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  • Learning how to draw dragons is a popular choice! The dragon is one of the most whimsical characters, and has been pictured in many different ways. Here we'll keep our dragon as simple as possible, just adding a few little details at the end. As always remember to draw lightly so that it's easy to erase your guide lines at the end and follow the example steps as closely as you can.

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  • Dragon drawing, like the image to the left, is a lot easier than you might think. It looks complex, but the shapes are very basic, once you start to break them down. If you can draw a curve and a straight line that's about all that you need to know. No joke! A great inspiration came to make this tutorial after buying and watching several cartoon series on DVD. I wanted to show you how to make something that could fit into that kind of cool, modern style; basic, flat colors, simple shapes, and stylish design. *Remember to draw...

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  • Meet Dudley – a former figment of my imagination, now the subject of this drawing project! You use a grid format to establish proportions and then outline the highly detailed dragon and his nest with thin neat lines. Suggestions are offered for more adventurous artists who choose to add color to their drawings. Suggested drawing supplies include good quality white drawing paper, graphite pencils, kneaded and vinyl erasers, and a pencil sharpener.

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