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  • Traditionally, as DSX frameworks grew, DSX chassis and the jumper rings associated with them were added one by one. Existing cross-connect jumpers had to be fed into the new jumper rings as the new chassis were installed. Jumper movement in any one direction was often restricted since jumper rings were not present at unequipped chassi positions. If jumpers were pulled too tightly across unequipped positions, feeding them into new rings was difficult if not impossible. Also, jumpers may have cut across corner as they transitioned from vertical to horizontal wireways....

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  • La solution DSX : conçue dans une optique de qualité. Les produits DSX d’ADC disposent de fonctions qui amélioreront la rentabilité de votre société par rapport aux technologies DDF. Pour comparer les solutions DSX et DDF, il est important d’évaluer le coût total du matériel sur la durée de vie du produit. Dans le graphique ci-dessous, le prix d’achat initial de la solution DDF est nettement inférieur à celui du DSX. Toutefois, sur la durée de vie du produit, le DSX est la solution la moins onéreuse.

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  • La Solución DSX. Diseñada pensando en el valor. Los productos DSX de ADC se han diseñado con características que mejorarán la rentabilidad de su compañía frente a la tecnología alternativa DDF. Al comparar las soluciones DSX y DDF, es importante calcular los costos totales del equipo desde la perspectiva del ciclo de vida del producto. En el gráfico que se muestra a continuación, el precio inicial de compra de la solución DDF es bastante menor que el de DSX. No obstante, desde la perspectiva de la duración del producto, la solución DSX tiene el precio más bajo.

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  • Die DSX-Lösung. Wertsteigerung wird großgeschrieben. DSX-Produkte von ADC zeichnen sich durch Funktionen aus, die im Vergleich zu alternativen DDF-Technologien zu mehr Rentabilität Ihres Unternehmens führen. Beim Vergleich zwischen DSX- und DDF-Lösungen darf nicht vergessen werden, die Gesamtkosten für Anlagen mit der Lebensdauer des Produkts in Bezug zu stellen. In der untenstehenden Darstellung liegt der Anschaffungspreis der DDF-Lösung bedeutend niedriger als für DSX.

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  • ADC's 112 Termination Bantam Jack Panel enables service providers to terminate up to 112 T1/E1 lines in an 8" high front cross-connect panel. Using industry standard jack spacing, this panel maximizes signal integrity, density, and reliability. Like other industry-leading DSX-1 products, the 112 termination bantam jack panel features flashing LEDs for easy identification of cross-connected circuits and provides a convenient jack access point for monitoring, testing, and patching—ensuring quick troubleshooting, service restoration, and circuit reconfiguration....

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  • Môi trường đã và đang là vấn đề bức thiết và nhức nhối với mọi quốc gia, mọi lãnh thổ và vùng kinh tế hiện nay. Tuy nhiên, mức độ nhận thức và ý thức một cách rõ ràng về nó thì lại chưa thật sự đầy đủ và chưa như mong muốn. Đặc biệt là tại các quốc gia chưa phát triển, trong đó có Việt Nam.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'presentation - dsx solution', công nghệ thông tin, quản trị mạng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Reduce costs; increase revenues; satisfy customers—the tenets of service providers as they balance today’s tenuous financial climate with the promise of next-generation products and services. And as networks migrate and expand to include more complex services, reliability and flexibility become even more vital to their success. That is why digital system cross-connect (DSX) solutions remain the best option for connecting network elements.

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  • This convenient guide provides ordering information for DSX-4B cross-connect jumpers on this page and patch cords on the reverse side. The dual coaxial cross-connect jumpers with midsize plugs are specifically designed for use with the ADC DSX-4B products. To provide the highest quality product, all cross-connect jumpers and patch cords manufactured by ADC pass rigorous qualification testing before it is approved for shipment.

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  • The ETSI Skeleton Bay is the basis of ADC’s E1 DSX product offering. The fully assembled bay meets the standard ETSI 600mm wide x 2200mm tall footprint. The fuse panel and all the necessary cable management are factory installed in the bay making installation and ordering fast and easy. DSX panels are added in the field as needed. The ETSI skeleton bay is compatible with all ADC 64 termination DSX panels (FlexDSX™, PxPlus™ and DSX 64). A total of 768 twisted pair or coaxial terminations fit in each bay....

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  • ADC’s Bay Tracer ™ Illuminator product speeds up circuit identification and troubleshooting in large serving offices, while saving both money and valuable technician time. Features: • Big savings for big lineups – Expedites maintenance activities; valuable technician time on revenue generating activities

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  • ADC DSX-3 minimum point of presence (MPOP) products are designed for customer premises, cabinet or CEV applications for interconnection of any digital equipment operating at the DS3 (45 Mbps), DS4 (274.176 Mbps), STS-1 (51.84 Mbps) and STS-3 (155 Mbps) digital rates.

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  • The DSX-3 is a common point in central offices or network nodes that provides the following functions: • Termination of a variety of equipment referred to as network elements (NE). The NE are permanently cabled to this common point during the initial installation and remain terminated at the DSX-3 for the life of the equipment. • Cross-connection of two NE together to configure a circuit. The cross-connect jumper is a semi-permanent connection that may be changed as the telephone network evolves and circuits are re-configured to meet service demands.

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  • This convenient guide provides ordering information for the DSX-4F front cross-connect jumper on this page and patch cords on the reverse side. This miniature 0222 coaxial cable assembly is designed to maximize cable management for the high-density DSX-4F front cross-connect products. They are also compatible with Avaya/Lucent Technologies cross-connect products. To provide the highest quality product, all cross-connect jumpers and patch cords manufactured by ADC pass rigorous qualification testing before it is approved for shipment....

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  • RZX-3 is designed as a total system solution – not just components. Focused on simplifying the solution, the system approach provides ease of expansion, streamlines cross-connect jumper installation and reduces premature jumper exhaustion. And with one part number ordering, engineering, purchasing and installation labor is greatly reduced. Highest Density With the possibility of 336 midsize jack ports utilizing BNC connector interfaces in a 2.2 m rack, the new RZX-3 has more capacity than any other midsize DSX available....

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  • Digital signal cross-connect (DSX) products are used to connect one piece of digital telecommunications equipment to another. This simplifies equipment connections and provides a convenient test access point as well as a convenient location for rearranging and restoring circuits. Cross-connecting network elements of a DSX is a simple, efficient way of organizing a facility's digital telecommunications equipment

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  • ADC sets the standards the industry follows. No one packs more jacks, performance, flexibility, and durability into DSX than ADC’s RZX-3. With 504 midsize jacks ports in a 7-foot rack, the RZX-3 has more capacity than any other midsize DSX. It is also the only solution available with modular pretermination, setting a new standard.

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  • ADC's Universal Remote DSX Panel eliminates the need to support multiple DSX-1/3 panels in the outside plant environment. With its modular design, the universal panel saves space without sacrificing quality. With one panel, a variety of modules can be combined to support almost any variation of DS1/3 handoffs. The commonality of components allows fewer, less expensive modules to be warehoused, avoiding missed installation dates due to lack of inventory.

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  • ADC’s DSX products are designed with features that will improve your company's profitability over alternative DDF technologies. When comparing the DSX and DDF solutions, it is important to assess the total costs of the equipment over the life of the product. In the graph below, the initial purchase price of the DDF solution is significantly less than DSX. However, over the life of the product, the DSX is the lower cost solution.

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