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  • Steels are alloys of iron with generally less than 1% carbon plus a wide range of other elements. Some of these elements are added deliberately to impart special properties and others are impurities not completely removed (sometimes deliberately) during the steel making process. Elements may be present in solid solution or combined as intermetallic compounds with iron, carbon or other elements. Some elements, namely carbon, nitrogen, boron and hydrogen, form interstitial solutions with iron whereas others such as manganese and silicon form substitutional solutions. Beyond......

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  • A transmission or gearbox provides speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device using gear ratios, including for a motor vehicle partly because of the limitations of internal combustion engines.Usually found near motors of some sort, gearboxes are used to reduce the load on the motor by using the motor's own momentum to keep it turning.

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  • As a "language", these symbols are the most precise means for designers and detailers to place welding, brazing, and nondestructive examination information on drawings AND the most mistake-free means for welding personnel to adhere to original plans.

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  • • Means you may risk possible bodily harm Important: • Means you risk damage to the vehicle or the tool Notes: are added to provide clarity and helpful tips These safety messages cover situations SPX is aware of. SPX cannot know, evaluate and advise you as to all of the possible hazards. You must be certain that any conditions or service procedures encountered do not jeopardize your personal safety.

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  • The introduction of the Long Travel Damper (LTD) clutch by Rockwell has addressed driver concerns of engine and drivetrain torsional vibration. The 15.5", diaphragm-spring, two-plate, pull-type clutch absorbs and dampens vibrations and torque loads passed through from the engine flywheel, providing a smoother ride for drivers and increased drivetrain component life. The LTD is available in three different capacities for use in low, medium and high horsepower ranges and features a fifth rivet to help alleviate clutch drag. (Photo courtesy of Rockwell ...

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  • For the first time, the Acura TSX is now available with a V6 engine. The availability of a V6 for the 2010 Acura TSX represents a step almost as big as the styling changes introduced with the 2009 model year. More than just an engine change, the Acura TSX V-6 has a character all its own, distinct from the four-cylinder version. Technology has always been one of the main appeals of the TSX, and this extends beyond the drivetrain and chassis. Acura's superb navigation system is the equal of anything in the class, and it displays real-time traffic with...

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  • Chloe’s intellectual contributions to my dissertation were as significant as her unwavering enthusiasm and encouragement. I also thank my dissertation committee member, Emma Aguila for her insightful comments during our many discussions, which ranged from broad and conceptual to nuanced and technical. I would also like to thank Emma for making me a part of the Fox Center project, which funded part of this dissertation, a

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