it down into these four easy to follow steps. While you are drawing, don't forget to hold you pencil lightly so that your lines won't be too dark. This is important so that you can erase any guide shapes at the final step to give you a nice clean drawing. Are you ready to get started? Step 1 - Body and Head Start off by drawing an oval for the rabbit's head, and below that a "pear" shape for the body. Try and get the placement...

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  • Cartoon Pigs are one of the easiest animals to draw when you use the step by step method that I'm going to show you below. Looks cool and easy to draw; this is a win-win, so let's get to it! Step 1 - Circles Start off by drawing two ovals, one for the body and one for the nose. We just use ovals because we want your cartoon pigs to be easy to draw. To make different versions try experimenting with different sizes and placement of the nose. .Step 2 - Eyes, Ears and Legs In the theme of keeping things...

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  • This cartoon dogs drawing lesson is a little different than some of the other tutorials you may have done on this site because instead of starting off with simple shapes were going to start off by drawing forms. Step 1 - The Head and Body Forms There are two lines in this step. The curved line at the top that looks a little bit like an unfolded paperclip is the head and the outline of the back. The other line is the chest and midsection. Take a quick look at the finished drawing and see how the curve of...

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  • Drawing plump cartoon ducks is no sweat to draw if you can already draw circles and ovals. We'll use a bunch of circles and ovals along with a few other easy shapes to create our wacky quacker in this step by step drawing lesson. Step 1 - Body and Head Start off by drawing an upright oval for the duck's head, and below that a much larger oval on its side for the body. If you want to create something really wacky, try placing the circles a little further apart. Remember that you can always experiment and play with...

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