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  • The aesthetic enjoyment we have in music and in the phantasy-feelings to which it gives rise reflects further, however, a special functional relationship between the sound- Gestalten and the feelings we experience: the nature or quality of a given phantasy-feeling depends at least in part on the character of the music which provokes it. As Mach and James, Ehrenfels and Witasek all in different ways recognised, there is a certain similarity between sound-Gestalten on the one hand and the psychical states to which they give rise, a fact which opens up the much wider...

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  • As reported in the financial statements of each AMC, fund expenses can be divided into management fees and administrative fees. Expense ratio is the ratio between total fund expenses to fund’s assets. Administrative or operating expense excluded management fees of AMCs managing large number of funds are considered to be constant. Thus, when management fee is excluded, fund expense ratio is lower. Fund expenses excluded management fees indicate fund operation efficiency. Management fees measures security selection skills of fund manager.

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  • Cumulatively, all our individual footprints make up the unsustainable total demand. The solution to this problem is for people to take individual action to break down that large footprint. We need to change the way we live to combat climate change, conserve the world’s forests and protect our oceans. No-one wakes up in the morning and consciously decides to contribute to global warming; to help cut down a tropical rainforest; or to deprive future generations of a decent standard of living.

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  • Governmental entities may also be dependent on expected disbursements from foreign governments, multilateral agencies and others abroad to reduce principal and interest arrearage on their debt. The commitment on the part of these governments, agencies and others to make such disbursements may be conditioned on a governmental entity's implementation of economic reforms and/or economic performance and the timely service of such debtor's obligations.

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  • Auto thieves also take advantage of the differences in state vehicle branding laws to “clone” vehicles. VIN cloning occurs when a VIN from a legally owned and documented vehicle—often one sitting in a parking lot or dealership lot—is illegally copied. The VIN then is used to make counterfeit tags. The perpetrator typically steals a vehicle similar to the one from which the legitimate VIN was taken. The stolen vehicle’s actual VIN tag then is replaced with the counterfeit tag. The vehicle now is a “clone” of the legitimate vehicle parked in the lot.

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  • The Oracle Change Management Pack enables database administrators to make complex changes to schema objects safely, track changes to schemas and databases over time, make copies of schemas or objects, and compare and synchronize schemas and databases. With Oracle Change Management, you can also propagate object definitions to one or more sites, clone schema objects with a subset of the data, and plan schema changes over the life of the database and its applications.

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  • Since not all the dental discolorations can be bleached effectively, it is important to recognize the etiology of discoloration and to communicate the information to the patient, along with the available treatment options, alternative treatment, and their potential outcomes. Nonvital bleaching is indicated when the discoloration is due to pulpal necrosis, pulpal hemorrhage, endodontic filling materials, or mild to moderate tetracycline staining.The most important prerequisite for internal bleaching of a tooth is the quality of the endodontic therapy.

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  • Public media, whether TV, radio or newspapers, attract sizeable audiences and are the market leaders in many countries. Without exception, the western European public broadcasting channels examined in this survey attract one-third or more of the national television audience. In contrast, audiences for public service channels in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the United States, tend to be significantly smaller.

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  • Professor de Meza draws attention to recent literature which indicates that, in the context of widespread behavioural biases, two modes of financial capability work appear to be the most promising. These are the use of 'norms', which means directing people to a particular action such as higher saving, and the use of active intervention by a councillor and/or individualised advice, rather than passive information or education.

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  • As baseline knowledge of the effectiveness of internal controls develops, the periodic risk assessment may consider the reliability and effectiveness of these controls in mitigating the significance and/or likelihood of a risk occurrence. Based on this knowledge, various risks may be reclassified due to improved knowledge of the system of internal control. However, even in areas where controls are thought to be effective, internal audit must incorporate the periodic testing of key controls to ensure they continue to help mitigate critical risks....

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  • Assigned to the environment, external actors are mostly condensed under abstract definitions of heterogeneity, dynamism, or hostility (Papadakis et al., 1998). If addressed directly, current research frequently employs cross-sectional content study designs that measure their impact on different dependent variables, such as: corporate strategy (Ring and Perry, 1985; Zajac and Shortell, 1989; Rugman and Verbeke, 1998); innovativeness (Marcus, 1981; Marcus, 1988); diversification (Russo, 1992; Kashlak and Joshi, 1994; Matsusaka, 1996); or organizational design (Dickie, 1984).

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  • We saw that the three-element set above had 8 = 2 subsets. In general, a set with n elements has 2n subsets, as can be seen in the following manner. We form subsets P of U by considering each of the elements of U in turn and deciding whether or not to include it in the subset P. If we decide to put every element of U into P, we get the universal set, and if we decide to put no element of U into P, we get the empty set. In most cases we will put some but not all the elements into P and thus...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'performance - a triannual topical digest for investment management professionals, issue 7, january 2012', tài chính - ngân hàng, quỹ đầu tư phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In the beginning, the word ‘Project’ was associated primarily with engineering, in particular with developments at the forefront of technology. The next place it cropped up was in Information Technology where Software Programming required sophisticated project methodology. Today, though, a project mentality is essential in our topsy turvey world of the new millennium. The organisations that will remain healthy are the ones that have an effective and widely understood approach to managing projects as a way of implementing change. ...

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  • Zheng (1999) further develops the analyses of Gruber (1996), expanding the data set to cover the universe of all equity funds between 1970 and 1993. She finds that funds that enjoy positive net f lows subsequently perform better on a risk-adjusted basis than funds that experience negative net f lows. She also examines whether a trading strategy could be devised based on the predictive ability of net f lows and finds evidence that information on net f lows into smal funds could be used to make risk-adjusted profits....

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  • To provide appropriate health care to this group GPs and health professionals must be aware of the pre-migratory and ‘flight’ experiences. An understanding of the patients’ history is essential if an appropriate response is to be formulated. For example in the case of victims of torture, medical professionals need to develop the ability to recognise physical signs which would indicate that torture has occurred.

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  • The report reviews the major Mercury and then Gemini precursors for the Apollo mission program and its development and mission sequence.

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  • African marketers will be working hard to establish the best approaches to mobile advertising. The mix of smartphones and feature phones in the market make implementation challenging, as many African users have limited functionality on their device. Thus, brands should begin with text-based search ads, SMS advertising and mobi-optimized sites. In time, this will give way to screen takeovers, location-based advertising, apps and augmented reality.

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  • The parallelism between the Arabic and English sentences is quite clear in the learners' errors. The two examples above demonstrate that in the first sentence the students dropped verb to be, while in the second one, they used verb to be but deleted the indefinite article. This fact supports the students’ comments that they know the grammatical rules that underlie the deviant sentences they have produced, but because of their reliance on their native language, they have produced these errors. ...

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  • Osteoporosis is a complex systemic skeletal disease that leads to an increased risk of fracture, usually of the vertebra, hip, wrist and humerus. The disorder is characterized by reduced bone mineral density (BMD), disrupted bone microarchitecture and alterations in the amount and variety of proteins in bone. During the last years a better understanding of the cellular mechanisms operating in bone remodeling, both for healthy and affected bones, was gained [26].

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