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  •  These lessons are designed using basic skills already learned by students; to measure and to draw straight lines using a ruler. Elements of self-expression are based on familiarity and habit and will come gradually - particularly when the student grows comfortable with the lesson structure. Such self-expression is first emphasised in the homestudy area.

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  • This pig cartoon drawing lesson will get you up to speed with creating your very own cute and round cartoon pig. It's super easy to go through this tutorial and you'll be sure to adore the end result. STEP-1: The placement of body and head Make a large circle. Then on the middle-left side draw a small oval which will be half inside the circle and half outside. These are the two main shapes of your little cartoon piggy.

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  • The cartoon Buddha drawing in this how to draw lesson is both easy and fun. Grab your pencil and eraser and let's get busy! Remember to draw lightly so you can erase any mistakes that you make along the way. Once you finish everything up and you can trace over your lines again with either a pen, or pressing hard with the pencil to get nice clean lines in your final drawing. Start your cartoon Buddha with two ovals, one for the body and one for the head. Drawing the body's circle first may be a little bit easier...

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  • For this lotus flower drawing you'll start with the middle of the flower and work your way outward. It is usually easier to approach your drawing by starting from the middle for circular shaped flowers like this because you will be following the natural design of the plant. You can use the colored example at the top of this page to see what the finished drawing should look like, but you should also be aware that by doing the steps in order you are learning a formula for how to draw flowers that you can apply to almost any...

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  • This rose drawing lessons is not the easiest thing in the world to do, but if you break it down into its parts then it will be more manageable. Remember to draw lightly, especially on this complex shape because I guarantee you will need to erase some lines later on. Step One – Inner Petals This is a really easy step with just drawing an oval, but there's another component to this first step that must be considered.

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  • In 1 point perspective drawing lesson one, construction of a cube was the first step that you took. What you will learn in this lesson is how to draw a circle in perspective. This will come in handy if you ever want to draw car tires, fountains, cylindrical buildings or anything else that uses the circle as its base shape. Step by step drawing of a circle in 1 point perspective. Start off by drawing a rectangle or square in perspective just like you learned in the first perspective drawing lesson. ...

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  • Its has been four years since I first publish the page and there has been an enourmous amount of support given to me for my crusade of giving away free drawing lessons .So for all those people who belived in the Lair.... Thanks dudes !!!!!. I hope that this new update will be the beginning of a new era for the Lairman and his Lair. For beginning our manga classes all we need is a couple of pencils ( HB,2B ) a bunch of bond paper (newspaper is also good and cheaper or you can use any other) , a good...

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  • This butterfly drawing tutorial relies heavily on the video at the bottom of this page so don't forget to watch it either before or after you've finished the text part of this drawing lesson. I wanted to show how I would approach a realistic drawing of a butterfly so while this is in the step by step drawing section of the site I hope that you can take away so much more than just how to draw a butterfly drawing. By the time you have finished the video and text in this tutorial you'll have a handful of new...

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  • The practice of drawing…distilled to its essential elements.In this elegant and inspiring primer, master contemporary artist and author Juliette Aristides breaks down the drawing process into small, manageable lessons; introduces time-tested principles and techniques that

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  • In this cartoon chef how to draw lesson I'm going to give you a little bit more freedom than some of the other tutorials on the site. Instead of going in and exactly detailing step-by-step what you need to do - you're going to make a framework that you can work from to make your own cartoon chef or any other kind of jolly character.

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  • In this 2 point perspective drawing lesson you'll learn how to draw buildings and objects at an angle. It's almost the same as the one point perspective but instead of just one point along the horizon you'll have two points. This will allow you to draw perspective objects at an angle - not just straight on like one point perspective. Where the first tutorial just scraped the surface of perspective, mastering 2 point perspective drawing will give you the info you need for drawing more interesting things. Build a Simple Construction Grid Start just like you did with lesson...

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  • This cute little baby cartoon drawing is very simple and looks like a lot of fun. Learn how to draw him and then have fun creating your own baby cartoons! Step 1: Basic Circle Start off by drawing a circle. Remember that the circle is a great starting point for almost any kind of cartoon drawing that you do. It doesn't matter if it's cartoon people that you're making or cartoon animals, if you can start with a circle it's a really easy way to make that first mark on the page and get started.

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  • This learning how to draw dogs lesson is a bit more involved than some of the others on the site, but don't let that scare you off. You're tough remember? You can handle this and get through it – no sweat! Step 1 - The Body Bean Start off with a bean shape that has been stretched out vertically. Look at the shape of this bean carefully – it will make up most of the dog's body from his head right down to his butt. That's it for step one, but the baby steps are over and now it's...

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  • This cartoon dogs drawing lesson is a little different than some of the other tutorials you may have done on this site because instead of starting off with simple shapes were going to start off by drawing forms. Step 1 - The Head and Body Forms There are two lines in this step. The curved line at the top that looks a little bit like an unfolded paperclip is the head and the outline of the back. The other line is the chest and midsection. Take a quick look at the finished drawing and see how the curve of...

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  • Drawing plump cartoon ducks is no sweat to draw if you can already draw circles and ovals. We'll use a bunch of circles and ovals along with a few other easy shapes to create our wacky quacker in this step by step drawing lesson. Step 1 - Body and Head Start off by drawing an upright oval for the duck's head, and below that a much larger oval on its side for the body. If you want to create something really wacky, try placing the circles a little further apart. Remember that you can always experiment and play with...

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  • This cartoon turtle is just begging for you to follow the steps below and bring him to life with your own pencil and paper. If you've done some of the other tutorials you should be familiar by now with making simple shapes into cool drawings. Nothing's changed with this drawing lesson so let's get started!

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  • This cartoon monkey drawing tutorial is similar in style to my sheep drawing lesson, so if you've already completed that one you will see many similarities, especially in the basic construction of the shapes. Let's start creating a this funny monkey! some examples of cartoon monkeys The Head Start with a circle for the head. You can use a protractor or other circular object to easily create a perfect circle.

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  • Learn how to draw a cartoon bunny by starting off with some basic circles as many other drawing lessons do, and then move in and start adding details to finish it off. Got your pencil and eraser handy? Let's dive in and create this cute cartoon rabbit! Step 1 Start off by drawing an oval for the head, and then make another one for the body. These ovals will form the base of your cartoon bunny. Next, add two more stretched ovals to the top of the head for the ears.

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  • Although the age-old art of pencil drawing is the basic foundation of all the visual arts, its elemental beauty allows it to stand on its own. And pencil art is amazingly versatile—it can range from simple, unshaded contour line drawings to complex, fully rendered compositions with a complete range of tonal values. The projects in this book are taken from some of the most popular drawing books in Walter Foster's How to Draw and Paint Series. And because all the successful artists featured in this book have developed their own special approach to drawing, there are countless lessons to be...

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  • This compilation of some of our most popular How to Draw and Paint and Artist's Library series titles gives artists the perfect introduction to the basics of drawing. The Art of Basic Drawing contains fundamental information about tools and techniques, as well as a number of inspiring step-by-step lessons. With instruction and advice from five different accomplished artists, this book showcases a range of styles for beginners to imitate.

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