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  • Drawing Hair can be scary because it's a little tricky to know exactly where to start. Once you know how to draw it though, it isn't terribly hard to draw. Step 1: Make your Outlines Start by making light pencil lines to create the main outline of the hair. This includes the line that makes the outer shape as well as the hair that frames the face of your character. I usually try to find a photo in a magazine or on the net that is similar to the hair that I want to draw. This helps me draw great...

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  • "Drawing hair is easy, just don't draw the hairs?" What is that supposed to mean anyway? There are some preconceived notions that you will need to get out of the way before you begin drawing hair Stop avoiding drawing it ! It can be intimidating to see all those lustrous locks and just say forget it. You don't have to draw each strand of hair.

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  • Hello everybody! I'm Vivi, my nickname on SP is vividec First of all, let me tell you that I'm not trying to teach you anything! I'm just a selftought artist and I want to share my own way of drawing with you. I don't know whether I'm using the right or wrong technique but I feel very comfortable with it and I hope you might find some hints and inspiration. ng a

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  • Introduction Drawing hair is definitely one of the trickiest part of almost every portrait. However, you will definitely like it if you acquire technique and skill in it. Therefore I introduce some easy and effective ways to draw wavy or straight hair or hair blowing in the wind. No matter how much chaotic the hair is, you'll be able to draw it. This tutorial explains two techniques of drawing hair on four portraits. I laid emphasis on minimum of drawing equipment. You need just pencil, charcoal and rubber eraser. ...

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  • Introduction I have introduced the Hair drawing tutorial so far, where I focused on some drawing techniques to achieve realistic hair look in a portrait. This time the tutorial is rather about drawing the whole portrait with all its parts enriched with useful tips. The tutorial aims at those of you, who are beginners or intermediate in drawing portraits and don't want to spend money for expensive artistic stuff. You need about four cheap pencils, charcoal, tissue or tortillion for blending, smudging eraser and ordinary eraser.

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  • 1. Eyes 2. Nose and Mouth 3. Shape of the Head 4. Facial Expression 5. Hair In this tutorial, I will attempt to go over how to draw general anime faces, so you can both get a better idea of how anime faces are drawn and proportioned, as well as an idea of how use what you know to create interesting original characters. I've divided this tutorial up into several sections. If you have any questions, please email me. All material is copyright by their respective owners. If you have any questions, comments, et cetera, please send them here. Arigatou gozaimasu!...

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  • Horse (equid) characteristics: One digit per foot ending in symmetrical, horny hoof. Walks on very tip of toe. Elongated skull; large lower jaw. Large upper and lower incisors. In side view, neck widens as it approaches shoulder (elongated triangular shape). Mane present, upright on wild species. Tuft of hair often present on forehead ("forelock"). Rear profile of neck straight or arched. Pointed, upright ears. Long, slender limbs.

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  • Cartoon faces have to be one of my favorite things to draw and I've filled sketchbook upon sketchbook with different kinds of faces. You should find the following information helpful for drawing your own faces, and I sincerely hope that you get as much enjoyment out of drawing them as I do. So What's in a Cartoon Face? Any face is made up of the following elements: the head, nose, eyes, mouth, ears, hair.

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  • An ear drawing is no different than a drawing of any other part of the face. If no other part of a head drawing, you will want to keep this one the simplest as well as in the correct placement on the head. If you really look at the ears, they are really crazy looking things. They come in all shapes and sizes and can have varying degrees of hair on or in them. They also have an unlimited amount of items and objects that can be pierced through them. In my opinion, ears are actually kind of one...

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  • Portrait Art - Free Charcoal Lesson Sketching the human face with charcoal (using brush techniques) Originally written Jan 2004 Copyright: G.Banns Like the previous Drawing People - female figure in charcoal, this free art lesson on sketching faces again uses charcoal and a brush, though this time the water is added to charcoal particles, a red earth-like pastel is used, and the paper is prepared before use. The walrus moustache and hair of this 19th century philosopher, make it an ideal subject for the medium using a more coarse, hog's hair brush to render the textures in a rapid...

