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  • This paper "Case Law and Variations in Cumulative Impact Productivity Claims" presents the most acceptable methods from case law and demonstrates their applications for analyzing the loss of productivity. These methods include earned value analysis, measured mile analysis, and combinations of these two. They are either well established or drawn from recent court and board decisions.

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  • Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food producing sector in the world. In India over the last three decades, aquaculture has developed significantly, earning considerable amount of foreign exchange, besides providing employment. Freshwater aquaculture has been the main stay of Indian aquaculture, in terms of total quantity as well as its share in the domestic fish basket.

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  • Pomegranate is a high value crop having great economic importance. Apart from its demand for fresh fruits and juice, the processed products like wine and candy are also gaining importance in world trade. Demand in the international market has widened the scope for earning higher dividends from this crop. Consequently production is expected to increase by ten folds in recent years. Bagalkot is one of the major pomegranate growing districts of Karnataka where the variety Bhagwa is cultivated extensively which is well suitable for export purpose.

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  • Fiji enjoys a tropical maritime climate, but a sizeable areas of this pacific islands also comes under dry areas, earlier sugarcane was grown on large scale, but due to constraints now it is slowly substituted by other enterprise, among them horticulture has emerged as major enterprise, but establishment of orchard is a long term investment and its fruit comes many year after planting, so a careful need is to be taken before establishment of orchard, a number of minor tropical fruits are grown in Fiji islands like ber, custard apple, bael, guava, jamun, jackfruit, kavika, lasora, nandau, mu...

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  • Environmental degradation is the major conflicts in present day, due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which creates deterioration of soil resources. The common practice of waste management is obtained by vermi-composting by using earthworms as bio-fertilizers. The Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Bastar set up vermi-composting unit as a model unit for demonstration and conducted training programme in Bastar district’s village like Madhota, Badechakwa, Bodanpal and Nadisagar, as they utilizes agricultural waste materials for vermi-compost as well as the bund side weeds.

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  • The importance of Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa is well recognized in present agricultural scenario which needs sustainable development to feed rapidly growing population of the nation. Weather based agriculture is highly beneficial for the farmers of India to sustain their profession for earning bread and butter. The advisory helps them to optimize the use of available resources for maximization of their profit. When the forecast is proved correct it gives benefit to the farmers, if it is not so, then there is hardly any loss to the farmers.

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  • The paper investigates the determinants of commercial banks’ total factor productivity growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. The analysis uses an unbalanced panel of 216 commercial banks drawn from 42 countries, spanning the period 1999 to 2006. Using Solows’ Gross Accounting and Decomposition procedure of the production function residual error, the model is estimated by robust panel methods.

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  • Using US banking industry, this study investigates the impact of CEO characteristics on real activities manipulation achieved by changing the normal operational decisions purposely. Overall, our empirical results present a negative relationship between real earnings management (REM) and some CEO characteristics, including CEO tenure, the directorship on the audit committee and the level of diligence as well.

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  • This paper measures the cost inefficiency of Vietnamese commercial banks from 2011 to 2014. Stochastic frontier analysis (SFA) is used to estimate the cost frontier. The average cost inefficiency of the whole banking system is 7.36% under intermediation approach. Findings show that state-owned banks and banks with bigger size are more efficient than joint stock or smaller ones. Negative relationships are found between efficiency and deposit-to-loan ratio as well as bank‟s age.

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  • Rural women play a crucial role for the well being of their families. Without any glare of publicity, they contribute their best to the welfare and progress of the society. Entrepreneurship-development and income-generating activities are feasible solution for empowering the women. Most of the rural women indulge in stitching activities but due to lack of knowledge, in the technical know-how and latest designing techniques, they are unable to earn the remunerative income.

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  • The social welfare costs of earnings management have been known to include the distortion of real investment decisions (resulting in inefficient allocation of resources), as well as deadweight loss incurred by the firms to manage earnings. One of the ways used to mitigate the effect of these costs is increasing the level of earnings management deterrence through legislation, regulation and enforcement, as in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

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  • Developing counties, like Nepal is still in tense to maintain the level of political stability, economic growth, development, and employment which are the main issues in one side of the economy and on the other, the majority of the people find shelter in the informal sector in the absence of sluggish growing formal sector. Most of the people are engaged in informal economies that have created varying effects on them in terms of employment and income generations.

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  • This paper uses literature from the fields of organisational sustainability and human capital, which have demonstrated a link between sustainable human capital and the financial performance of the firm, to argue that securities analysts need to be able to systematically analyse human capital in order to provide transparent and well-informed investment recommendations. It is the function of securities analysts to attempt to predict the future financial performance of firms within an industry sector.

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  • The program involves college mentors creating and implementing science lessons in collaboration with the classroom teacher. Focusing on the challenge of understanding circuit design, a technology rich module is employed to improve learning and motivation of the students. The students’ conceptual understanding as well as interest in circuits was increased, the college mentors earned valuable teaching and mentoring experience and the teacher enjoyed more oneon-one time as well as assistance with students.

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  • Chapter 17 - Accounting for state and local governments (Part II). After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Account for lease contracts where the state or local government finds itself as either lessor or lessee; recognize the liability caused by the eventual closure and postclosure costs of operating a solid waste landfill as well as for the compensated absences earned by government employeesr; record the donation and acquisition of works of art and historical treasures;...

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  • Chapter 17 - Accounting for state and local governments (Part II). After studying this chapter, you should be able to: Account for lease contracts where the state or local government finds itself as either lessor or lessee; recognize the liability caused by the eventual closure and postclosure costs of operating a solid waste landfill as well as for the compensated absences earned by government employeesr; record the donation and acquisition of works of art and historical treasures;...

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  • Accountancy and auditing are complex and technical processes. Ethics, in contrast, might be considered relatively simple. The difficult part of ethics, it may be argued, is not knowing what we ought to do, but getting ourselves, and others, to do the right thing. Truthfulness, honesty, care, loyalty, integrity: we know what they require, but we do not know if and how these requirements can be met.

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  • My initial inspiration for writing this book stems from my experiences as a young professional and then semi-professional footballer from the early 1980s to mid- 1990s. As an eager young apprentice-professional I was told that I had an opportunity that I should not waste; most boys of my age would not be offered the chance to make it in the professional game. What could be better than to play football for a living; to do something you love? If I played well there was the chance to earn good money; to be outside in the fresh air every day; to be the envy of schoolmates. I heard...

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  • We can see by the responses above that the participants did not aspire to high earnings, possibly because they do not have a sense of how much money is required to earn a living wage, and/or because they have grown up in poverty. The latter two respondents have a sense of the connections between earning and living standards. The gap in knowledge around earning capacity could be one starting place to help young women assess how much they need to earn in order to attain a living wage. The need for economic literacy is starkly apparent from the responses above....

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  • The way in which economic developments are studied leaves much to be desired, not just for Britain but also for many other countries around the world. In this paper the analytical tools chosen to describe what happens to all citizens in the U.K. are the balance sheet, income and expenses tools: the same tools as used by companies. It comes down to what all Brits own and owe and what they earn and spend as well as the amounts they save for future spending and the returns over such savings. What the real economic growth figures measure -in...

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