E-commerce technology

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  • After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Compare ecommerce and ebusiness; compare the four types of ebusiness models; describe the benefits and challenges associated with ebusiness; explain the differences among eshops, emalls, and online auctions.

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  • Ebook "Beginners' Guide to Ecommerce" present on: Accepting Credit, Card Transactions, Merchant Accounts, About Chargebacks, High Risk Processors, Internet Merchant Account, Credit Card Processing Services, The Technology, Shopping Carts,...

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  • 1. Overview of Ecommerce Vietnam and the World 2. E-commerce models in Vietnam 3. Exploiting the commercial information systems on Internet 4. Business Transaction Process by e-mails 5. E-contracts, digital signatures, e-payments 6. E-commerce solutions for SMEs

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  • Our community focuses on information storage, organization, management, and access and it is driven by new applications, technology trends, new synergies with related fields, and innovation within the field itself. The nature and sources of information are changing. Everyone is aware that the Internet, the Web, science, and eCommerce are enormous sources of information and information-processing demands. Another big source is coming soon: cheap microsensor technology...

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  • Companies with a stake in the technology industry or that have staked on the Internet (ala Google or Amazon or any of the thousands of small ecommerce companies around the world) are likely to pluck multiple nuggets of wisdom from her book." -- Heather Clancy, business journalist What technologies do we need to solve the complex environmental, economic, social, and political challenges facing us today? As this thought-provoking book reveals, one tool for enacting change is already at our fingertips: the global network.

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