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  • Step 1 Basic colour applied in blocks with no blending. Lots of white space is showing through the gaps, which is something I try to avoid now. I originally painted in his curl of hair over the forehead, but then I painted it out, as I realised I would have to work on the flesh tone first, then paint the hair over it later. The general layout is looking good at this stage.

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  • Watercolor portrait in 5 steps by Brainfree. Step 1 Drawing stage, just basic outline no shading. Step 2 .Filling in stage with light first layer of shading. Step 3 .More filling in with light first layer of colour to the face. Step 4 .Almost done, hair work two layers of black, more work to shoulders. Step 5

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  • In this project, you use a grid to draw a soft and gentle frontal portrait of a little girl, with emphasis on correct facial proportions. Hatching is used to shade realistic textures features, hair, and the forms of her face.

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  • 1. I racked my brains all afternoon, but couldn’t remember where I met her. 2. It’s raining cats and dogs. 3. The children arrived home safe and sound. 4. With his blonde hair and blue eyes, Henry seems to take after his father. 5. Even the manager is under a cloud of suspicion. 6. Since I got married, the money I earn seems to vanish into thin air. 7. Maria wears the same old dress, year in, year out. 8. Don’t treat him well. He is a yellow dog. 9. The test was a piece of cake for me. 10. I failed English this semester. Well, back to the old drawing board. 11.

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  • This heavily illustrated article guides you through one of the processes that I use for drawing a highly detailed caricature. Traditionally speaking, caricatures are rendered from life or memory; however, this particular drawing is done from a photo. This article is divided into the following six sections: Sketching proportions Sketching cartoon hair and a face Refining hairy outlines and adding hairy forms Shading the forehead, eyebrows, and eyes Completing the nose, face, and mouth Final touches...

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  • Ear anatomy. A. Drawing of modified coronal section through external ear and temporal bone, with structures of the middle and inner ear demonstrated. B. High-resolution view of inner ear. Stereocilia of the hair cells of the organ of Corti, which rests on the basilar membrane, are in contact with the tectorial membrane and are deformed by the traveling wave. A point of maximal displacement of the basilar membrane is determined by the frequency of the stimulating tone. High-frequency tones cause maximal displacement of the basilar membrane near the base of the cochlea.

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  • Note : Dans mon dessin, j’avais d’abord dessiné la partie supérieure de ses cheveux et une fois terminée, j’avais travaillé sur sa tresse. Cette fois, j’ai tout fait en même temps juste pour montrer quel crayon était utilisé dans chaque étape (puisque j’ai travaillé dans le même ordre pour chaque partie de ses cheveux). In my drawing, I first drew the upper part of her hair and once it was complete, I worked on her braid. This time, I did everything at the same time just to show which pencil was used in each step (since I worked in...

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  • Jarvis Hilton of Terra, the youngest man yet to be assigned to direct any such tremendous deep-space undertaking as Project Theta Orionis, sat in conference with his two seconds-in-command. Assistant Director Sandra Cummings, analyst-synthesist and semantician, was tall, blonde and svelte. Planetographer William Karns—a black-haired, blackbrowed, black-eyed man of thirty—was third in rank of the scientific group. "I'm telling you, Jarve, you can't have it both ways," Karns declared. "Captain Sawtelle is old-school Navy brass. He goes strictly by the book.

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  • Ce tutoriel explique la façon dont j'avais dessiné les cheveux d'Amanda Tapping dans ce portrait. The tutorial explains the way I had drawn Amanda Tapping's hair in this portrait. Etape 1 J’ai utilisé un porte-mine 4B (2 mm) pour dessiner les racines . I used a mechanical pencil 4B (2 mm) to draw the roots. .Etape 2 Toujours avec le 4B, j'ai dessiné les autres parties les plus sombres . Still using 4B, I drew the other darkest parts.

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  • Off to the Rendezvous. THOUGH it is seldom nowadays that Earthmen hear mention of Hawk Carse, there are still places in the universe where his name retains all its old magic.

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